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Artist Murakami Inspired by Star Wars Team | April 23, 2008

(Spike Star Wars billboards remixed with Murakami art)

Contemporary Japanese artist Takashi Murakami — most noted for founding the Superflat postmodern art movement — recently moved his @Murakami exhibit from Los Angeles to Brooklyn. io9 chats with him about his art and how sci-fi films like Star Wars influenced his work.

Do you have any specific science fiction influences to your work? Any movies or television shows you grew up watching?
I loved Galaxy Express 999. When I saw the scene depicting Planet Maetel’s collapse, I was moved from the bottom of my heart, and made the decision to work in the field of anime. Also, the amount of influence that the appearance of Star Wars exerted on my generation is tremendous. I felt sympathetic to the revolution that George Lucas started, and my work has become a re-enactment of that sort of revolution in the art scene.

What artists do you enjoy?
Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, Andy Warhol, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, J.J. Abrams, Hayao Miyazaki.

Read the full interview here:
Murakami Tells io9 About His Secret Love For J.J. Abrams


Axis vs. Allies Star Wars-Style

Pete Vilmur | April 14, 2008


Created by figure customizers Sillof & Glorbes, this set of World War II-era Star Wars characters looks like something out of a vintage B-movie serial – which isn’t altogether inappropriate come to think of it.

Captain Han Solo with leather flight jacket – yeah, that feels about right. And we love the dual curved cartridges on Chewbacca’s rifle doubling for his signature splayed-front bowcaster. The stormtroopers look like, well, their classic namesake, and Fett still fits the feel of his cinematic counterpart, minus the missile-firing backpack.

The biggest props have to go to the Luke Skywalker figure, though – amazingly, these customizers were able to repurpose the “beefed-up” Luke action figure from the mid-90s, which for all intents and purposes was a pretty big miss in most fans’ books.

Hopefully we can look forward to some Rebel Spitfires and Imperial Stukas rolling off the assembly line soon. Check out the full set of figures here.

Steampunk Darth Vader Mask

Bonnie Burton | March 31, 2008

If you dig Steampunk and Star Wars, you might get a kick out of this Steampunk Darth Vader Mask we spotted on eBay this week. Pretty impressive, right down to the gear-saturated chest plate!


Diesel Sweeties 1977

Bonnie Burton | March 25, 2008

(C) 2008 R. Stevens — from

Artist R. Stevens dedicates his #1977 numbered strip of “Diesel Sweeties” to a Star Wars debate some of us hold near to our hearts — Why didn’t Chewie get a medal at the end of A New Hope?

Ironically, the girl who loves Wookiees just so happens to be my Diesel Sweeties Doppelgänger! No, really — see for yourself.

Check out the Star Wars debate on Diesel Sweeties.

1977 Star Wars Van Up for Bids

Pete Vilmur | March 17, 2008


For anyone who experienced Star Wars in the ‘70s, you’ll remember the custom van was as much a part of the mainstream as disco and shag carpet. And since pop-culture is notorious for cross-pollination (Star Wars disco, anyone?), we got ourselves a lot-full of customized Star Wars vans back in the day. While these were popular for a few years, most were either junked or painted over by the time the Reagan Era rolled in.

But once in a blue moon-roof, one of these anachronistic behemoths of the ‘70s rears its chrome-tipped tailpipes to count itself among the survivors of a lost moment in pop culture history. And as all things eventually reach eBay, one of these rare gems is currently riding a modest bid of just one grand – roof rust and all.

We’re hopeful the winner will decide keep the original Star Wars deco – and that, um, ‘classic’ ‘70s interior. An 8-track quadraphonic looping Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk might be a nice touch, too. Check out the eBay listing here.


Star Wars vs. Saul Bass

Bonnie Burton | March 2, 2008

The opening credits to Star Wars are already burned into the brains of fans across the galaxy — but we can’t help but love this reimagining of those credits if done by the legendary graphic designer and Academy Award-winning filmmaker Saul Bass. His animated fillm intros were used by iconic directors Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick and Martin Scorsese.

Steampunk Star Wars Sketch Cards

Bonnie Burton | February 20, 2008

Check out these uber-cool Steampunk Star Wars Sketch Cards
from one of our favorite artists — Cynthia Cummens.

The sketch cards were created for a special Sketch Card Gallery Exhibit on March 8, 2008, sponsored for Blue Line for the Comics2Games store in Florence, Kentucky. After the show, the cards will be auctioned on eBay with proceeds donated to the American Cancer Society. The show is open to all artists.

Artists interested in participating should email Jeremy Bell here for more info about the event.

Check out more of Cynthia’s amazing Star Wars art here on her official site.

Jedi Mario Tattoo

Bonnie Burton | February 5, 2008

Blogger and former Star Wars fan club El Presidente Dustin Roberts films his wife getting the ultimate geektastic gaming mash-up tattoo — Jedi Mario! Dustin writes:

I suggested she use her number one passion Mario Brothers and maybe make Mario a Jedi. Next thing I know she has lined up Randy Martinez to do the artwork!

Watch the video here:
Jedi Mario Tattoo (via

Be sure to also check out more fun Star Wars tattoo tributes from The Force in the Flesh author Shane Turgeon here:
Shane’s Tattoos and Toys Archive

Steampunk Captain Ackbar

Bonnie Burton | January 31, 2008

Artist Eric Poulton continues his Steampunk Star Wars tribute with this rather endearing portrait of Admiral Ackbar as Captain Ackbar complete with a backstory:

A scientific genius with a troubled mind, Captain Ackbar spent much of his life roaming the stars in a ship of his own design. After witnessing his homeworld captured and his people enslaved by the Empire, he gathered a loyal crew and fled into deep space, planning to escape civilization entirely.

Check out more of Eric Poulton’s Steampunk Star Wars tributes here:

Source: Club Jade

LANDO Shaft Poster

Bonnie Burton | December 14, 2007

Star Wars artist Matt Haley pays tribute to Lando Calrissian with his take on the classic Shaft movie poster. Bravo.