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What Halloween Costumes Say About You

Bonnie Burton | October 20, 2009

Before you decide to don that homemade sexy Ewok costume, or dress up as a Bacon Jedi (best of both worlds really), take a moment to think what kind of message you’re sending to friends, family, co-workers and strangers who see you walking across the street.

A.V. Club offers some insight on what your costume says about you.

Piling on enough costume and make-up to make yourself unrecognizable to your own parents, you’re free to act with social impunity. But as you’re strutting around wearing little more than underwear and angel wings, or rocking the look of a celebrity before the ink on his or her death certificate is even dry, remember that dressing up and acting out might betray more about your personality than your day-to-day behavior does.

New parents out with baby
Having your first child can often be seen as an opportunity to start reliving your youth, plus it is likely the first time you have a companion small enough to effectively wear a Yoda costume.

What you think it says about you: “Halloween was a magical part of our childhoods and we couldn’t wait to share it with our son or daughter.”

What it actually says: “Even though we are both only 24 years old, we are both getting used to spending this otherwise fun holiday changing a tiny Chewbacca’s diapers.”

Read full article here:
The A.V. Club psychoanalyzes your Halloween costume ideas
(via A.V. Club)

Tokyo Trooper – Mint Royale Team | October 16, 2009

Danny Choo, AKA Tokyo Dance Trooper, gives us yet another awesome video of him showing his ever-impressive dance moves to music by Mint Royale.

WATCH VIDEO: Tokyo Trooper: Mint Royale – Practice 1

Yoda Costume for Kids Craft

Bonnie Burton | October 15, 2009

Crafty gal and Star Wars fan Susan Beal made this awesomely adorable Yoda costume for her 18-month-old daughter Pearl, and was sweet enough to post all the instruction on how she did it in case others would like to make one for their younglings.

Susan Beal writes:

I used an Empire Strikes Back Yoda action figure for inspiration, and carried him around the fabric store to loosely match fabric colors to him and his outfit. The central piece, a simple brown robe, is altered from an adult T-shirt, and the other elements (a hat, snake, belt, and walking stick) are all quick sewing projects using basic templates.

Find out how to make this adorable costume here:
Kids Yoda Costume (via Craft)

Star Wars in Concert: San Jose

Bonnie Burton | October 11, 2009

(Photo by Matt Martin)

Now that Star Wars in Concert is in full swing, touring around the United States, we’re excited to see what fans are saying about the spectacular show.

During the Star Wars in Concert performance in San Jose, Lucasfilm’s own Matt Martin showed fans images during the performance as well as of the Star Wars props and costumes on display.

(Photo by Matt Martin)
“Across the Stars at Star Wars in Concert!”

(Photo by Matt Martin)
“Imperial March at Star Wars in Concert!”

(Photo by Matt Martin)
“Leia’s theme at Star Wars in Concert!”


Star Wars in Concert: Los Angeles

Bonnie Burton | October 11, 2009

(Photo by Rob Sheridan)

As the Star Wars in Concert tours around the United States, it’s always fun for us to see what fans are saying about the spectacular show.

During the Star Wars in Concert performance in Los Angeles, George Lucas and a few other celebs came to be wowed by the show.

Below are some of the comments and photos from director/photographer Rob Sheridan, director Kyle Newman and C-3PO himself Anthony Daniels.


Star Wars: In Concert Comes Together

Pete Vilmur | October 1, 2009


While we wait for Star Wars: In Concert final rehearsals today at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, we are able to share some photos snapped by Lucasfilm associate David Iskra who was on-hand earlier while the orchestra rehearsed and the exhibit was being set up. Check out his set of photos at the Official Star Wars Blog at Flickr, and stay tuned for updates on the concert’s debut this evening here at the Official Star Wars Blog!


More Cad Bane at Clone Wars Press Junket Team | September 24, 2009

When Cad Bane crashed The Clone Wars Season 2 Press Junket at Big Rock Ranch this week, he did it in a big way.

The Clone Wars blue-skinned bounty hunter posed for photos, interrupted international broadcasts, and made us all wonder if we could pull off dressing like him this Halloween.


Send in the Troops: Clone Wars Press Junket Team | September 23, 2009

Cad Bane wasn’t the only star of The Clone Wars Season 2 Press Junket at Big Rock Ranch. After all, the show is called The CLONE Wars.

Here’s a selection of our fave photos of the clone troopers in action as they mingle with the press, guard the entrance and play as themselves in games from LucasArts.


Cad Bane Crashes CW Press Junket

Pete Vilmur | September 22, 2009


Lucasfilm’s Big Rock Ranch is hosting the Clone Wars Season Two press junket today, and the Star Wars galaxy’s new blue-skinned baddie Cad Bane dropped in for a few photo-ops with the press (that’s him posed with a few clones and Obi-Wan voice actor James Arnold Taylor above). We’re posting a few shots of the costume here for any ambitious costumers hoping to Bane it up for Halloween this year. Thanks to Jocelyn Knight for the photos!


Sith Fashion at The Emmys?

Bonnie Burton | September 21, 2009

(Photo by Imaging)

We already know how Star Wars costumes have influenced designers from Project Runway, but this is the first time we’ve seen a celebrity show off a designer dress that would easily blend in at any formal party thrown at the Death Star.

Granted, we would never give actress Kristen Wiig a Grade D (like Yahoo did) for her fashion sense. We proudly give her an A for Awesome!

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