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RIP Colin Higgins, the “Fake” Wedge

Mark Newbold | May 2, 2013


We sometimes forget, with the saga remaining so fresh and vivid in our minds, remastered and updated in the latest formats and constantly playing around the world that while the characters of Star Wars may remain eternally young, the actors who portrayed them on-screen, like the rest of us mere mortals, age, get older, and pass away.

This year alone we have seen Stuart Freeborn and Richard LeParmentier pass on, and only last year we all mourned the loss of the great Ralph McQuarrie. A recent fascinating piece on the Official Blog by Pablo Hidalgo, Star Wars Mysteries: Hunting for the Fake Wedge,” asked the question, “where in the world is actor Colin Higgins,” the man who played the “fake” Wedge Antilles in the briefing room scenes of A New Hope. It’s a fascinating story, a relatively minor character who grew into a fan favorite but who took three actors — Denis Lawson, David Ankrum, and Colin Higgins — to bring to life in that first film.