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Darth Nihilus Makes Yahoo!

| June 26, 2007

kotor2’s Buzz Log, which offers daily highlights to what people are searching for online, reports today that the previously obscure Darth Nihilus, most well-known to fans for his appearance in the Knights of the Old Republic II video game, has jumped up nearly 400% in Yahoo searches after the Sith lord’s name was dropped in a recent Howard Stern show:

George Lucas and his merry team of henchmen created many different Darths, including Darth Maul, Darth Sidious, and Darth Bane. Despite their relatively low profile, these lesser known Sith lords draw quite a bit of buzz.

Searches on Darth Nihilus spiked 398% after his name was mentioned on the Howard Stern show. Apparently, Howard’s staff interviewed a guy dressed as Nihilus at the latest Star Wars convention. A few clips were played on the air, and Nihilus became a star in Search.

Stern also reportedly said he is looking to invite the CIV fan dressed as Nihilus to his show. Read the full Buzz Log entry here.