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Comic Artist Launches The Ben TempleSith Star Wars Project Team | September 29, 2010

Comic book artist Ben Templesmith — best known for his work on 30 Days of Night, Fell, Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse, Singularity 7 and Welcome To Hoxford — is doing his own online tribute to Star Wars by drawing each and every character… just for fun.

The artist recently announced on Twitter that he plans to draw every Star Wars character as they appear in the original trilogy. The first two characters he’s already posted are none other than the dynamic droid duo of C-3PO and R2-D2.

The first in a series of quick character sketches of every single half decent Star Wars character that appears in the original trilogy… in the order they basically appear in the films.

Yes, I’m nuts, but always wanted to collect all the figures when I was a kid, and now I’ll just bloody draw them myself instead!

This isn’t the first time Templesmith has traveled to a galaxy far, far away. He also illustrated a rather creepy story “Dark Journey” in issue #17 of Star Wars Tales, published by Dark Horse Comics.

We can’t wait to see which Star Wars characters he draws next for The Ben TempleSith Project!

Be sure to follow Ben Templesmith’s blog, as well as on his Twitter.

Peter Frampton’s Favorite R2-D2 Memory Team | September 23, 2010

Rock legend Peter Frampton recalls in the recent issue of Uncut music magazine a moment when R2-D2 became his guitar tech.

Latest issue of UNCUT:

Madison Square Garden – New York – 1977. R2-D2 bringing me my guitar for the encore. It was not sanctioned by Mr. Lucas… we got into trouble for that! But this guy who built it brought it to the show, and the crew had this great idea of sending it out with my guitar.

I didn’t know it was coming, as you can see by my bemused expression. They’d got all the R2-D2 noises working. But we got a call from the Lucas organization telling us to cease and desist.

Thanks for the tip, Dave Iskra.

Kanye Wookiee?! Team | September 15, 2010

Recently, New York Magazine decided to illustrate what they thought the singer/rapper superstar Kanye West would tweet about next in an article called “Kanye West Tweets the Fall.”

There were quite a few amusing ideas, but we like the idea of Chanel making a Wookiee suit for Kanye best.

Follow Kanye West on Twitter here.

Star Wars Shout Outs in “G33k & G4M3R Girls” Music Video Team | September 10, 2010

Move over fellas, the geek gals & gamer girls are in the house! The ladies of the award-winning Star Wars fan film Saber are back with a few of their friends including actor Seth Green, comics legend Stan Lee and Starbuck herself Katee Sackhoff — in a music video to celebrate geek girls everywhere.

“G33k & G4M3R Girls” — sung to the same tune as the hit song “California Girls” by Katy Perry — features Team Unicorn which includes actresses Michele Boyd (The Guild, How I Met Your Mother, Cold Case, Sons of Anarchy), Clare Grant (Walk the Line, $5 Cover, Black Snake Moan, Saber), Milynn Sarley (EA, TheGamerChick, LTA, Street Fighter High School), Rileah Vanderbilt (Hatchet, Frozen, Saber), and actor Seth Green (Robot Chicken, Family Guy) remind us all why geek girls rule!

There’s plenty of shout outs to Star Wars, Doctor Who, Marvel comics, Halo and more!

WATCH VIDEO: “G33k & G4M3R Girls Song” chats with the ladies of Team Unicorn (they answer as a single unit cause that’s how they roll) about their awesome music tribute to geek goddesses everywhere!

(Milynn Sarley as Psylocke, Clare Grant as Lara Croft, Rileah Vanderbilt as The Baroness and Michele Boyd as Han Solo)Why did you decide to do such an awesome remake of Katy Perry’s song “California Girls” but as “Geeks and Gamers?”

We’d all become friends because of our shared love for geeky stuff and bonded even more cosplaying as Sailor Scouts during Comic-Con this year. Milynn, Rileah and Michele actually all play in the same guild in World of Warcraft!

Milynn and Michele were on the way back from the beach when they started singing along to the Katy Perry song and had the idea for the parody! We all know geekery the best, so it seemed a natural idea for the new version. They started coming up with lyrics in the car and then got Rileah and Clare involved, and it all snowballed from there!


Rare 1977 Harrison Ford Interview Emerges

Pete Vilmur | September 8, 2010

Yesterday, the New York Times posted a story about a rare 1977 Harrison Ford video interview conducted by a Dallas-Fort Worth news channel reporter just as Star Wars (A New Hope) was making waves across the country during its initial release:

Wearing lapels as wide as the Millennium Falcon itself, Mr. Ford actually seems gracious about the budding fantasy franchise and complimentary to its creator, George Lucas, telling his interviewer that though he doesn’t regard himself as the Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon type, the film works because “it’s finally about people and not finally about science, so the energy of the movie goes towards exploring these human relationships.”

The interview, which apparently had first been posted to the original reporter’s website back in July (and contains scores of other filmed interviews), presents a rare peek at the actor on the brink of super-stardom in 1977. Check out the New York Times story and the video interview here.

Liz Lee’s Fave Moments at Celebration V Team | August 25, 2010

Liz Lee, the star of MTV’s hit show My Life as Liz, waves her geek flag proudly. She likes hanging out with stormtroopers, has lightsaber battles with her pals, reads comics, and constantly tweets about her love for Star Wars.

Liz came to Star Wars Celebration V for a quick trip to co-host the “Thirty Years Later: A Conversation with the Masters” panel with David Collins, go shopping for Star Wars toys and clothes, hang with fans and immerse herself in the Force in Florida. chats with Liz about her favorite moments during Star Wars Celebration V.

What was it like co-hosting a panel for Star Wars Celebration?

It was a little nerve racking because I for some reason I’m better at speaking in front of a camera, than a live audience. But as soon as I got up on that stage, I realized that I was talking to an audience about Star Wars, who shared the same level of love for Star Wars that I did, and I was immediately comforted.

I had always dreamed of going to Star Wars Celebration, and now I got the opportunity to not only attend it, but be a part of it. It was a dream come true. Not to mention, The Empire Strikes Back is my favorite.


Celebs Pick Their Favorite Star Wars Characters Team | August 23, 2010

If you’ve been reading our blog, you already know that there’s quite a few celeb fans of Star Wars. But if you just want a quick look at which celebs love Han Solo more than IG-88, IGN recently asked a group of celebs who their favorite character happened to be.

Dolph Lundgren – Han Solo
Michael Cera – Han Solo
Adrien Brody – Han Solo
Mark Wahlberg – Han Solo
Jason Schwartzman – Han Solo

Milla Jovovich – Obi-Wan
Ali Larter – Obi-Wan
Pauly Shore – Obi-Wan

Seth Rogen – Boba Fett
Terry Crews – Boba Fett

Jon Favreau – R2-D2
Helen Mirren – R2-D2

Guillermo Del Toro – Darth Vader
Bruce Willis – Darth Vader

Jerry Bruckheimer – Chewbacca
Eva Mendes – Princess Leia
Lucas Black – Yoda
Paul Rudd – IG-88
Will Ferrell – Lando Calrissian
Billy Dee Williams – Jabba the Hutt
Tina Fey – Admiral Ackbar


SOURCE: Celebs Pick Star Wars Favorites (via

Helen Mirren Wants to Wear R2-D2 Costume Team | August 2, 2010

Helen Mirren recently appeared at San Diego Comic-Con to promote her upcoming action film Red but told the press she would have dressed up more to blend in with fans if she thought ahead.

After seeing other celebrities who showed up to Comic-Con in costume, such as Will Ferrell who painted his face blue and wore a cape to look like his character Megamind, Mirren confessed she wished she had dressed up as none other than R2-D2.

“I wish I had dressed up now,” she said. “I could have come as R2-D2 because I liked him. He was cute. Or maybe I could dress as Harrison Ford — but that maybe isn’t the done thing,” she pondered.

Now THAT’S the droid we’re looking for!


Celebs Geek Out at Comic-Con Team | July 29, 2010

(Actors Clare Grant & Seth Green)

While most of us go to San Diego Comic-Con in search of the coveted comic book or writer/artist autograph, more and more fans brave the overcrowded convention thanks to the promise of seeing exclusive trailers and footage of upcoming films and TV shows buzzing in our head.

Of course, that means every year, a growing number of celebrities attend the pop culture convention to promote their latest project to the masses. It also means that a few celebs who happen to be comic book fans risk going on the show floor itself just to take in the madness like a bonafide geek.

Here’s a selection of some of the celebs we saw at Comic-Con this year, whether they were on the G4-Lucasfilm party red carpet, posing for photos for fans, or just being fangirls & boys themselves.

Director J.J. Abrams

Director Joss Whedon

Actress Felicia Day

Actors Clare Grant & Seth Green

Director Adam Green & actress Rileah Vanderbilt


Director Zack Snyder Tweets Yoda Unicorn Cake

Bonnie Burton | July 29, 2010

Filmmaker Zack Snyder recently started tweeting, which is exciting if you can’t wait to learn more about his upcoming action-fantasy film Sucker Punch.

We’ve already seen Snyder show off his Star Wars pride in a Watchmen Web doc, so it was only a matter of time before he tweeted about something Star Wars-related.

Sure enough, his fifth tweet was about his daughter’s birthday cake from Violet’s Cakes which so happened to be Yoda riding a unicorn. Bravo, Zack Snyder. Bravo.