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Chewbacca Gets a Job at MTV Team | May 3, 2013

This May the 4th, Chewie trades his co-pilot duties for a job in the MTV offices. Next week he’ll be moving in next door to Snooki & JWoww.

The Empire Strikes Back Uncut: Illustrating the Empire

Casey Pugh | March 1, 2013

Yoda arms Star Wars Uncut

As scenes for The Empire Strikes Back Uncut continue to fill our inboxes, we see all kinds of awesome live-action remakes. Adolescent Lukes, cat Yodas, and all kinds of cool handmade sets.

Speaking of handmade, some of the fans really thinking outside the box are the ones who have started from a blank page, pen in hand. The sky’s the limit when you’re drawing your own Hoth or Artoo, and these illustrated scenes bring all kinds of imagination to the Star Wars Uncut project.

Check out some of our favorite recent illustrated remakes after the jump and maybe try your own.


The Empire Strikes Back Uncut: Jedi Pets in Space

Casey Pugh | November 15, 2012

Yoda Cat

Scenes for The Empire Strikes Back Uncut are still rolling in and they are full of vegetables, minerals, and many animals.

One of the best parts of watching each new scene is seeing how fans bring their own personal touches in the creative process. And nothing’s more personal than pets. Man’s best friend(s) pop up in the best places: as a floppy eared Yoda, a downed Tauntaun, or the classic Chewbacca stand-in.

But it’s not just Chewie dogs acting in Empire Uncut — there are many scenes featuring different members of the animal kingdom. Here are some great performances so far.


SWCVI: Is It Time For Your Checklist or Mine?

Peter Mayhew | August 15, 2012


Where’s the checklist? Do we have the patches, t-shirts, geek shirts, fedora, 501st badges, books, signage for The Peter Mayhew Foundation…..jeans or shorts, did we find Katy’s airbrushes…how’s the cat, the dog?? Is everything in order for Shoot A Trooper? Are you taking the wheelchair? Of course, too much walking otherwise…gotta pamper those knees…gotta wheelchair monkey…yes, Brad will do….oh my gosh!! It’s almost here!! Is Kenny Baker really going to be there? Yes!! And wooohooo!! It’s time for Celebration VI!! It’s a family reunion of the galaxy far far away! And from all corners of the globe! Welcome! We are so excited to be in the autograph area at Celebration and will be stopping by our Shoot A Trooper event every day as well. Stop by and Shoot A Trooper for Charity!


… And Tarfful is on the synchronized swimming team.

Katie Cook | July 26, 2012


Katie Cook is a cartoonist and writer. She is kind of a big deal… to her cat. You can find her art and comics at, and find her mumbling like a raving lunatic at on Twitter @katiecandraw.

Chewbacca at Outside Lands Festival Team | September 2, 2009

(Photo by Kimberly Chun)

If you happened to attend the Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco last weekend, you would have caught great performances from Pearl Jam, Dave Matthew Band, Ween, Modest Mouse, Tenacious D, Silversun Pickups, TV on the Radio, M.I.A., Band of Horses and Mastodon.

But we loved to hear from music fans that they had a Wookiee among them. We’ve read a few reviews of the festival and each time we keep getting reports of a fan who dressed as Chewbacca at the festival who wandered around enjoying the Ewok-free tunes.

Noise: SFBG Blog‘s Kimberly Chun reports:

Never mind the Weather — Kristy and I are distracted by a guy wearing a Chewbacca costume in the crowd. I want to poke the tags at the back of his neck back into the fake Wookiee fur. Gotta run before I lose a digit. reports:

Ween played for nearly two hours on Sunday evening, playing nearly every song from their most popular album, “The Mollusk” — the enthusiastic crowd of loyal Ween fans pumped it up the notch it needed to reach greatness. For instance, you know it’s going to be a great show when Chewbacca shows up. Or when, during the song, “Bananas and Blow,” an audience member clad in blue sequins whips out a couple of bananas and starts dancing with them. reports:

A garishly clad M.I.A. played one of the few shows she’s done since giving birth last winter. One of my favorite scenes of the afternoon was watching a man in full Chewbacca costume dancing with a woman dressed as a baboon.

Chewie Makes Wired‘s Sidekick List Team | March 10, 2008

What do Spock, Dana Scully, Beaker and Chewbacca have in common? No, not a love for best friends who believe in the truth or even an appreciation for apple-scented hair conditioner. They all made Wired magazine’s Best Sidekicks List — which also included the likes of K.I.T.T., Willow Rosenberg, Waylon Smithers, Samwise Gamgee and Robin.

Here’s what they had to say about our favorite Wookiee:

Sidekick to Han Solo
STRENGTHS: Size, muscle, mechanical aptitude, and supreme navigational skills.
WEAKNESSES: Lacks pants and is largely incoherent. Also, Chewie is indirectly responsible for that 1978 holiday special.

Read all about the other sidekicks here:
Best: Sidekicks, From Mr. Spock to Waylon Smithers