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Star Wars on Earth” Showing in Gallery

Bonnie Burton | October 5, 2007

French photographer Cédric Delsaux uses Attakus Star Wars statues in real-world locations for a mash-up series of images that capture the imaginations of fans who rave about his work for not only in the Blogosphere — as well as in various magazines including Star Wars Insider.

Here’s what Delsaux said in a recent interview in Insider about his work and his plans for new imagery:

Would you like to do more photography work using Star Wars as the muse?
Yes, I would love to. I’d like to find new ways to make it live. The first series was done with toys, but if some fans with costumes want to help me, it will allow me to bring my photos to a new level. It will give new perspective to my ideas. And I do have some new ideas now. I would like to leave Paris for a while and bring Star Wars to a new place. The Star Wars universe is so large and rich, that we can go to thousand places on our planet.

Delsaux work is currently on exhibit until Oct. 20 in the gallery Project 4.

Read more about his work here.

Be sure to check out our Online Insider Supplement to download desktop wallpapers his work here:
Cédric Delsaux’s Lens from the Dark Side

Scrap Metal Yoda

Bonnie Burton | September 6, 2007

Bangkok artist Yumi Modal and her family create some amazing pieces of art from metal parts and scraps. Above is Yumi Modal’s tribute to Jedi Master Yoda.

Check out more of Yumi Modal’s art here.

Steampunk Stormtroopers in Dubai

Bonnie Burton | September 4, 2007

Check out these amazing giant Imperial stormtroopers (and Aliens) in the Steampunk style, in a shopping mall art gallery in Dubai.

Click to see more images here.


The C-3PO Scream?

Bonnie Burton | August 23, 2007

Illustrator Leo Lingas pays homage to some well-known paintings (“Arnolfini Portrait” by Jan van Eyck and “The Scream” by Edvard Munch) but with a Star Wars touch.

Check out his collection of work at the DeviantArt gallery here which also includes “Klingons Cross the Delaware” and more.


Jabba the Art Critic? Team | August 22, 2007

Brisbane-based artist Alasdair Macintyre shrinks icons down into pop culture mashups with his unusual miniature sculptures. He’s turned the band U2 into 13-centimeter figures, and morphed the art critic Robert Hughes into Jabba the Hutt in his diorama piece called Hands that Built America.

Read more about Macintyre’s work here.

SOURCE: The Sydney Morning Herald

Fan Frozen in Carbonite

Bonnie Burton | August 21, 2007

What’s cooler than daydreaming you’re Han Solo? How about pretending you’re Han frozen in Carbonite? Or even better taken his place by replacing Harrison Ford’s anguished mug with yours!

That’s exactly what this fan did when he got his hands on the Han in Carbonite replica.

This is a full-sized replica of the famous “Han Solo” in Carbonite. It is made from fiberglass, and the short story is that a friend who is a special effects guy owned the piece, which was a direct casting off the original prop. He was moving, (aka getting married and yelled at) and asked me if I wanted it. I screamed a huge lispy “Yes!” and picked it up, but knew I wanted to do something cool with it. So I called my other nerdy special effects pals, and they offered to replace Harrison Ford’s face with mine. I was so tired of hearing this offer in my daily life, but decided to finally consider it, so off it went.

KNB Effects in the Valley took an algae mold of my entire head, then cut off Han Solo’s, and replaced it with mine. They even added the frozen saliva that rushed out when Han got frozen.

Read all about it here.


More Scenes from Comic-Con Team | July 26, 2007

While many fans can’t make it to San Diego Comic-Con International, the Official Blog is there to put you right where the action is. Whether it’s seeing the behind-the-scenes images of set-up, or sneak peeks at Indiana Jones displays, we’re there.

Today as even more fans filter into the convention center, it’s obvious which droid is getting the most love — R2-KT (named “KT” after Katie Johnson, a very special Star Wars fan who tragically passed away from brain cancer in 2005 at the age of seven).

Other popular displays getting plenty of traffic today include Hasbro’s Star Wars Transformers mashup toys, The Vader Project, the impressive LEGO Death Star display, Wii fun at the LucasArts booth and so much more.

So stay tuned for daily coverage on this blog, as well as exciting Comic-Con snapshots here.

The Vader Project Invades Comic-Con

Bonnie Burton | July 24, 2007

Since The Vader Project debuted at Celebration IV, and with additional UK-based artists on board travelling to Celebration Europe, it only made sense for popular exhibit to show at San Diego Comic-Con International.

“Comic-Con is just such a great venue that it seemed a shame to miss out on the opportunity,” The Vader Project curator Dov Kelemer says. “With the main show on its way back from a very successful show in the UK we just took the opportunity to add a few more to the show.”


Let the Wookiee Paint

Bonnie Burton | July 20, 2007

Chewbacca is not only loyal, cuddly and handy to have around when your ship breaks down, but his furry color palette might even inspire your next artistic masterpiece like this Wookiee tribute from Mojizu.

SOURCES: Mojizu, Colourlover

The Making of “Sgt. Lucas” Team | June 18, 2007

Star Wars artist Randy Martinez created a mashup homage to Star Wars and one of the most iconic bands in music history — The Beatles. He used similar collage methods to those used in the creation of the original Beatles “Sgt. Pepper” album cover that inspired the image. He recently unveiled his “Sgt. Lucas” poster at Celebration IV, to get fans excited about the next big fan party happening in London this July. Martinez’s art will be used as the Celebration Europe program cover artwork and will be sold as a poster in the Celebration Store.

To find out how he made the “Sgt. Lucas” collage poster using everything from over 300 fake flowers to image cutouts, read on.