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Glee Chris Colfer Hangs with Chewbacca

Bonnie Burton | June 7, 2011

Even Gleeks like to geek out and show off their Star Wars gear once in awhile. Recently Glee star Chris Colfer tweeted about his new BFF — his Chewbacca backpack!

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Solar-Powered R2-D2!

Bonnie Burton | May 2, 2011

With the never-ending energy crisis always on our minds, it’s always a good idea to think of alternative energy solutions, especially when building and operating astromechs like R2-D2. Check out this cool Artoo unit with solar panels! Now all we need are two suns…

Developed by Yosuke Kimura and Daisuke Goto, two electrical systems majors at Hiroshima International University, the radio controlled homage to the Star Wars robot includes two shoulder-mounted solar panels that would conceivably power the droid when its normal energy supply runs down. The robot was recently on display in downtown Hiroshima, Japan as an example of the university’s engineering program.

Read more about it here:
Solar-powered Star Wars droid found in Hiroshima, Japan

Simon Pegg & Nick Frost Are The Droids You’re Looking For

Bonnie Burton | March 15, 2011

Actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost dress up in low-fi droid costumes to re-enact the famous scene between R2-D2 and C-3PO in the Tatooine desert. While dressed as R2-D2, Frost notices those little things that make a hardcore fan proud.

WATCH VIDEO: Simon Pegg & Nick Frost’s Star Wars

Be sure to check out Pegg and Frost in the new sci-fi comedy Paul.

Sad Stormtroopers Get Their Own Love Song

Bonnie Burton | March 2, 2011

Indie band Scattered Trees make a music video for “Love and Leave,” worthy of Emo stormtroopers everywhere. Directed by J.M. Harper, the video not only features stormtroopers but Boba Fett on drums and a very somber Amidala with a few lightsaber tricks up her sleeve.

WATCH VIDEO: Scattered Trees – “Love and Leave”

Below are some of our favorite screengrabs from the music video.


Justin Bieber Shows Off Star Wars Fashion!

Bonnie Burton | February 15, 2011

Recently, pop star/teen heartthrob Justin Bieber did the rounds on talk shows to promote his new 3-D documentary about his life during his sold out tours called Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.

This week on Conan, Bieber showed a clip of his documentary and we noticed him wearing a clone trooper shirt!

WATCH VIDEO: Justin Bieber on Conan.

Lady Gaga’s Jedi Mind Trick Team | February 15, 2011

Lady Gaga has danced on stage with monsters that would blend in well in a galaxy far, far away; and even mixed a deadly concoction worthy of Boba Fett.

So it makes sense that the pop star recently attempted a Jedi Mind Trick to make herself feel better before a performance.

The singer tells Vogue magazine:

“I don’t know if you knew this, but the other night, in London, I had food poisoning. I was vomiting backstage during the changes. Nobody knew. I just Jedi mind-tricked my body. ‘You will not vomit onstage’. Because I was also thinking, if I do, they are going to think I’m drunk. And I don’t want them to think I am human, let alone drunk. I certainly wouldn’t want them to think I had something so ordinary as food poisoning.”

Read the full interview here:
Lady Gaga: Our Lady of Pop (via Vogue)

Krewe Of Chewbacchus!? Team | February 7, 2011

Heading to Mardi Gras in New Orleans this year? Be sure to party with other Star Wars fans at Krewe Of Chewbacchus!

The krewe will start at the Big Top, 1638 Clio St., and travel through the Central Business District on March 6 at around 6 p.m. Mad scientist pedicabs will carry the celebrity royalty. Brass bands playing funky renditions of science fiction theme songs (“The Imperial March” on tuba?) will set the pace.

Inspired by Zulu and then Muses, who created the much-sought-after throws of decorated coconuts and shoes, respectively, the Chewbacchus will create and then toss to the crowds furry, homemade wookiee bandleros, such as those worn by the huge, furry Star Wars creature who inspired the krewe’s name and theme.

More info here at

Vote for the Star Wars VW Super Bowl Ad! Team | February 6, 2011

The Super Bowl isn’t just about football, it’s about great commercials. This year Volkswagen created an adorkable ad about a young Star Wars fan dressed as Darth Vader in the search of Force powers.

WATCH VIDEO: Volkswagen Commercial: The Force

Here’s a selection of sites where you can show your Star Wars pride by voting for the ad in Best of the Best Super Bowl Commercials polls.

Super Bowl Spots 2011 – Voting Sites:

Star Wars Collecting Solves Murder on Bones Team | January 10, 2011

In the episode “The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck” in the hit crime drama Bones, a murder investigation is cracked wide open thanks to someone buying Star Wars collector cards for way more than they are worth. Great to see Star Wars collecting being used to solve a murder case!

This isn’t the first time Dr. Sweets has dropped some Star Wars references on Bones, but it’s the coolest!

WATCH FULL EPISODE: Bones: “The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck”

(at 16:50)

Dr. Sweets: “I see you bought Star Wars trading cards.”

Suspect Kathy Lyford: “Yeah, growing up me and my brother were all fans of the Force.”

Sweets: “I understand. I’m a Star Warrior myself. (In C-3PO’s voice) Don’t you call me a mindless philosopher you over-weight glob of grease.

Suspect: “Excuse me?”

Sweets: “C-3PO. I sounded just like him…from Star Wars. It’s like the most quoted line in the movie.”

Suspect: “Yeah. Of course.”

Sweets: “Can you explain to me why you spent $500 on a Jedi Knight trading card with a red border when it’s value is less than a dollar?”

Suspect: “I don’t know. I guess I made a mistake.”

Sweets: “What about The Clone Wars card you bought last month? Again you spent $500 but you could probably find it right now online for 50 cents.”

Suspect: “When I get stressed, I shop. You don’t have to make it into a big deal.”

Sweets: “I’m not making this into anything it’s not. I assure you.”


Rare “Holiday Special” Backstage Photo Found

Pete Vilmur | January 4, 2011

AP Photo by George Brich

As someone always on the lookout for rare old Star Wars photos, I was pleased to discover’s Geek Beat columnist David M. Ewalt had unearthed a cool old gem from the vaguely-documented “Star Wars Holiday Special” of 1978, which we actually lent a bit of coverage to a couple years ago.

Articles from Nov 17, 1978

While researching a couple of those pieces, I came across a rare Associated Press image of Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher in photocopied articles from 1978, but couldn’t locate the original in Lucasfilm’s expansive Image Archives (apparently, wire photos were not automatically sent to LFL for approval and/or cataloging). Enter Ewalt’s Geek Beat column, which appears to have located the original shot of Ford and Fisher in a rare backstage moment captured by AP photographer George Brich.

Ah, to be a fly on the wall to hear what Ford is sharing with Fisher before their next Holiday Special take…