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Beat by Beat: Opening Ceremonies Team | May 25, 2007

Editors Note: While the below events transpired inside, an entirely different story unfolded outside. Please read this statement regarding the events of that night.

7:30 PM: As the thousands of fans stream into Hall K of the Los Angeles Convention Center, a classical pianist performs a medley of John Williams’ score from all six Star Wars movies.


7:40 PM: The hall has now filled to three-quarters capacity. The pianist is performing Obi-Wan’s theme (a.k.a the Force theme, or the Throne Room Theme) from A New Hope. On the screen is the triangular CIV logo against a fireworks-spotted skyscape of Coruscant.


7:50 PM: The last rows are now beginning to fill in. Lightsaber salutes in the frontward rows are met by cheers. Tom Warner, Senior Director of Marketing at Lucasfilm takes the stage. “Hello Los Angeles! Welcome to Celebration IV. We’ve had a slight change of schedule to introduce a very special guest.” Warner recounted past venues that hosted Celebrations, like Denver and Indianapolis. “It took us about two seconds to decided where we wanted to be. For the 30th anniversary we knew we had to bring it back to Los Angeles. So, it is my pleasure to introduce the mayor of Los Angeles: Antonio Villaraigosa.


And the Final Book in the Legacy of the Force series is…

Pablo Hidalgo | May 25, 2007

Invincible, by Troy Denning.

That was the big news out of The Legacy of the Force publishing panel. More on this later (watch this space)…

Hasbro Previews 2007 Star Wars Line-up

Pete Vilmur | May 25, 2007


Today, Hasbro revealed what it has in store for fans and collectors of the Star Wars line, with a bunch of brand new figures and vehicles lined up for release throughout the remainder of the year. Some great new figures — including a Boba Fett with Sarlacc “goo” — and some great new vehicles. Grievous finally gets his sweet retro-inspired ride, and Obi-Wan’s Episode II starfighter will finally do lightspeed. You can check out slides from Hasbro’s presentation here:

Hasbro’s 2007 Line-up

Slave Leia Belly Dancing! (We Suspect You May Be Interested…)

Pablo Hidalgo | May 25, 2007

Amira Sa’id, acclaimed professional belly dancer (and Star Wars fan!) is teaching fans how to belly dance in her special seminars. Sa’id is performing in the fan-favorite costume — her Slave Leia outfit. More Slave Leia costumers are welcome to join her for her lessons, but all fans can take part, or just come to enjoy the show.

Sa’id, who has a degree in physics, is a professional belly dance instructor, choreographer, and performer from Orlando, Florida. Her award-winning belly dancing tribute to Princess Leia has been in demand at conventions nationally since its debut in 2005. The name Amira Sa’id means “happy princess” in Arabic. Amira hopes all her audiences will share her joy and join the dance.

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Bacon, Eggs and Jay Laga’aia Team | May 25, 2007

Early this morning — on the actual 30th birthday of Star Wars — members of the Official Star Wars Fan Club gathered at the Omni Hotel for the first of two Fan Club Breakfasts. In addition to good eats, company, and cool raffle prizes, Celebration IV emcee Jay Laga’aia was on hand to meet with fans and sign autographs.

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Classic Artists Rock Celebration

Pete Vilmur | May 24, 2007

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with John Alvin and Lawrence Noble many times since our first phone conversations for The Star Wars Poster Book back in 2004. I was finally able to meet the both of them in person for the first time today, and was jazzed to see both had with them stunning examples of why they are considered masters of their craft.

John Alvin signs his magnificent Celebration print, and also has a great site which showcases his prolific work —

Lawrence Noble takes a break from sculpting as the work-in-progress Obi-Wan looks on impatiently.

Urban Medium in The Vader Project

Bonnie Burton | May 24, 2007

(Photo by Bonnie Burton)

Along with legendary artists such as Shag, Paul Frank Sunich, Tim Biskup, Gary Baseman, Niagara and J. Otto Seibold, the design duo known as Urban Medium made sure to put its special signature look on one of the many Darth Vader helmets showcased in The Vader Project art show debuting at Star Wars: Celebration IV.

Star Wars fans in the know, may already be familiar with Urban Design’s clever mash-up sticker of Che Guevara and a stormtrooper aptly named “CheTrooper.” Artist Derek Fridman gave us the low down on the Urban Medium Darth Vader helmet.

1. Why did you decide to participate in The Vader Project?
There really wasn’t a need to think about whether or not we’d do it. The minute we were asked we said ‘YES’ — if you’ve seen our art, you know just how much of an influence Star Wars has had on what it is we do, there was no doubt in our minds. We are truly honored to participate in what is the absolute ultimate artist platform show.

2. How did you customize the helmet with your own Urban Medium Design style?
The design of the helmet on its own is an amazing work of art, so our goal wasn’t to reinvent or deconstruct it, but create a modern interpretation of it that had something of a royal ‘haute couture’ look. Think Vader on the runway at New York Fashion Week.

Heather and I decided that the best approach for us would be to do what we would traditionally do out in the street, just on a much smaller scale. We decided to go with the theme of good vs. evil — capturing the light vs. dark side struggle Anakin faces throughout his life. One half of the helmet represents the light-side of the Force, pasted with white floral patterns of Rebel Alliance logos and remixed characters DJ-D2 and Chewbacca. The other half represents the dark side, pasted with black floral Imperial logo’s and remixed characters Boba Fett, and B-Boy stormtroopers. And since platinum is so last year, we finished the helmet off with gold splats and details.

3. Would Vader approve?
Absolutely — now if he’d only send us his measurements we’d create the matching suit.

Watch the video tour of The Vader Project exhibit.

To see the Urban Medium helmet and many others, see all of our photos of The Vader Project exhibit here.

For more information on The Vader Project, click here.

And be sure to check out The Vader Project profile here on

“No, Jeffrey! No!” Team | May 24, 2007

A real crowd-pleaser is the Jedi Training Academy, now underway throughout the day in Hall G. A staple of the Star Wars Weekends events in Walt Disney World, the academy consists of a seasoned Jedi instructor running young Padawan through a series of lightsaber drills, including a face-off against the evil Darth Vader. Can these kids avoid the temptation of the dark side?

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Sideshow Unveils Bossk Bust Team | May 24, 2007

There’s a lot of new product being revealed at this show, but this one definitely caught our eye. A 1-to-1 scale Bossk bust from Sideshow Collectibles.

Pre-tour of the Lucasfilm Archives at CIV

Pete Vilmur | May 24, 2007

Fans who saunter into the Lucasfilm Archives Exhibit today (room 403B) will find a rare batch of models, props and costumes stretching all the way back to the formative years of the Star Wars saga. Han’s Hoth coat is here (finally putting to rest the long-debated blue coat/brown coat question) as well as the full Fett (Boba) armor, Luke’s severed Vader’s head from his Dagobah cave confrontation, a collection of Padme dresses, Vader helmets, lightsabers, and lots more.

A rare treat is the handful of early concept models fashioned by Colin Cantwell back in 1975/76, when the familiar designs we’re all used to were not yet fully realized — don’t miss the saucer-shaped landspeeder and the battleship-inspired Star Destroyer (at the time, I called the “mystery” model a possible windmill or the like — these were actually the power capacitors from the Imperial bunker in Jedi). Here’s a few rare glimpses before the show during set-up.

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