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Meet Beer2-D3 Team | March 17, 2009

(Art and photo by Paul Loughridge)

When artist Paul Loughridge (AKA “Lockwasher”) looks at metal scraps, soda cans and abandoned electronics, he sees potential creatures and droids just waiting to come to life. He’s made whimsical robots, insects, people and other metal beings from junk we normally throw away. Most recently, he’s created Beer2-D3, a distant cousin of R2-D2 made from a mini-keg. chats with Paul about his art.

Why did you decide to give R2-D2 a friend?

While rummaging around in my laboratory (garage) for parts I accidentally knocked a tractor headlight directly on top of the beer keg. The diameters of the two match perfectly. That’s when I realized the Force was strong with this one and fabrication commenced. Plus I was exhibiting at a large toy/collectibles show and wanted to have something special for all the Star Wars fans.

What is Beer2-D3 made from?

Beer2′s technical specs:
Head – 1945 chrome BLC utility light shell.
Eye - vintage movie camera lens w/adjustable spring-loaded aluminum casing.
Body – 4.7 liter “adult soda” mini-keg.
Legs – propane tank valve handles, brass spacers, drilled-out washers, pair of aluminum Lady Josephine shoe butler (wall-mounted shoe shine holders).
Feet/base – 3 mini bread loaf pans, lamp hardware and a 1/2″ precision drilled aluminum base plate.
+assorted nuts, bolts, screws and, of course – lockwashers!


Found on eBay: Strong Hans

Pete Vilmur | March 16, 2009


Ah, the stuff you find on eBay. Anyone who follows these occasional “Found on Ebay” posts know that I’ve got soft spot for fan-made items, especially those made at the height of the original trilogy’s popularity in the 1970s and ’80s. But then, there are exceptions.

Like many fanzines, 1990′s “From a Certain Point of View #5″ serves up an amateur artwork cover — not unusual, since many of these zines were being churned out by young fans with undeveloped artistic skills. But few could make a Wookiee blush like this one — click through to see the entire, uh, artwork.

Salacious Invades Laugh-Out-Loud Cats

Bonnie Burton | February 26, 2009

Artist and illustrator Adam Koford is known for his comic The Laugh-Out-Loud Cats as well as his fascination with hobos. Every once in awhile he sneaks a few Star Wars references into his work.

Last year, Adam sent me some awesome Star Wars Mail Art featuring Jabba, Gonk, Yoda and R2-D2 as part of his hobo cat crew.

So I was thrilled to get his new book The Laugh-Out-Loud Cats Sell Out. He, and author/geek god John Hodgman, signed the book. As an added bonus Adam signed my book with a rather cool portrait of Salacious Crumb as a hobo. Thanks!

Read more about his new book here:
The Laugh-Out-Loud Cats Sell Out by A. Koford (via BoingBoing)

Star Wars Art Car

Bonnie Burton | February 24, 2009

The Force is strong with this Chevy Cobalt LS nicknamed the “Star Car” painted by Greatlakes Airbrush.

The hood features X-Wing Fighter, Millenium Falcon, Imperial and Corellian Fighters and Death Star plus much more. This is a one of a kind Custom Painted car. Painted Aug. of 2008, John Deltgen and myself worked over 200 hours from preping, creating, producing and finishing this stunning professional paint job in just 4 weeks.

Star Wars Car for Sale (via Art Car Central)


AT-AT Boombox Team | February 22, 2009

Perhaps if the Empire had attacked Hoth with some breakbeats they would have blown the Rebels right out of the snow. Just sayin.

Check out the photos here:
AT-AT Boombox

SOURCE: Boing Boing Gadgets

Imperial Attack Desktop

Bonnie Burton | February 17, 2009

Norwegian Mac support company Teknograd showed their love for Star Wars in this year’s ad campaign, created by advertising agency TBWA. Now that’s a desktop worthy of a Sith Lord. Most impressive, indeed.

“We have photoshopped this, in almost 400 layers, but each folder is named individually, so it was a hell of a lot work. Martin Holm, the illustrator and art director, just passed out when we asked him how long time it took.”

Read the full story here:
Star Wars Desktop Made With 400 Layers Of Photoshop Love
(via Cult of Mac)

Russian Star Wars Posters

Bonnie Burton | February 13, 2009

Boing Boing Gadgets Blogger Joel Johnson takes a look at some rather obscure Russian Star Wars posters. See if you can tell which poster is for which Star Wars film.

Check them out here:
Russian Star Wars Posters (via Boing Boing Gadgets)

Artist KAWS Influenced by Star Wars

Bonnie Burton | February 9, 2009

Photo by BFLV.

Graffiti artist and toy designer KAWS talks with CBS News about his work and influences, Smurfs and Star Wars being a couple of them.

KAWS became a street legend in the ’90s by drawing over bus stop ads, establishing his signature mark — placing x’s over character’s eyes. Last fall, thousands of fans lined the streets of Tokyo outside KAWS’ shop in hopes of buying a Star Wars stormtrooper he designed with Lucasfilm. Most went home empty-handed.

Read the full article here:
A Graffiti Artist Goes Mainstream (via CBS News)

Check out more photos of Star Wars art by KAWS:
KAWS (Flickr photo set by BFLV)

Yoda Valentine Coloring Contest

Bonnie Burton | February 9, 2009

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Star Wars artist Cynthia Cummens-Narcisi is holding a coloring contest! Here’s how it works.

Download and print out this coloring page.

Color it however you want! With markers, with crayons, with paint, or anything! But please keep it limited to traditional media only. No digital art please! Scan your art, or have your parents scan it, and send your entry to:

Get all the rules and stuff here on Cynthia’s official site:
Valentine’s Day Coloring Contest! (via

Tilt-shift Star Wars

Bonnie Burton | January 22, 2009

(501st group shot from Celebration IV — original photo here.)

When we first read about on we were so impressed with how easy it was to turn any photo of a real-life scene into what appears to be a toy diorama. Living, breathing 501st members look like custom action figures, the Lucasfilm campus looks like a model, and crowds at conventions like Celebration IV and Celebration Europe look like intricate dioramas.

Check out some of the photos we’ve made so far:

(Crowd shot from Celebration Europe — original photo here.)