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Hasbro’s 2008 Comic-Con Presentation Team | July 25, 2008


For those unable to make it to Comic-Con this year — or for those who couldn’t squeeze into the ever-popular Hasbro presentaton — we’ve got the entire slide series available here for your review!

With The Clone Wars, the Legacy Collection, and Indiana Jones either already in stores or just on deck, it looks like the rest of 2008 and 2009 are going to be some exciting years for fans and collectors!

Check out Hasbro’s full slide presentation here.

Designing the Clone Wars Team | July 25, 2008


Starting early on Friday morning was the kick-off of Star Wars Day at Comic-Con International. Steve Sansweet introduced the key design staffers from Clone Wars:  Kilian Plunkett, known to many fans as a comic book artist; Darren Marshal, the maquette sculptor on the Clone Wars, who started his career at the Henson Creature Shop; Thang Le, a concept designer at Lucasfilm Animation; Russell Chong, who has worked on Batman The Animated Series, Spawn, and animated features, and as a designer on Battlestar Galactica; and Tim Brock, lead texture artist and painter on The Clone Wars.

“Everyday is different. The first thing I’ll do once getting a script is work on old fashioned paper and pencils. A lot of people work exclusively digital, I’m too old fashioned and poorly trained,” said Plunkett with a laugh.

“The first thing we realized was definitely to make things simpler. There was no way we were going to have high-high detailed realism on a show that would come out every week. We looked at what the 2-D team had done with the Clone Wars micro-series. The emphasis was more on texture, lighting and motion rather than degrees of complexity on the characters themselves,” Plunkett continued.

“Anakin was the more tricky one to nail down,” said Marshal, reviewing a number of his sculptures of Anakin. “You can see from this early sketches of Anakin and Ahsoka from Dave Filoni. Dave comes a 2-D animation background, so he has a really strong graphic style, so we took that and really pushed that element with this very early maquette. With Anakin, it’s very hard to do handsome heroes, because with villains, its easier to caricature their designs.”


“We spent a lot of time on Ahsoka,” continued Marshal. ”She was originally called Ashla in Dave’s first original sketches. From there, I went into a maquette that looked a little too Area 51 classic alien style. We kept the large eyes, because it’s always nice to see large eyes on a cartoon girl character.”Thang Le described his work in developing backgrounds. “With pre-existing environments we try to stay pretty close in terms of scale and proportion. Where we do stylize is in the details. The live action environments. The Clone Wars environments are simplified. We’re about 80 percent of the detail [of the live action], relying on painterly brushstrokes for surface details.  We applied the same thought in designing vehicles as we did with vehicles.”


“The vehicles stayed very much the same,” said Russel Chong. “The Clone Wars Y-wing was a really fun project, bringing it back fully faired. We back-engineered the Y-wing and turned it back into a bomber. I took the actual model of the Y-wing from the files at Lucasfilm, and I overlaid our new version. We revitalized the bubble turret that Colin Cantwell and Ralph McQuarrie had developed. All the body panels are very much the same as the original Y-wing. I did my best to give it the same styling and the same look as the original Y-wing.”

“Texture is the process color and texture to the 3-D model using 3-D paint programs and photoshop,” explained Tim Brock. “When we first started the project, Dave Filoni was pointing in the direction of Ralph McQuarrie, and we really wanted to pull from that 70s style of sci-fi illustration. We took one of Ralph’s paintings and projected it onto 3-D geometry. The eureka moment we had was when we took off specular highlights — the way light reflects off the surface on 3-D. By pulling it off completely, we were able to keep the integrity of the painted surface and have the characters really fit the painted background.”

Clone Wars Exclusives and Swag at StarWarsShop Booth! Team | July 24, 2008

Senate Security Clone Trooper exclusive figure

If you’re in San Diego this weekend for Comic-Con, make sure to stop by the StarWarsShop booth where exclusives and swag galore await! There’s the exclusive Senate Security Clone Trooper action figure along with several others being revealed at Comic-Con this weekend.

Swag found at the StarWarsShop/Zazzle booths

And, of course, there’s the swag. Visitors to the StarWarsShop and Zazzle booths have already taken home five wonderful new Clone Wars exclusive prints, a plastic clone mask, and six different exclusive campaign buttons featuring various Clone Wars and Star Wars characters. These are the must-have freebies for Comic-Con — make sure to stop by and pick some up!

More pics after the jump –


Koto Unveils Clone Wars ArtFX Series Team | July 24, 2008


Kotobukiya officially unveiled their new Clone Wars ArtFx series at Celebration Japan last week, but now they’ve got them here stateside in San Diego at their Comic-Con booth. Here are a handful of catalog images they were kind enough to share with us during the event — check out more after the jump!


Star Wars Everywhere on Comic-Con Preview Night Team | July 23, 2008


Preview night at the Star Wars Pavilion at San Diego’s Comic-Con opened this evening, and we’ve got over a hundred pics showcasing many of the items being unveiled!

Highlights include StarWarsShop’s exclusive Clone Trooper Senate Security action figure (plus some impressive Clone Wars swag pieces they’re giving away), the Clone Wars full-size Indy car, Hasbro’s Clone Wars and Indiana Jones collections, some INCREDIBLE Sideshow entries including a Wampa attacking a tauntaun (!!!), the new Frames book set with image selection by George Lucas, eFX’s McQuarrie Darth Vader helmet, Ahsoka Tano’s lightsaber, Obi-Wan’s “Extreme Edition” lightsaber with revealed interior, Windlass’s replica Star Wars costume collection and much, much more!

Make sure to head on over to our image series for a sneak peek at what Comic-Con Premiere Night attendees are viewing right now!

Celebration Japan: The Lair of Takeuchi

Pablo Hidalgo | July 20, 2008

“One of the things we wanted to do in The Clone Wars is bring a new look, something different to Star Wars,” says director Dave Filoni. “George Lucas talked early on about having an anime influence. Well, rather than just have an influence, we flew all the way to Japan and worked with Production I.G., bringing one of their really great artists, Atsushi Takeuchi, right into The Clone Wars.”



Star Wars Disney Weekend 4

Bonnie Burton | July 7, 2008

Dave Filoni, director of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and one of the visiting celebrities for Weekend #4, poses with Ahsoka Tano, Anakin’s Padawan in the new animated film.
(Photo by Ron Riccio/Copyright Disney)

For fans eager to see all the excitement at this year’s Star Wars Disney Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort, here’s the latest images from the last weekend which includes actor Jake Lloyd, Star Wars: The Clone Wars director Dave Feloni and Warwick Davis! And of course, your favorite Disney characters — Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy dressed as their favorite Star Wars characters!

VIDEO: Star Wars Disney Weekend #4.

PHOTOS: Star Wars Disney Weekends set.

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BLOG: Official Blog coverage

NY Times Profiles The Clone Wars

Bonnie Burton | June 30, 2008

As the theatrical release of Star Wars: The Clone Wars gets closer (Aug. 15 to be exact), fans and the media alike are a buzz about the story, its characters and of course, George Lucas himself. The New York Times takes a closer look at Lucas’ growing empire and why he chose to revisit the Star Wars “sandbox” that he “loves to play in.”

On The Clone Wars:

“It didn’t fit any of the molds that everybody had,” Mr. Lucas said. “It’s not ‘SpongeBob SquarePants,’ but at the same time it’s also not ‘Family Guy.’ ”

“It’s much easier for me to just do the show I want, say, ‘Here it is, do you wish to license it or not?’ ” Mr. Lucas said. “That’s it. There’s no notes, no comments. I don’t care what your opinion is. You either put it on the air or you don’t.”

The profile also features a slideshow of some new Clone Wars concept art of Asajj Ventress.

Read the full article here:
“Free to Follow His Heart Right Back to Star Wars
(The New York Times)


Del Rey & LucasBooks announce Novels Based on Star Wars: The Clone Wars Feature Film and Animated Series

Pablo Hidalgo | June 25, 2008

This just in from the wire:

NEW YORK, NY – June 25, 2008 – LucasBooks and Del Rey, an imprint of Ballantine Books at the Random House Publishing Group, announced today that Del Rey will publish five novels to tie-in with the upcoming Star Wars: The Clone Wars feature film, premiering on August 15, and the animated TV series that will air in fall of 2008 on Cartoon Network and TNT.

The first novel – Star Wars: The Clone Wars – is written by fan-favorite Star Wars author Karen Traviss, and will go on sale July 26, 2008. Popular science-fiction/fantasy author Karen Miller will write the second novel, to be published in December 2008. Both books will add depth, color and background to the screen stories and characters, making them must-reads for every Star Wars fan.


Star Wars Disney Weekend 2

Bonnie Burton | June 18, 2008

Ahsoka Tano from The Clone Wars poses with a fan.
(Photo by Ron Riccio/Copyright Disney)

For fans eager to see all the excitement at this year’s Star Wars Disney Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort, here’s the latest images from the second weekend which include actors David Prowse, Peter Mayhew and Warwick Davis! Plus a new Clone Wars character sighting — Ahsoka Tano!

And of course, your favorite Disney characters — Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy dressed as their favorite Star Wars characters!

VIDEO: Star Wars Disney Weekend #2.

PHOTOS: Star Wars Disney Weekends set.

NEWS: Star Wars Disney Weekends on

BLOG: Official Blog coverage