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Fully Operational Fandom: Building Tiny Worlds

Amy Ratcliffe | March 7, 2013

Hoth diorama header with fof-400px

One must have patience to be a Jedi, and one must have even more tenacity to be a diorama builder. Legions of Star Wars fans are devoted to creating miniature replicas of scenes from the films, and I bet most of them could teach Obi-Wan a trick or two. Barry Riddle would surely be considered a master.

Riddle’s work caught my eye a couple of weeks ago. He used 140 square feet in his living room to re-create the Battle of Hoth — complete with stationary explosions and smoke. None of the images in this post are manipulated. I was impressed by the details, the scale, and the beauty of the diorama. If someone is putting in the effort to build a scene like this in his house, he probably likes Star Wars. Just a little bit.


Making Super Star Wars Sunday

Stephen Hayford | February 4, 2013


My diorama images grew out of a combination of my childhood love of Star Wars toys and my career as a photojournalist. So, it makes sense that my toy art is grounded in mirroring human behavior. That’s why the holiday-themed Star Wars images I’ve done for more than a decade are fun exercises in translating celebratory traditions to the framework of a galaxy far, far away.


SWCVI: Come get Dirty with us… Return To Tatooine Diorama Builders Booth

Frank D'iorio | August 20, 2012


As you can see, Katie is already painting her Slave Quarters Tatooine creation that you and your family can also choose to build at this years Celebration VI Diorama Builders booth, but I am getting ahead of myself…


SWCVI: A long ten years ago… Celebration Diorama Workshop was born

Frank D'iorio | August 6, 2012


If you are a fan of custom dioramas, you may know me already, for those not yet familiar, let me introduce myself… my name is Frank D’iorio, I am a native Montrealer who by day works as a freelance motion picture digital compositor and on weekends, builds Star Wars action figure dioramas. Like most of you reading this, Star Wars greatly influenced my life both personally and professionally.