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“Land of the Free” Sci-fi Fan Portraits

Bonnie Burton | July 10, 2008

Photo: Steve Schofield

Chewbacca hangs out in a modern-day kitchen? Father-son Darth Vaders pose in the living room next to the telly? A Rebel pilot looks in on his pet goldfish? Photographer Steve Schofield’s latest collection of photos — “Land of the Free” — depicts British sci-fi and fantasy fans dressed as their favorite characters, lounging around their own homes.

Steve Schofield explains his photo series:

My practice is concerned with exploring the fascination that the British public has with American popular culture and the sub-cultural world of fandom. In the images, I have shown people in their own homes and environments wearing costumes that they would be dressed in to attend events with other like-minded individuals. It seeks to offer a glimpse into seemingly ordinary lives of my subjects and allows the private to become public. The work hints at the depth of people’s fantasies and the methods they employ to adopt this culture as part of their own lifestyle as a means of escapism.

The work makes a political reference to globalisation and America’s ongoing ability to infiltrate all cultures via various channels of media. Much of daily life is influenced by ‘Americanisms’ whether through language, food or fashion, which can often be traced back to music videos, the Hollywood film industry, advertising and American sit-coms.

View the full photo collection here:
PHOTOS: Steve Schofield — “Land of the Free”

SOURCES:, Neatorama

Sorry About the Mess!

Bonnie Burton | July 7, 2008

Official Star Wars artist Spencer Brinkerhoff III not only made this awesome print of Han and Greedo in the Cantina for his limited-edition Celebration Japan print called “Sorry About the Mess,” but he went a step further to make this cool animation of his art in action!

VIDEO: Sorry About the Mess

I briefly chatted with Spencer to find out what inspired him to create both the print and the animation.


You Can Draw: Star Wars – Vol. 2 DVD

Bonnie Burton | July 7, 2008

As a follow-up to the original series of tutorial videos that found limited release on DVD in 2007, Lucasfilm Ltd. has authorized a new DVD from DK Publishing: You Can Draw: Star Wars – Vol. 2. Hosted by artist Matt Busch, the DVD will collect all 7 episodes from Season 2 released this year.

The first series chronicled the entire creation of a 30th Anniversary poster, whereas Season 2 includes the creation of the Revenge of the Sith Style D One Sheet, but also spreads focus to areas such as drawing on the road, storyboarding for film and animation, and comic books. Each chapter includes comical skits, including a few where Busch parodies Indiana Jones.

The tutorials began as a side promotion for the book of the same name from DK Publishing, written by Lucasfilm’s Bonnie Burton and to which Busch produced nearly 400 illustrations along with fellow artist Tom Hodges. Before released on DVD, all videos can first be seen on and


Obi-Wan Sculpture to Appear in Manhattan Exhibit Team | July 2, 2008


Artist Lawrence Noble, who sculpted the stunning Obi-Wan bust before convention-goers at Celebration IV last summer, has been selected for membership in the prestigious National Sculpture Society and will have a selection of his works showcased in the Society’s headquarters in Manhattan starting July 14.

Here’s their official site’s description of the exhibit:

The Elected Members Invitational showcases the sculpture of some of National Sculpture Society’s finest artists. The open-theme exhibition alternates annually with NSS’s Fellows Invitational and the works on display reflect a level of excellence in figurative sculpture which has become the benchmark of the 115-year old institution. Elected Members from as far away as Ecuador, England, Mexico and Africa submitted work as diverse in subject, style and discipline as their home countries. Highlights include bronze portraits of familiar and fictitious individuals; whimsical characters made of marble, terra cotta and wood; and creatures, both real and imagined, in unexpected settings.

For more information about the exhibit, check out the official National Sculpture Society website here, and also Noble’s official website here.

Preview of Star Wars Insider #102 Team | June 9, 2008


Available this week is the latest issue of Star Wars Insider. Here’s a preview of the feature article with Stuart Freeborn, sculptor of such legendary faces as Chewbacca and Yoda. Of course, Freeborn’s career in the movie business began long before he arrived in that galaxy far, far away…

Make-up man Stuart Freeborn’s impressive body of work stretches all the way back to the films of Charlie Chaplin, but it’s his design of the distinctive Star Wars characters like Yoda and Chewbacca that interests Insider!

A make-up man of considerable experience as well as a well-respected innovator, Stuart Freeborn’s impressive resume includes work with Alexander Korda, Charlie Chaplin, Peter Sellers, and even the Muppets, as well as creating the stunningly realistic apes for Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey before he accepted the challenge to work on the original Star Wars. Now enjoying his retirement with his wife, the 93-year-old veteran of over 70 films shared some of his personal memories of making the original Star Wars trilogy.

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Star Wars Hobo Mail Art

Bonnie Burton | June 6, 2008

(Envelope art by Adam Koford — Ape Lad)

I sure miss getting regular old-fashioned mail. In an age where everyone communicates through texting and email, it seems that Mail Art is becoming a lost … well… art.

So I asked artist and illustrator Adam Koford (also known on the Internets as Ape Lad) if he’d be interested in a mail art swap with me, and lo and behold this masterpiece arrived today.

Adam is known for his own creation — The Laugh-Out-Loud Cats — as well as a fascination with hobos. So he merged those characters with a few Star Wars characters you might recognize acting as hobos in this set of images below.


Yoda on Sketchcast

Bonnie Burton | May 29, 2008

Cartoonist Adam Koford, AKA Apelad, draws Jedi Master Yoda’s portrait on the fun artist site!

Check out the video here:
VIDEO: Yoda Sketch by Apelad

San Jose Super-Con 2008 Recap

Bonnie Burton | May 20, 2008

Never one to turn down a comic book convention, I spent this past Sunday at Super-Con 2008 in San Jose, Calif. hanging out with fellow comic book fans, writers and artists, as well as celebrity Star Wars fans Go-Go’s guitarist Jane Wiedlin, actor/author Wil Wheaton, Bongo Comics Creative Director Bill Morrison and Star Wars actor Daniel Logan.

Super-Con is pretty small in scope compared to the bigger conventions like San Diego Comic-Con. It reminded me of Alternative Press Expo and WonderCon used to be before all movie marketers and Hollywood publicists figured out that their key demographic is all in one spot. I got to have real conversations with artists like Adam Hughes and Allison Sohn about their Star Wars art.

(New work from Adam Hughes)


May the Font Be With You Team | May 15, 2008

darthbold3.jpg recently posted some unusual Star Wars artwork constructed from bolds, italics, punctuations, and other hunt and peck fare. Inspired by a line from Star Wars – “Darth Vader. Only you could be so bold” – the artist composed a striking portrait of the Sith Lord using various letters and symbols found on the keyboard:

I started out trying to literally depict [the Vader/Leia] scene from Star Wars using letterforms, intending to use bold letters for Vader and light letters for Princess Leia. I loved the idea of the @ sign filling in for Leia’s hair bun. But after a few attempts I concluded that I’m no LIDA when it comes to making art from letters. I just couldn’t get the fabric to look like fabric without making the entire thing out of parentheses and tildes of various sizes. And that kind of misses the point. The letter “M” sort of did what I wanted, but not really. It’s too rigid.

Check out the full post here.

Secret Lives of Stormtrooper Toys

Bonnie Burton | May 7, 2008

(photo by Cindi Geeze)

Ever wonder what your action figures do when you’re not around? Star Wars fan and photographer Cindi Geeze pondered that same thing and decided to take snapshots of toy stormtroopers in action — dunking donuts, drinking coffee, having dinner and so on.

I chatted with Cindi about her entertaining candid shots of toy troopers in action.

Why did you decide to take photos of your stormtroopers and other Star Wars toys in action?
The stormtroopers aren’t my first or only toy subjects, but they’re really the most fun, and let’s be honest, my main reason for taking ANY toy photos is self-amusement. I bought my first Stormie after being inspired by Waihey’s brilliant Star Wars toy shots, and marvelling at the realistic poses she got them in. I had to have one. Then I had to have another. And another. I’m up to seven right now, which isn’t really all that many. I need more. I want an army of them.

They’re wonderful subjects because they just lend themselves so well to nearly every situation. Despite, or maybe because of the fact that they wear expressionless helmets, they can reflect any mood, any emotion, any message with amazing clarity. And they’re just clowns, somehow. Hapless fools. Or is that just mine?