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The Empire Strikes Back ’50s Premake!

Bonnie Burton | May 19, 2010

We all know that filmmaker George Lucas was influenced by the old sci-fi serials of his childhood when he made the Star Wars films. But now you can see how much those shows really did make their mark with this fan-made tribute to The Empire Strikes Back using old film footage. Bravo!

Let’s turn back the clock, shall we? Back to a distant time in an alternate universe far, far away… The 50s! It was a simpler age of 3-D movies, and robots named Robby, Gort, and Tobor. A hidden gem of this period in cinema is a little film called The Empire Strikes Back, the second chapter in a planned three-part epic science fiction trilogy.

While the preceding and succeeding episodes were never actually produced due to budgetary constraints, Empire shines as an example of 1950s 3-D space opera. The re-release of this trailer coincides with the 60th anniversary of this amazing film.

VIDEO: “Premakes” The Empire Strikes Back (1950)

VIDEO: Frame By Frame Breakdown


Ryder Windham Empire Presentation for Rhode Islanders

Pete Vilmur | May 13, 2010

Rhode Island fans may want to drop by Rochambeau Library of Providence on Saturday, May 15 to check out author Ryder Windham’s presentation of rare Empire imagery, an event which also includes a visit from the 501st Legion. Here’s some details from

Ryder Windham, author of over sixty Star Wars and Indiana Jones books, will make a presentation of rare photographs and illustrations related to Empire, and also reveal how vintage Star Wars toys, comic books, and comic strips helped shape our memories of the movie.

If you own books by Ryder Windham, bring them along and he will be happy to sign them for you. We will also be giving away signed souvenirs.

Get details at

If Star Wars were an Icelandic Saga

Bonnie Burton | March 21, 2010

Jackson Crawford takes his fandom a step further by re-writing Star Wars as an old Icelandic tale. Most impressive!

Over the next several years, we follow the career of Anakinn as he falls in love with Irish princess Paðéma after killing her father at the Battle of Confey, and his mentor Víga-Óbívan continues to encourage him to betray Falfaðinn, the King of Kóruskantborg. Eventually Falfaðinn learns of Víga-Óbívan’s duplicity and exiles him. Víga-Óbívan returns to Tattúínárdalr, and Anakinn is conflicted when he learns that Paðéma has been in league with Víga-Óbívan and sails to Tattúínárdalr with him.

However, Anakinn is loyal to his oaths to King Falfaðinn and remains with him in Kóruskantborg, where he rises to great honor in the service of the king and is the recipient of many good gifts. He also begins the planning of the construction of the great ship Dauðastjarna, which when completed will be the crown jewel of Falfaðinn’s fleet, and will hold a crew large enough to sack a city single-handedly. Because of his great skill in hunting, Anakinn is now known to most as Veiðari-Anakinn, “hunter-Anakinn,” or often simply Veiðari.

Back in Tattúínárdalr, Paðéma gives birth to twins, Lúkr and Leia, before dying from her grief at having betrayed her husband. One of the most memorable lines in the saga is given to her on her deathbed:

Þá mælti Paðéma: “Þeim var ek verst er ek unna mest.” (2)

Read the entire entry here:
Tattúínárdœla saga

SOURCE: ClubJade

The Foos Who Follows Him

Pete Vilmur | March 5, 2010

It’s Rebels vs. stormtroopers in this 100% LEGO Star Wars foosball creation posted by builder Connor Flynn over at While we’d love to see some close-ups of this piece, it is possible to discern Admiral Ackbar, an X-wing pilot and others pitted against an army of stormtroopers. Regardless of how functional this thing may or may not be, the display value is what really kicks on this piece.

Thanks to contributor Jeremy Beckett for the heads up!

Star Wars Teaches Us About Career Management Team | November 4, 2009

The next time you want to chat with your boss about getting raise, or you need to ask a co-worker to stop screaming at you about lost memos, perhaps you should channel your inner Jedi Master or Sith Lord.

“It’s very dangerous putting them together. I don’t think the boy can handle it.” -Mace Windu
File Under: Human Capital Management; Succession Planning
Star Wars Moment: The Jedi Counsel assigns an impressionable and unstable Anakin Skywalker, who is supposed to bring balance to the Force, peace to the galaxy, etc., to serve as the “personal representative” for Supreme Chancellor Palpatine to the Jedi Council. Never mind that Palpatine makes most Jedi Knights uneasy and fear for the future of the Galactic Republic.
Real-World Lesson: Not the wisest idea to allow the “chosen one” and the best hope for the future of your company to be mentored or influenced by an individual you don’t fully trust.

“Commander, tear this ship apart until you’ve found those plans!” -Darth Vader
File Under: Project Management; Risk Management
Star Wars Moment: Rebels are able to acquire a secret set of plans to the Empire’s Death Star, and eventually exploit a weakness and destroy the moon-size battle station.
Real-World Lesson: If you’ve got to nail “The Big Project,” think carefully about the worst, most gaping vulnerability in the project. And don’t, under any circumstances, allow that vulnerability to leak out onto, say, the Internet.

Read the rest here:
What Star Wars Teaches Us About Career Management

Star Wars Easter Eggs in Clone Wars Team | October 23, 2009

Watch The Clone Wars carefully and you might catch quite a few shout-outs to the Star Wars films in various allusions and Easter eggs.

Wired’s GeekDad Blog points out a few:

  • In a gambit later used by Han Solo and Luke Skywalker aboard the first dreaded Death Star, Cad Bane disguises himself in trooper armor to escape notice and slip past security.
  • When Admiral Yularen says “No! Lock them all down, hurry!” it is a reference to C-3PO’s line in A New Hope, as he frantically admonishes R2-D2 to shut down the trash compactors aboard the Death Star.
  • The holographic mobile hovering over the Gungan toddler’s crib includes a colo clawfish, an opee sea killer and a sando aqua monster, the three massive underwater beasts that attack Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon’s submarine in The Phantom Menace.

Read the full list here:
Ten Star Wars Allusions and Easter Eggs in Clone Wars (via Wired)

Happy Birthday, Princess! Team | October 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to our favorite sassy princess, Carrie Fisher!

You can find her on Twitter here.

Cheap Cantina Aliens Look Awesome Team | August 20, 2009

One of the most beloved scenes of A New Hope is when Luke Skywalker and Ben Kenobi look around the Cantina for a suitable pilot and we all get an eye-full of crazy-looking aliens enjoying their ale. recently blogged about their favorite non-CGI aliens. Of course, Greedo and Cantina aliens make the list!

Weirdly, later live-action Star Wars movies have never featured aliens that felt as interesting and lively as the first glimpse we got in that Cantina scene. Of course, we’ve already exposited about our love for Greedo, but all of the quick glimpses of aliens in this scene have a liveliness that makes you feel like they’re each the star of a cool story. Not bad for an underdog film with a tiny $8.5 million budget (not much even in 1977) whose crew was busy trashing the set and making fun of the Wookiee costume.

Read the whole article here:
Dirt-Cheap Aliens Who Still Look Awesome

Be sure to check out our lineup of some of the coolest looking aliens lurking in the Cantina:
Cantina Roll-Call: Shedding Light on Some Alien Aliases

No Joke! Tauntaun Sleeping Bag For Reals? Team | July 9, 2009

When Think Geek presented their Tauntaun Sleeping Bag as an April Fool’s Gag, little did they realize how many fans would gladly hand over their cash for the real thing. So the Think Geek gang went into hyperdrive to see if it could indeed become a reality, just in time for the holidays.

Think Geek’s PR guy, Shane Peterman, chatted with LA Weekly about their progress:

Will you ever sell the Tauntaun sleeping bag for real?

We are definitely trying to make it in to an actual item to be sold 
on our site. As of right now, it’s still an “if,” but it’s turning in
to more of a “when.” Things are looking pretty good, we just don’t want 
to get too far ahead of ourselves. There’s certainly been enough of a
demand, both from customers and from those of us that work here. Right now, we’re aiming to have it available 
for the holidays, or at the latest, the 30th anniversary of The Empire 
Strikes Back next spring.

Have you gotten the go-ahead from Lucas?

We’re still working with Lucas to get approval for a final design. Again, it’s looking good, we just can’t say too much right now since it’s still in the works.

The joke price was $39 bucks. Is that how much it will really cost?

The price will very likely go up a bit once we actually make the
 sleeping bag. Since we haven’t gotten to the production stage yet, it’s hard to say what the price will be, unfortunately. I think it’s safe to assume that the kids size will be at a lower cost than the adult size, that much I’m pretty sure of. The cost of material and the actual production of it will dictate what the retail cost will be.

Read the full interview here:
Don’t Joke About Tauntaun Sleeping Bags (via LA Weekly)

Tatooine 2009 Team | June 10, 2009


Frequent contributor Gus Lopez recently posted some captivating photos of a trip to the Star Wars filming sites in Tunisia, including the Skywalker homestead, Mos Eisley environs, and Obi-Wan’s house, among others. What makes these so compelling is how Gus has matched up the original screenshot from A New Hope with the new images — head on over and take a look! (Incidentally, The National recently shared another fan’s experience of several of the Star Wars locales in Tunisia as well).

While checking out Gus’ photostreams, you also may want to check out a couple very cool items he’s got showcased in another image series — a 1979 cast and crew goblet issued by the Finse hotel that housed the production for The Empire Strikes Back, and an actual Hoth Rebel headpiece prop (wow!).