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The Feeling of the Force Team | February 28, 2008

(photo courtesy of News Newgroup Papers Ltd.)

According to The Sun tabloid, Brit singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor has funny looking knees. As if! What we care more about is her choice of costume at a recent DJ gig.

The singer was recently seen at London’s Koko club, where she and her husband Richard Jones — bassist for The Feeling — did a DJ set for the venue’s Guilty Pleasures night. The pair showed off their Star Wars fan cred by dressing as Han Solo and Princess Leia! Though Richard does look more like a Jedi than a space pirate…

And for the record, we think Sophie’s knees look just fine.

Check out the story here.

“10 Items or Less” Channels its Inner Force Team | February 19, 2008

Our friends at Turner/TBS sent us this alert of interest to Star Wars fans looking for Star Wars references on television:

On the TBS series “10 Items or Less” the employees of the Greens & Grains are channeling their “inner Force” to get their beloved manager Leslie Pool (John Lehr) to come back from the dark side in an episode airing Tuesday, Feb. 19, at 11 p.m. (ET/PT).

When rival store manage Amy Anderson loses her job at the SuperValueMart, Leslie decides to hire her as Greens & Grains’ new assistant manager, to the horror of the rest of the staff. Amy’s influence is immediately felt as she forces Leslie to be stricter in his managerial style and tries to transform the Greens & Grains into an impersonal big box grocery store. It will take a maximum effort by the crew to snap Leslie out of Amy’s spell and rescue him from the dark side.

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Seth Green Wins an Annie! Team | February 11, 2008

The Force is strong with Seth (and Lobot!)

We’re thrilled to announce that one of our favorite folks — actor/director Seth Green — has won an Annie Award for Directing in an animated TV production: “Robot Chicken Star Wars.”

The Annie Awards are presented by The International Animated Film Society.

Read more about the awards here.

Get the full winners list here:
The Annie Awards

And if you want to look extra fashionable to celebrate the win, check out Robot Chicken’s own official Stoopid Monkey lightsaber shirts and gear here.

Zac Efron Twirls Lightsaber in Seventeen Again Team | February 6, 2008

“High School the Musical” star Zac Efron puts down the microphone and picks up a lightsaber in his next film Seventeen Again playing “a middle-age man suddenly transported back to his teenage years.” Of course, no teen years are complete without a few Star Wars collectibles, right? reports:

“I could have gone out and just played a kid somewhere and had a blast. But now I’m playing a 40-year-old guy,” Efron said. “It’s kind of fun playing an adult.” It’s a mantle he wears comfortably. Indeed, the day we visited with Efron we found him in a house only an adult could think of as fun, where hundreds of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings toys stood behind glass, boxed for eternity to accumulate value. Think the collection in The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Now think of the collection from The 40-Year-Old Virgin times 10.

In one scene, wearing a V-neck T-shirt and a red plaid shirt, Efron’s character haughtily navigates his way through a gathered crowd, dismissing an approaching girl, passing a beer to a friend and even proving that there’s a way to act cynical while twirling a lightsaber.

Read the full article and watch a video of Zac in action here:
Zac Efron Sheds Teen Image, Plays It Cool For Seventeen Again (

SOURCE: Club Jade

Warwick Davis in ShortFellas Team | February 5, 2008

Star Wars and Harry Potter actor Warwick Davis is in a new comedy ShortFellas. Here’s the official movie site synopsis:

Five dwarves rip off a bank in the center of Newcastle. They want the cash, of course, but also want to pay for an operation that a young girl, the daughter of their getaway driver, desperately needs. They sit on the money and try to sweat out the police investigation. But when the money goes missing, they decide to pull another job. A local mob boss gets wind of the new plan and persuades (or rather, forces) the dwarves to do a job for him instead: a huge diamond heist worth over £5 million. But the cops have infiltrated the dwarf’s gang and the heist leads to an action packed denouement.

Warwick says of the film:

“I see many scripts during the course of my work, but as soon as I opened the 1st draft of ShortFellas, I knew this was something good, something different. It is both heartfelt and funny, exciting and touching. I am thrilled about the prospect of working on an independent film with such a fantastic cast and crew. My fellow cast members, short actors themselves, have a wealth of acting experience between them, and will bring so much to the film. To me, ShortFellas is a film akin to those hugely successful British comedies of recent years, but has all the potential to reach even greater heights! 2008 looks set to be a ‘big’ year for ShortFellas, and I’m looking forward to the ride.

Check out the trailer and movie site here:

Romney’s Jedi Mind Trick Team | February 5, 2008

You didn’t seriously think we’d get past Super Tuesday without some sort of political headline making its way across this blog, did you? The New York Times reports on Republican Mitt Romney’s campaign, and the final paragraphs illustrates a candidate fishing for the all-important Star Wars fan vote.

Mr. Romney has been making more of an effort to cultivate the news media as part of his refashioned candidacy. When he sauntered back onto a flight on Saturday, he broke the ice with an unusual remark.

“What did they say in ‘Star Wars?’ ” he asked. “What’s that line? ‘There’s nothing happening here. These droids aren’t the droids you’re looking for.’ ”

Eric Fehrnstrom, his traveling press secretary, said it had actually been rendered: “These are not the droids you are looking for.”

“These are not the droids you’re looking for,” Mr. Romney said. “Sorry.”

Actually, it’s “aren’t.” Fanboy points off for inaccuracy.


Johnston to Direct Wolfman Team | February 4, 2008

Word out of Variety this weekend is that Star Wars-alum Joe Johnston has been picked to replace Mark Romanek as director of the forthcoming Wolfman, slated for a 2009 release from Universal. Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins and Emily Blunt will star.


Star Wars fans should know Johnston as one of the key concept designers for the original Star Wars trilogy, serving as Visual Effects Art Director at Industrial Light & Magic for the three films and other classics such as Raiders of the Lost Ark. Among his often cited Star Wars creds is the development of Boba Fett. Lesser known, for some reason, is his Adventures of Teebo storybook.


He’s also directed Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Jumanji, Hidalgo, October Skies, and the Princeton episode of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones.

Droid Army Approaching… Team | February 1, 2008

WIRED updated recently with a story on an advanced weapons development program of the U.S. military that is working on, yep, battle droids. Not the spindly, squawk-talking variety; these droids are more ED-209 than Baktoid B-1s:

The Navy’s MDARS-E is an armed robot that can track anything that moves. Told that I was the target, the unmanned vehicle trained its guns on me and ordered, “Stay where you are,” in an intimidating robot voice. And yes, it was frightening.

The talkback is remarkably critical, and while I won’t wade into their political or ideological waters, I will say I’m deeply disappointed that no one pointed out the obvious resemblance between the MDARS-E, seen below:


…to the Fromm Tower Droids used by Tig and Sise Fromm in the old Droids television series:


Come on, Internet! You’re supposed to know these things! (Thanks to Josh Ling for the WIRED link).

NY Times Reviews Marc Ecko Team | January 24, 2008

New York Times Critical Shopper columnist Mike Albo takes a stroll through fashion designer Marc Ecko’s new Cut & Sew store in Chelsea to find the ultimate in hipster urban streetwear. He walks us through the store describing everything from what hung on the hangers to which emo music blared from the speakers. But we were most interested in what he had to say about the new Star Wars fashions Ecko created recently.

He is also obsessed with Star Wars and somehow wrangled a licensing deal with the franchise. A white T-shirt has a storm trooper head rendered beautifully in little appliquéd crystals, while a likeness of Yoda in green dots on a brown T-shirt looks warty and nauseating. Mr. Ecko lovingly explains his fetish in a long paragraph printed on the back inside collar: “It’s no secret I am a fan of all things Star Wars,” it reads. “Just when I am getting pop culture fatigue, I watch Star Wars.”

Read the full article here:
Loud and Dumb Never Looked Better (New York Times)

Read more about the Star Wars Cut & Sew line here:
Marc Ecko Designs New Star Wars Fashions

Be sure to check out our interview with Marc Ecko:
Marc Ecko: Outfitting Rebel Scum in Style


Star Wars Fans Invade “American Idol” Team | January 16, 2008

Two rather unique versions of Princess Leia showed up on “American Idol” this week to amuse judges with their love for Star Wars. Fan Christina Tolisano paid tribute to Leia by wearing her hair in the classic buns style, while a male fan showed off his “assets” dressed in the rather drafty Slave Leia bikini costume. While their singing didn’t wow the judges, their passion for Star Wars left a memorable impression.

VIDEO: Christina Tolisano’s audition on “American Idol”

VIDEO: Man Leia on “American Idol”