BayouCon 2013: Ch-Changes Up on Cripple Creek with Steampunk Han, Leia, and Chewie

John "Dak" Morton | September 20, 2013

Last time he was in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Dak had just escaped from Kalist VI and was on the run from the Empire. Eastbound on a Greyhound out of Houston on US Route 90, he was making for an unintended rendezvous with a hurricane in the Big Easy. If you don’t get part of the reference in the title, put on some cans, click on Levon Helm, turn up the gain, and as you read on, enjoy the ride.

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The Success of Star Wars: Kenobi

Jennifer Heddle | September 20, 2013


It’s been gratifying to see Star Wars: Kenobi by John Jackson Miller succeed on a critical and commercial level, especially since this book is a perfect example of how it sometimes takes a village to deliver a successful Expanded Universe novel. I thought I’d give you a little peek into how Kenobi arrived at its final form.

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So Uncivilized: Great Gunslingers in Star Wars, Part 1

Ed Erdelac | September 19, 2013


“The fast draw is a bit overrated…sure it sells holoflicks, but in real life? I’ve seen more go down that way than just about any other. Sure, speed counts, but so does accuracy. It doesn’t do you any good if you shoot the floor five times while your opponent puts the bead on you for good…the real test is the look before the guns come out. When you look someone directly in the eyes, that’s what really separates the professionals from the amateurs.” — Han Solo, to historian Voren Na’al

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History of the 501st Legion: Dragon Con, Part 1

Albin Johnson | September 19, 2013

It was Labor Day weekend in 1998 and I was off to my very first convention as a Stormtrooper. The Detention Block 2551 site had been up for a year. Over a hundred other Stormtroopers had joined the newly-anointed 501st Squad. We had an insignia and a backstory. All that was left now was to form up as a club in person. I e-mailed everyone from the website and boldly announced the Fighting 501st was going to take the con by storm!

That was all tough talk. I was terrified. I’d never been to Dragon Con in my life and from what I heard it was huge. I was barely able to get around an air conditioned movie theater in my armor, so how would I get around downtown Atlanta in armor that barely fit me? (We didn’t cut our armor down back then; we didn’t know we could!) On top of that, I was still getting used to being an amputee. And who were these people coming to meet up with me? I barely knew them. Would they rally to a banner I’d raised on the Internet? Or would they just bail on everything and go party?

First on the ground and ready to troop (or party?)

First on the ground and ready to troop (or party?)

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Star Wars Comics Preview: September 18, 2013 Team | September 18, 2013

It’s Wednesday, which means one thing: new comic books! Check out a preview of new Star Wars comics available today after the jump!

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Celebrating Celebration Europe

Arnd Riedel & Oliver Steeples | September 18, 2013

Star Wars Celebration Europe 2013

Attending a Star Wars Celebration is always a memorable occasion and Essen didn’t disappoint. Builders gathered from all over Europe and created a new European record of 50 astromech droids, only bested worldwide by the 66 droids at C6.

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From 20,000 Chickens to 300,000+ Star Wars Items: It Must Be a World Record!

Steve Sansweet | September 17, 2013
A special look at Rancho Obi-Wan's Guinness World Records shoot by David Iskra.

A special look at Rancho Obi-Wan's Guinness World Records shoot by David Iskra.

I don’t have the world’s longest fingernails, shortest dog, or largest collection of vacuum cleaners. But, according to the globally-recognized authority on such things, Guinness World Records 2014, I have amassed the “Largest Collection of Star Wars Memorabilia” in the galaxy. But who knew that would be such a big deal?

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The Cinema Behind Star Wars: War Movies and Westerns

Bryan Young | September 16, 2013

For a series with the word “war” in the title, it’s no wonder that war movies and Westerns would have an influence on the stories told inside the Star Wars universe.

We talk about the influence of films on the Star Wars movies and the cartoon so much, I thought it would be a nice break to discuss a few books in the Expanded Universe and the cinematic forces behind them.

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Wondering what’s been happening at Here’s a quick roundup of what you might have missed this week!

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Tessek, Sim Aloo, Pagetti Rook… Kenner Action Names Sold Separately!

Tim Veekhoven | September 13, 2013

Snaggletooth, Ponda, and Momaw.

Ever since I received my first Star Wars figures in 1981 I have always been an avid fan of Kenner’s vintage line. It brought me a lot of childhood memories and it has taken a prominent place in my collection. One of the charms of the Kenner line are the “naive” names given to a lot of the figures. I’ve always embraced and loved more realistic names like Ponda Baba and Momaw Nadon, but I keep calling the Kenner figures Walrus Man and Hammerhead. Lucasfilm rarely named background characters during the production of the classics so Kenner didn’t have much of a choice but to use the production names or a few monikers given in the novelizations or the comics.

What if Lucasfilm had already given all those characters their names when the figures were released? Let’s have a look at the contemporary and alternate names of the Kenner action figures.

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