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Russian Star Wars Posters

Bonnie Burton | February 13, 2009

Boing Boing Gadgets Blogger Joel Johnson takes a look at some rather obscure Russian Star Wars posters. See if you can tell which poster is for which Star Wars film.

Check them out here:
Russian Star Wars Posters (via Boing Boing Gadgets)

Chad Vader After the Dentist Team | February 9, 2009

Chad Vader responds to the viral video of David After Dentist. Here’s hoping Chad Vader does a spoof on the Christian Bale on-set yellfest next.

WATCH VIDEO: Chad Vader After Dentist (via Youtube)


Clone Wars Kid Graffiti

Bonnie Burton | February 9, 2009

(photo by David Pescovitz)

Move over Bansky, there’s some new graffiti artists in town and they want you to watch The Clone Wars.

BoingBoing blogger David Pescovitz writes:

There’s construction happening behind my neighborhood playground, so kids have been drawing on the barricade wall with chalk. I like this particular bit of graffiti: “Watch Star Wars the Clone Wars.”

Check it out here:
Child’s Star Wars graffiti (via

Tilt-shift Star Wars

Bonnie Burton | January 22, 2009

(501st group shot from Celebration IV — original photo here.)

When we first read about on we were so impressed with how easy it was to turn any photo of a real-life scene into what appears to be a toy diorama. Living, breathing 501st members look like custom action figures, the Lucasfilm campus looks like a model, and crowds at conventions like Celebration IV and Celebration Europe look like intricate dioramas.

Check out some of the photos we’ve made so far:

(Crowd shot from Celebration Europe — original photo here.)


Obama Action Figure Duels Vader

Pete Vilmur | January 21, 2009


We’re not exactly sure if this is an officially-licensed Presidential action figure or not, but the fact that it’s posed with none other than Darth Vader makes it too irresistible — not to mention timely — not to mention here. Lucas must have been on to something when he singled out Obama as a modern-day hero-in-the-making last June.

Check out more pics of this striking figure apparently from Japan.


Trooper at Coming of Age Day Team | January 14, 2009

(photo by Andrew Lee)

Tokyo Trooper Danny Choo recently blogged about his appearance at Coming of Age Day in Japan on his blog complete with some really great photos too!

Yesterday was a public holiday known as “Seijin no Hi” [成人の日] or “Coming of Age Day” where those who have turned 20 are declared adults meaning they can now do SDV (Smoke, Drink and Vote). In the past, the coming of age day was celebrated only among samurai families – for boys it was between 12-16 and for girls it was between 12-14 (Wikipedia). Went with writer and art director comrade Andrew Lee (who took these pics) out n about to look for fluffy rabbits – and we found many.

Read all about it here: Seijin Shiki


Darth Vader the Clergyman? Team | January 5, 2009

If Darth Vader joined the clergy, people might pay more attention in church. But alas, he’s only here for the parade.

Vader joins the Lutheran Church of Iceland (

Japanese Star Wars Art Collection

Bonnie Burton | December 31, 2008

(Photo by Danny Choo)

Star Wars fan and Tokyo Trooper Danny Choo visits Afro Samurai creator Takashi Okazaki and blogs about his incredible collection of toys and art including Japanese-style Star Wars art. The R2-D4 sculpture is exceptionally awesome.

Check out the photos here:
Takashi Okazaki Photo Set (via

SOURCE: Boing Boing

Stormtrooping Akihabara

Bonnie Burton | December 4, 2008

Tokyo Trooper Danny Choo not only dances in the streets wearing his gear, he’s also one heck of a tour guide. Web icon Joi Ito and Ellen Levy from Silicon Valley Connect hang out with Choo as he escorts them around the geektastic section of Tokyo called Akihabara. They visit electronics stores, meet maids and hang out at karaoke clubs.

Joi Ito says:

As part of the “cultural program” we decided to take a tour of Akihabara, the mecca of all things otaku, anime and electronic in Japan. I asked a very special friend, Danny Choo, son of the famous shoe designer Jimmy Choo, to lead the tour. I call Danny “The Prince of Akihabara”. He is one of the world’s experts on Japan’s otaku culture and has one of the most popular English language websites about Japan. One of his favorite things is to dress up as a stormtrooper and spread his love and happiness in Akihabara.

WATCH VIDEO: Stormtrooping Akihabara (BoingBoingTV)

Chicken Walker Kid Costume

Bonnie Burton | October 31, 2008

While some kids dressed up as Darth Vader, Princess Leia or Yoda this Halloween, this youngster went trick or treating as a Chicken Walker! If it was gray instead yellow, he could easily double as an AT-ST — a two-legged walker from Return of the Jedi. All he needs now are some Ewoks to shoot at!

WATCH VIDEO: See the Chicken Walker Costume in action

SOURCE: BoingBoing Gadgets