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Snow + Yoda = Snoda Team | January 7, 2010

(Photo from Jim Jeroo)

In honor of Star Wars fans everywhere who feel like they’re stuck on the planet Hoth thanks to endless snow, here’s a way to have some fun instead of shaking your fist at the sky.

Artist Jim Jeroo shows off his skills by making this Yoda snowman he nicknamed Snoda. Most impressive. In fact, we’re kinda hoping he makes a snow AT-AT next!

If you’ve made a Star Wars snow sculpture, please let us know in the comments!

(Photo from Jim Jeroo)

You can follow Jim Jeroo on Twitter here.

Kid Test Labs Reviews Draw Clone Wars Book

Bonnie Burton | December 9, 2009

The parents and kids at Kid Test Labs shot this awesome video reviewing the new book Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars (written by Bonnie Burton, illustrated by Grant Gould) published by Klutz Books.

The video shows various kids as they draw everything from General Grievous to battle droids using the tutorials and tracing pages from the book.

Bonus points to the young artist who took up the “double dog dare” challenge to draw a “a fairy princess General Grievous” complete with gnomes!

WATCH VIDEO: Get Klutz Wit It

“Art Strikes Back” Exhibit

Bonnie Burton | December 4, 2009

Art Asylum Boston is running a unique exhibit of Star Wars art called “Inspirations From Above: ART STRIKES BACK” until Dec. 6.

Artists exhibit paintings, sculptures, graffiti-inspired portraits and more that pay tribute to the characters in a galaxy far, far away in a truly unique way.

Check out the art here:
Art Strikes Back Blog

(Felted Chewie by Justin Volpe)


Star Wars Twitter Avatars by Apelad

Bonnie Burton | December 4, 2009

(Art by Adam Koford)

Artist and illustrator Adam Koford (aka Apelad) is known for his comic The Laugh-Out-Loud Cats as well as his adorkable Greedo he created for the Empire Muggs Back charity art project.

So we were thrilled to see his Twitter avatar art of his favorite sci-fi characters including Boba Fett, Yoda and Chewbacca, among others. Up close they’re fun Star Wars portraits, but in smaller form they look like the little Twitter bird avatar.

Check out his full set here:
Apelad’s Twitter Avatars

Wired’s GeekDad Reviews Drawing Clone Wars

Bonnie Burton | November 30, 2009

Matt Blum from Wired magazine’s Geekdad blog reviews Draw Star Wars: Clone Wars book from Klutz, and gives readers a chance to win a copy.

I was very excited to receive a review copy of the new Klutz book Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars. My wife, who’s a far better artist than I am, sat down with my kids to try out the techniques the book teaches. It instructs you to follow a step-by-step process, working from the inside of each character to the outside, which is good advice (according to my wife) for drawing any sort of figure, whether Star Wars-related or not.

The book includes a set of colored pencils, a Star Wars-branded automatic pencil and marker, and a good eraser. Tracing sheets are interspersed with instructions on how to draw the various characters, droids, and accessories, making the process even easier to follow.

There is a very good variety in the figures chosen, from humans like Obi-Wan and Anakin to “big, sloppy” creatures like Jabba the Hutt to Battle Droids and Droidekas. The text is well-written, containing plenty of story-oriented detail along with the drawing directions – I particularly liked the page that allows you to customize and name your own clones.

I heartily recommend the book for anyone who enjoys or whose kids enjoy the TV series. I, even with my lack of drawing talent, was able to create a few drawings that were, if not great, at least identifiable as what they were intended to be. And my kids have been having a blast drawing the characters they like — Yoda is their current favorite.

Read the full review here:
Review and Giveaway: Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Win a Copy, You Can! (via Wired)

Turn Over a Star Wars Leaf

Pablo Hidalgo | November 20, 2009 alerts us to this artsy post over at The New York Times Abstract City blog by Christoph Niemann. Entitled, “Bio-Diversity,” this clever collection of fun foliage includes a piece that seemingly answers the burning question, what if leaf cutter ants were Star Wars fans?

blogleafSee the rest here.

Carrie Fisher Wishful Drinking Art Prints

Bonnie Burton | November 12, 2009

In honor of Carrie Fisher’s spoken word tour for Wishful Drinking, she’s commissioned artist Ryan Haworth to create limited-edition 18″x24″ silver emulsion prints of his original 30″x40″ oil on canvas painting. The prints are signed by Carrie Fisher and Ryan Haworth.

You can check them out here:
Carrie Fisher Store

Widevision Artist Sketch Cards – Step by Step Team | November 11, 2009

Star Wars artist Joe Corroney shows off his process for creating his sketch card art for Topps’ Star Wars: Clone Wars Season One Widevision Artist Sketch Cards from the blank card to the final illustration.

The entire technique process for my 125 cards took just over a month to complete. The back of each card is then hand signed, packaged up and shipped back to the publisher for release of the product in stores.

Topps’s Star Wars: Clone Wars Season One Widevision Trading Cards are shipping this November so feel free to purchase a pack or a box and hopefully you’ll come across one of my exclusive hand-drawn artist sketch cards for your collection.

Read the full article here:
Clone Wars Widevision Artist Sketch Cards – Step by Step

Tim Biskup’s Darth Vader

Bonnie Burton | November 7, 2009

Artist Tim Biskup created this rather unique portrait of Darth Vader for his show titled “I Hate Everyone But You.”

SOURCE: BoingBoing

Star Wars Halloween Round-Up

Bonnie Burton | October 31, 2009

In honor of Halloween, here’s a round up of spooky, scary Star Wars crafts, costumes, drawing tutorials, stories, blog entries and even a ghoulishly-frightening creature MP3 for your haunted house!