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New Art from Upcoming Star Wars Art: Comics Book Team | July 18, 2011

Artist JH Williams III posted a new image from the upcoming Star Wars Art: Comics book (due out October 1, 2011) on his blog today.
From the artist’s blog:

I had been told that George was a longtime comics fan. So I also wanted to go for this classic giant monster versus hero idea, like stuff you might see in old Kirby comics, but here it needed to be a mechanical weapon that looked like a creature, giving a sense of story beyond fighting a giant monster.

Check out Williams’ full post including an expanded view of his stunning artwork here and learn more about Star Wars Art: Comics here.

Savage Opress Unleashed on Free Comic Book Day Team | December 2, 2010

Every year participating comic book stores promote new comics to kids and adults alike by handing out free comics on Free Comic Book Day. On Saturday, May 7th, 2011, fans will be able to pick up a cool free Star Wars comic from Dark Horse Comics – STAR WARS: CLONE WARS FLIP BOOK with none other than the new villain Savage Opress!

Read more about Free Comic Day 2011 here.

Owen Wilson Skywalker? Team | July 13, 2010

This side-by-side comparison between Luke Skywalker in the comics and actor Owen Wilson is uncanny. Perhaps there IS another.

Scott PilgrimStar Wars Fan Poster

Bonnie Burton | May 11, 2010

Fans of the hit comic book series Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O’Malley, have a new movie to look forward to this year by Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright.

The story of Scott Pilgrim has lovable sidekicks, epic battles and a girl worth fighting for — so of course, a talented fan had to make a Star Wars poster to commemorate the upcoming movie.

Check put this awesome poster by comic book artist Joe Bowen!

Most impressive indeed….

Read more about the upcoming movie Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.

Free Comic Book Day & Simpsons Slave Leia Team | April 30, 2010

Just in case you didn’t know, May 1 is Free Comic Book Day! Head over to your local comic book shop and pick up free comics of G.I. Joe, Iron Man, Thor, Mouse Guard, Fraggle Rock, Shrek, The Simpsons, Toy Story, The Tick and more.

While there’s no Star Wars or Clone Wars comics offered for Free Comic Book Day, Bongo Comics has a free Simpsons comic where we get to see another side of Principal Skinner that might not be what you expect.

Star Wars Meets Lost Comic Team | April 13, 2010

(Art by Graham Annable)
If you’ve been watching Lost, you already know the show is saturated with Star Wars references. Remember that epic Empire Strikes BackLost episode?

Now cartoonist Graham Annable has illustrated the ultimate LostStar Wars mash-up with hilarious results.

This new line of themed drawings has the added value of foretelling an Ewok’s demise in the belly of hungry castaways. Yub-nub-licious! Furthermore, Annable demonstrates the hilarious results of character-specific pairings between folks like Sayid and Boba Fett, Benjamin Linus and Darth Vader and even Hurley and Jabba the Hutt.

You can see the whole set of comics on Flickr:
“Foggy memories of LOST”

Read more here:
Graham Annable Blends Lost and Star Wars With Delightfully Sketchy Results (via Comics Alliance)

Get Fuzzy: Canada’s Star Wars Makeover! Team | October 19, 2009

The comic Get Fuzzy (by Darby Conley) contemplates how tourism would improve if Canada went through a Star Wars makeover. They might be on to something! Anyone want to road trip to Torontooine or Newfoundlando?

READ COMIC: Get Fuzzy: Star Wars Canada Map

(Thanks for the tip, Michelle Snow!)

Charity Auction for Ailing Author John Ostrander Team | September 1, 2009

Beloved Star Wars comics author John Ostrander has been battling glaucoma and like many Americans, has extremely expensive health insurance, which result in costly operations to help him recover his eyesight. So his fans are taking it upon themselves to help raise money with a truly unique auction.

Daily Record reports:

A nonprofit organization, Comix4Sight, was created by Ostrander’s friend and sometime-editor, Mike Gold, to accept donations online. High-profile comic book fans — including New Jersey filmmaker Kevin Smith and actor Patton Oswalt — are among those who gave money and are encouraging others to donate.

In addition, comic book artists have donated more than 100 drawings that are being auctioned, with the proceeds going to the organization.

Gold notes that many of these works were drawn specifically for this occasion. He cited the example of a drawing of Batman and Hawkman (both characters Ostrander has written in the past) done by Joe Kubert, the legendary writer-artist who founded the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Arts in Dover, and his son Andy Kubert, also an acclaimed artist. Other contributors have included Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons.

Read more about
Everyday heroes help comic book writer (via Daily Record)

Get more info on what you can do to help here:

It’s Star Wars Cold & Flu Season!

Bonnie Burton | July 7, 2009

Nothing is worse than being struck down during the summer by a dreaded cold or the flu. Sadly, quite a few of us at Lucas Online (including myself!) are suffering through a rather vicious virus — personally I think it’s Balmorra Flu. Then again, I should be counting my lucky Death Stars that I don’t have Crazed Bantha Fever!

So now is the perfect time to look back at some of the viruses, flu bugs (in some cases actual insects) and other diseases that have attacked various Star Wars characters.

Blue Shadow Virus
The infamous Blue Shadow Virus, a deadly plague wiped from the galaxy generations ago, comes back as a very real threat by the hand of mad scientist Dr. Nuvo Vindi, during The Clone Wars. Vindi has cultivated it once more. Furthermore, he has created an airborne version of the virus — no longer is it contained only to water. Placed within bombs, the gaseous virus is now an incredibly potent weapon. In the attempt to thwart Vindi, Amidala and Ahsoka, as well as a few clone troopers, are infected with the deadly virus, leaving it up to the Jedi to track down the cure in the form of a rare plant root.

Krytos virus
Once it infected a host, the virus destroyed the infected host body cell by cell until the victim’s flesh fell apart completely, resulting in an agonizing death. Highly contagious, the Krytos virus was designed to both target only non-Human populations and be treated by large amounts of bacta. The virus was transmitted by physical contact or through a water supply, but could not spread by airborne transmission. The plague was eventually eradicated by the Vratix, a bacta-producing insectoid species from Thyferra, who combined bacta and ryll kor to develop rylca, the most effective medicine against the disease.

Kaminoan nano-virus
The Kaminoan Nano-Virus was a Nanogene virus created by a Separatist-aligned Kaminoan to kill all clone troopers. It was discovered by the Jedi Kit Fisto and Aayla Secura a few months after the Battle of Geonosis, who were staying at Kamino when they passed a squad of dead troops. After confirming a deadly virus, Prime Minister Lama Su issued Master Cloner Sayn Ta to create a vaccine to protect all clones

Gobindi virus
The Gobindi virus was first discovered by the ancient Gobindi, who were utterly wiped out from its spreading. The Gobindi discovered a cure, but failed to administer it quickly enough to survive. Thriving in hot and humid environments, the virus required a liquid medium to move from one host to another, thus remaining mildly contagious at best. Imperial scientists discovered a way to allow the virus to move through the air and developed it into a biological weapon. The virus itself resembled a tiny, horned eel that wrapped its host in a coating of green slime to maintain its environment. Covered in the slime, the host could continue to move about, spreading the virus. The Empire’s plan to use the virus as a weapon was ultimately foiled.

Check out more illnesses in this handy and sickly index on Wookieepedia: Diseases and Maladies in Star Wars

Celebrate Free Comic Day with Kit Fisto Team | May 1, 2009

Free Comic Book Day is May 2! This is an awesome day when participating comic book stores give away comic books absolutely FREE to anyone who comes into their stores!

This year, Star Wars fans get a treat with this Clone Wars comic featuring Jedi Kit Fisto and the clone troopers as they fight against those pesky Geonosians. Plus we get to find out how the clone trooper Cooker got his nickname.

The comic also includes comic stories with Emily Strange and Indiana Jones (though not in the same story — drats!)

Download Star Wars: The Clone Wars preview here.

Learn more about Free Comic Day here: