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SWCVI: Mission Report: Day ZERO

Stefan Cembolista | August 22, 2012


The war of the clones… begun it has…

The Belgian Prop crew touched down in Orlando last Sunday, as scheduled! After a first refreshing swim, and an also refreshing thunderstorm we deployed the team on Monday morning first hour at the convention center…


SWCVI: Mission Report: The props are now in Florida

Stefan Cembolista | August 17, 2012
Last minute furniture part…guess who is working at this console?

Last minute furniture part…guess who is working at this console?

‘My Lord… The shields will be down in a moment, you may start your landing…!’

The Belgian Celebration VI prop crew is now entering the ‘HOT’ phase of the preparations…


SWCVI: “The Imperial Dogs” Prop Crew Mission Report

Stefan Cembolista | August 9, 2012


“Many Star Wars fans will come to Celebration VI? … Personally?? … THEN we will DOUBLE our efforts!!!” For us, It doesn’t take an emperor visiting his Death Star construction site as motivation, we just do our very best for all the fans!

Today I’ll take you with me, to the very heart of our team… the prop workshop. Dusty hangars which many of the crew have almost called ‘home’ for the last couple of months…


SWCVI: Target in Range: Celebration VI… Maximum Firepower!

Stefan Cembolista | August 2, 2012


We can officially tell the world that the Belgian prop crew is back in action for Star Wars Celebration VI. My crazy crew has been assigned the mission to return to Orlando and join the biggest Star Wars party in the galaxy, and bring along the biggest Star Wars props in the galaxy!