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Star Wars Day Crafts: Felt Chewbacca Bookmark

Gabby Zapata | April 23, 2014


If anyone in Star Wars is reliable when help is needed, it’s Chewbacca. Whether he’s piloting the Millennium Falcon in an asteroid field, putting together a blasted-to-bits C-3PO, or Tarzanning into an AT-ST, everyone’s favorite Wookiee is always ready to lend a hand. And now he can help YOU…remember where you stopped in the book you’re reading.

Just in time for Star Wars Day, follow these easy steps to create your own Chewbacca bookmark.


From Origami Yoda to ART2-D2

Tom Angleberger | March 26, 2013


Sometimes people ask how I choose the Origami characters for my books. The odd thing is that they sort of choose me. Yoda was the start of the whole thing. I wasn’t sitting in front of blank computer screen wondering what to write about…I was actually folding an Origami Yoda. The book was inspired by the origami, not the other way around. And if the origami hadn’t fit on my finger like a puppet, none of it would have happened.