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Yelp Reviews: Yoda Fountain at Lucasfilm

Bonnie Burton | February 25, 2009

(Members of Kasabian pose in front of the Yoda statue at LFL.)

Even though Skywalker Ranch is off-limits, fanboys (and fangirls) everywhere can still stop by and pay homage to George Lucas in front of the Yoda fountain at Lucasfilm’s Presidio campus in San Francisco.

So many fans make the pilgrimage to Lucasfilm to see the Yoda fountain that they are now reviewing their experiences on

Here’s a few of our favorites:

Jennie T. – San Jose, CA:
It’s Yoda. He’s 900 years old and still adorable. As a woman (who already is scared of old age, biological ticking, and so forth), of course I adore it. And the scenery around Yoda is not too shabby either.

Greg G. – Alameda, CA:
Like everyone else, i had a little trouble finding Yoda at first. However, i think this is because the fountain is so small that you walk right past it. When they say this is a life size replica… they mean it.

Harry C. – San Francisco, CA:
Never knew a statue to look so wise, yet so cute and adorable. My friend noticed that others had tossed coins into the fountain and she gave me a couple, so like others before me, I made a couple wishes and tossed some coins, just like I recently did at the Palazzo in Vegas. The Yoda fountain is very well done…for me, it was definitely worth the trip to find him. There was a certain calmness, a peaceful serenity standing there in front of him. I don’t know who the artist was, but they totally captured the essence of Yoda perfectly.


Star Wars Sneaks into Watchmen Doc

Bonnie Burton | January 15, 2009

While talking about the dark side of superheroes, Watchmen director Zack Snyder shows off his Star Wars fandom by wearing an Imperial insignia shirt on this latest web documentary about the movie. Plus for you Watchmen fans, there’s a glimpse of some cool new footage from the upcoming film.

WATCH VIDEO: Zack Snyder Talks Watchmen (via Yahoo Movies)

Star Wars Influence Map Team | September 5, 2008

In 2005, Wired magazine mapped out how exactly the Star Wars saga (including innovations from ILM, Skywalker Sound and LucasArts) has influenced pop culture, technology, entertainment companies and more over the years.

Read all about it here:
How Star Wars Changed the World (

Here’s a large easy-to-read image of the map from Kottke as well.


Meet the Keeper of the Holocron Team | August 19, 2008

(Illustration: Joe Corroney)

Ever wonder whose job it is at Lucasfilm to make sure Star Wars planets and characters’ names are spelled correctly on everything from video game menus to Happy Meal toys? Wired magazine’s Chris Baker ventured over to Lucasfilm to meet with continuity master Leland Chee also known as the Keeper of the Holocron — “a searchable repository of more than 30,000 entries covering almost every character, planet, and weapon mentioned, however fleetingly, in the vast array of Star Wars titles and products.”


Chee spends three-quarters of his typical workday consulting or updating the Holocron. He also approves packaging designs, scans novels for errors, and creates Talmudic charts and documents addressing such issues as which Jedi were still alive during the Clone Wars and how long it takes a spaceship to get from Dagobah, where Yoda trained Luke Skywalker, to Luke’s homeworld of Tatooine. The Keeper of the Holocron takes this very seriously: “Someone has to be able to say, ‘Luke Skywalker would not have that color of lightsaber.’”

“The thing about Star Wars is that there’s one universe,” Chee says. “Everyone wants to know stuff, like, where did Mace Windu get that purple lightsaber? We want to establish that there’s one and only one answer.”

There have been some egregious missteps, like the Jar Jar lollipop. It looks like a plastic bust of the hated character, but push a button and it opens its mouth and sticks out a hideous candy tongue for children to suck on. “The tongue had bumps on it,” Chee says, wrinkling his nose.

Read the full article here:
Meet Leland Chee, the Star Wars Franchise Continuity Cop (

Be sure to read Leland Chee’s Blog here:
Keeper of the Holocron’s Blog (

Steve Sansweet to be at Star Wars Weekends Team | June 9, 2008

Come say hello to Lucasfilm’s Steve Sansweet, head of Fan Relations, at the second 2008 Star Wars Weekends this coming weekend, June 13 to June 15 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Steve will be signing copies of The Star Wars Vault, co-authored by Lucas Online’s Pete Vilmur, on Saturday from 12:45 PM to 2:15 PM at Wicket’s Warehouse, the special store chock full of Star Wars Weekends merchandise.

Steve will also be the Lucasfilm presenter at “Behind the Force — Experience The Clone Wars,” an exploration of the creation of the upcoming, groundbreaking Star Wars feature film opening August 15th. During “Behind the Force — Experience The Clone Wars,” fans this weekend will get a chance to meet Steve, and, at the culmination of the presentation, see an exclusive clip of The Clone Wars that can be seen only at this presentation, which runs five times a day for all three days during the entire month of June during Star Wars Weekends.

Read more about Star Wars Disney Weekends here on

Check out the latest news and images here on the Official Blog coverage of Star Wars Disney Weekends.

“Open Road” Tours Lucasfilm Presidio Campus Team | May 7, 2008

The Bay Area travel show “Open Road” explores San Francisco’s Presidio national park, and goes behind the scenes at George Lucas’ Lucasfilm and Industrial Light & Magic campus. Take a tour of the facility including the hallways and server rooms of Lucasfilm, as well as ILM’s motion capture stage!

VIDEO: “Open Road” Visits Lucasfilm at the Presidio


Harrison Ford Compares Han to Indy Team | April 17, 2008

USA Today briefly chats with actor Harrison Ford about the start of his film career and how he thinks Han Solo and Indy differ as characters.

He gives “no credit to the culture for embracing (Han) as a hero. He’s dumb as a stump! He’s certainly got a good heart, but I think he’s certainly a much less interesting character than Indiana Jones. The breadth of his story utility was never extensive. He was the foil between the other more compelling elements of the film. There’s not breadth of character to explore beyond what we got out of him.”

Read the full interview here:
Ford’s Star Wars fame was light-years away (USA Today)

TED 2008: John Knoll Team | February 29, 2008

Academy Award-winning Visual Effects Supervisor John Knoll presented this week at TED 2008 during the “How Do We Create?” session.’s Mark Frauenfelder live blogs from the event:

John compared how visual effects were made for movies from the 1950s with contemporary movies. He showed clips from Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and clips from Pirates of the Caribbean.

The process hasn’t changed that much. You start off looking at the script, have discussions with director, and decide what needs to be shot using visual effects: anything you can’t just go out and shoot, anything that doesn’t exist, anything that’s too expensive, too dangerous, or just not possible.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea used miniature ships in a studio tank (about 200 ‘ x 200′, a few feet deep). The last pictures that used this techniques was Tora! Tora! Tora!. The tank method works pretty well but the scale of the water doesn’t work well. Droplet size is wrong. For Pirates, Knoll also built a tank, but came up with ways to split in full-size water droplets. Adding full scale water in background really helps.


Inside Skywalker Ranch

Bonnie Burton | February 28, 2008

(photo by Gregg Segal)

Los Angeles Times reporter Geoff Boucher visit the famed Skywalker Ranch in Marin, Calif. and reveals what mysteries lurk past the security gate. And no Ewoks do not tend to the property like Oompa-Loompas, but we do have an Ewok Lake!

Here’s what he discovered:

Walking through the Main House, with its inlaid brass, amber lights and honeyed glow, is to stroll through a stately past. It’s very different, though, at the busiest site on the ranch, the Technical Building, the sleek home of Skywalker Sound, a highly regarded brand in Hollywood postproduction. There, I watched digital artisans work in sound-effects studios, on a huge scoring stage and in mixing suites outfitted with state-of-the-art gear. Because the ranch has a pastoral, summer-camp setting, these workspaces make Skywalker a favored spot for filmmakers who yearn for Walden Pond but with the computer power of the Pentagon.


McQuarrie Becomes 501st Member Team | February 25, 2008

Vader and Ralph McQuarrie

Today, legendary Star Wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie was presented honorary membership in the 501st Legion in a small ceremony conducted in front of the Yoda fountain at Lucasfilm’s Presidio complex.