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Remembering the Veterans in Star Wars

Cole Horton | November 11, 2013

Known as Armistice Day, Remembrance Day, or Veterans Day, November 11 serves for many countries around the world as a time to reflect on very real wars and the people who participated in them. The Star Wars universe was brought to life by a long list of veterans, including Ralph McQuarrie who served during the Korean conflict and numerous other crew members that served in Vietnam.

In my ongoing research for the Star Wars Celebration lecture series “From World War to Star Wars,” I’ve come across an ever-growing list of Star Wars cast and crew who were also veterans of World War II. Thanks in large part to their autobiographies we have first hand accounts of their life before Star Wars.


Count Dooku Now Sir Lee Team | June 15, 2009

Legendary actor Christopher Lee — who is well known to Star Wars fans worldwide as Count Dooku — was given his knighthood by Queen Elizabeth II.

Cinema fans already know of Lee’s greatness from over 200 films including his iconic roles as Count Dracula in endless Hammer horror films and Saruman in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. It’s obvious the great Sir Christopher Lee deserves knighthood for his acting, but we also like to think it’s in part due to his singing chops.

Read more about his knighthood here:
Queen Elizabeth Decrees It’s Now ‘Sir Christopher Lee’ (via Wired)

Count Dooku Sings “The Toreador March” Team | March 20, 2008

Count Dooku actor Christopher Lee recently recorded the metal version of “The Toreador March” with South London punk group, The Inner Terrestrials. Even though this might be old news to a few die-hard fans, we’re hoping Christopher Lee makes more guest appearances with bands in the near future.

Watch the video here of Christopher Lee singing and hanging out with the band.