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Starlog‘s Final Entry

Pete Vilmur | April 13, 2009


The magazine that many of us old-school fans grew up with and geeked out over since the early days of Star Wars fandom has sadly folded, but will continue exclusively as an online publication. Here’s the report from

Long before Entertainment Weekly, or, or podcasts, Twitter feeds, blogs or THE INTERNET ITSELF, Starlog Magazine was in the business of covering all things geek. Spurred on by the popularity of the Star Trek conventions that cropped up in the wake of the classic series’ cancellation, editor Kerry O’Quinn and publisher Norman Jacobs launched Starlog in August of 1976. And after 33 years and 374 issues, Starlog is officially calling it quits, continuing for the time being as an online-only publication.

So long, Starlog — it’s been quite a ride. Check out the full story here.

Bill Hader Geeks Out with EW

Bonnie Burton | April 3, 2009

Saturday Night Live cast member, comedian and actor Bill Hader does a mean tauntaun impression and he has the statue of thanks to prove it. Fans already know about his love for Star Wars, but Entertainment Weekly magazine decided to ask him every pop culture question imaginable to find out more about his geek cred regarding comics, sci-fi, ’80s movies, cancelled TV shows and more! And for the record, he doesn’t Twitter.

What is your geekiest possession?

In my office at SNL, I have a statue of a Tauntaun, which is a creature from Star Wars. The people at Lucasfilm saw an impression I did of one on Conan O’Brien, and they sent me it. Every time a host comes in to talk, they’re like, “What the hell is that?” “What do you mean what the hell is that? It’s a Tauntaun. Haven’t you seen The Empire Strikes Back? I guess you haven’t, or you wouldn’t have asked such a dumb question.”

Star Wars or Star Trek?

To be honest, and this sounds crazy, I didn’t really start getting into Star Trek until about six months ago. Ben Stiller is a huge Star Trek fan, and while we were doing Night at the Museum 2, he was like, “You’ve never seen an original Star Trek?” I just blindly bought three seasons of Star Trek, and I love ‘em. But I’m a Star Wars geek. I’m excited about the new J.J. Abrams movie, but if you asked me between Star Trek and The Twilight Zone, I think I would be even more of a Twilight Zone guy.

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