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Star Wars Collectors Archive Podcast Launches

Pete Vilmur | March 5, 2010

If you’ve got a bent for all-things-vintage Star Wars and want to drop in on some hardcore collector discussion of 12-backs, Brazilian Vlixes, and C-3PO Underoos (fear not — the hosts keep the discussion accessible for beginners — however, if Underoos need to be explained to you, better do some brushing up on your kid-skivvy history), check out the new Star Wars Collectors Archive Podcast, or “Chive Cast” for short.

Hosted by Skye Paine and Stephen B. Danley, the first entry in this new series has a healthy dose of vintage discussion but also touches on Celebration V, Hasbro’s new Vintage Collection, focus collectors, and a new Jawa collector site.

Give it a listen and post your responses here! And don’t forget to check out the very cool ForceCast if you find collecting conversation to your liking.

Florida Mayor Welcomes Fans for Celebration V Team | December 4, 2009

Orange County Florida Mayor Richard Crotty, along with some Imperial forces and R2-D2, filmed this Force-tastic greeting to fans excited about Star Wars Celebration V coming to his neck of the woods in Aug. 2010.

WATCH VIDEO: Mayor Richard Crotty Welcomes CV

Mayor Richard Crotty is proud to announce the landing of another major convention for Orange County, Florida. Star Wars Celebration V will feature cast & crew, celebrities, fans, costumes, music, autographs and collectibles. We expect up to 35,000 people to attend.

The Force must be with us, said Mayor Crotty, this could be the largest Star Wars fan event ever, with a positive economic impact of $36 million.

The four-day celebration will run from August 12 – August 15, 2010.

More info on the official website:

Lucasfilm’s Steve Sansweet Talks Celebration V Team | December 3, 2009

As we announced earlier today, Star Wars Celebration V will take place in Orlando, Florida on August 12-15, 2010; Registration goes live Thursday, Dec. 10.

Our friends over at TheForce.Net chatted with Lucasfilm Director of Fan Relations (and Collecting Guru & Author) Steve Sansweet about the news and what fans can expect.

Steve said first that the new partnership with show producer Reed Exhibitions gives them exclusive rights to do celebration events, and with his experience doing seven celebrations, and their massive experience producing shows, it took a long time to get everything about this partnership perfect. But along the way, Lucasfilm and Reed were working on venues, and that in itself is a big project, starting with 10 – 12 possible cities.

With Steve’s desire to continue to move the Celebrations around the country geographically, the west was pretty quickly ruled out, while cities like Baltimore, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Chicago and others were considered, some dropped out because they just didn’t have appropriate facilities or dates that worked. The long period spent finalizing a producing contract did affect the final date because Steve and Reed want this to be the best celebration yet and we all know that does take time to plan for them and for fans.

And as for if the Maker himself will show…

I had to ask whether Steve thought George Lucas would attend to which he couldn’t give a commitment, but that George always gets an invite, in fact, many people that fans would want to see get invites, but schedules and commitments often get in the way. My guess is if enough fans make it known they want to see George at the show, that will do more to get him there than anything. We’ll help, stay tuned.

More info here:
Official Star Wars Celebration V site