Exclusive Star Wars Collectibles at San Diego Comic-Con

StarWars.com Team | July 16, 2013

San Diego Comic-Con International (July 18-21) is famous for its special merchandise available only at the show, and several Star Wars licensees have prepared some major exclusives for this year. Check them out after the jump…and happy hunting if you’re attending!

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R2 Builders’ Droid Dress Rehearsal for Celebration Europe

R2 Builders visit Legoland Günzburg, Germany

R2 Builders visit Legoland Günzburg, Germany

The annual Star Wars weekends at all Legolands around the world have become a nice tradition and regularly pull a record crowd. All major fan groups are represented including the 501st, Rebel Legion and the R2 Builders. Legoland Germany is situated in Günzburg in Bavaria.

This year, the Star Wars weekend was going to be a special one for the European R2 Builders, as it was going to be the final event before the epic Celebration Europe, which is coming July 26-28 in Essen, Germany.

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Bounty Hunting Goes High Tech at Celebration Europe

James Floyd | July 15, 2013


The Bounty Hunt, a favorite event from previous Star Wars Celebrations, is coming to Celebration Europe — with a twist! Since Celebration IV in Los Angeles, I’ve been bringing puzzle-solving races for my fellow fans, and now the Star Wars faithful coming to Essen will get the chance to use their bounty hunting smarts to play in a fun challenge.
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Star Wars at San Diego Comic-Con 2013

StarWars.com Team | July 15, 2013


Attending San Diego Comic-Con and wondering if there will be any Star Wars programming? Good news: There will be plenty, from comics panels to origami demonstrations, and we have a complete schedule for you! Check out a full list of Star Wars-themed Comic-Con content after the jump!

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Fully Operational Fandom: Celebration Memories

Amy Ratcliffe | July 15, 2013

Attending a Star Wars Celebration isn’t like going to your average comic convention. It’s something special to be surrounded by so many people who are present for a single purpose. In a way, it’s like coming home. Don’t get me wrong — getting to see cool exhibits, exciting panels, and exclusive sneak peeks contributes to making the experience all the more memorable, but connecting with fellow fans is a huge part of it for me. You never forget your first Celebration.

Since Celebration Europe is just around the corner, it seemed like an ideal time to talk with people about their memories of their first times at a Celebration.

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StarWars.com Weekly Roundup: July 12, 2013

StarWars.com Team | July 12, 2013

star wars tattoos

Wondering what’s been happening at StarWars.com? Here’s a quick roundup of what you might have missed this week!

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Family Friendly Activities at Star Wars Celebration Europe

Kristen Hidalgo | July 10, 2013

Think Star Wars Celebration Europe is just for grownups? Not at all! Star Wars Celebrations offer fun for every member of the family.

Younglings and their families will want to stop by the Family Room, where there are kid-friendly activities going on during all hours of the show. Our friends from the Rebel Legion Germany have worked with us to put together lots of fun craft classes and activities. Some of the classes we will be offering include Chewbacca and Yoda finger puppets, Naboo paper jewel boxes, paper Holocrons, and felt Tooka dolls. For kids who don’t want to sit still, we have workshops in dancing like a Twi’lek, and extra large games like Connect Four.

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Course of the Force Day 1

Ashley Eckstein | July 10, 2013

Star Wars Fans

Right when I got to Skywalker Ranch, I saw many of my friends from the Golden Gate Garrison from the 501st Legion! Star Wars has AMAZING fans and I am honored to know so many great men and women who donate their time via the 501st Legion and Rebel Legion. These fan organizations play a huge role in bringing Course of the Force to life! They bring smiles to so many faces.

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Your Guide to the Celebration Europe Tattoo Pavilion

Shane Turgeon | July 9, 2013

After five incredibly successful Celebration tattoo events, Marc Draven and I are incredibly excited to bring our Star Wars Tattoo Pavilion to European fans at Celebration Europe in Essen, Germany at the end of the month! We have a lot going on in our little area and we know that navigating your way around all the incredible Celebration events can be daunting. Trying to remember exactly what’s going on in every area is no easy feat, so to help make your Celebration tattoo experience the absolute best possible, we’ve put together this handy guide detailing all of the Star Wars tattoo-tastic goodness you can expect to find in Germany!

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The German 501st Sets Blasters to “Party,” Part 1

Markus Rau | July 8, 2013


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, we felt a great disturbance in German fandom when Star Wars Celebration Europe was officially announced during the closing ceremony of Celebration VI in Orlando, Florida.

After the excitement had died down, we tried to imagine what kind of consequences this announcement might have for us. As the hosting garrison of the 501st Legion and the leading force of German Star Wars fandom, we felt obliged to make sure everybody involved in Celebration Europe has a really good and enjoyable time in Germany.

During the last couple of months we realized that this goal is a really ambitious one. Because even though the German garrison is really experienced in organizing up to 300 events a year with up to 50,000 visitors, Celebration Europe will be one of a kind, that’s for sure. So how do you prepare for such an event?

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