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Taylor Swift the Wookiee? Team | October 28, 2009

While some girls would rather kiss a Wookiee, others would prefer to BE a one. Country-pop singer Taylor Swift says her favorite Halloween costume was dressing up as Chewbacca.

Taylor shared, “I think my most memorable Halloween costume was last year’s Halloween costume. My best friend Abigail and I have always been sort of anti-teeny-tiny, little costumes and so last year, Abigail and I dressed up as twin Chewbaccas, which was an actual Halloween costume.”

Taylor explained her choice in the out-there costume, saying, “It was really, really wonderful. I just am never going to forget it. There was lots of Chewbacca noises being made.

Read the full article here:
Taylor Swift: I Was Chewbacca For Halloween!
(via Just Jared Jr.)

Get Fuzzy: Canada’s Star Wars Makeover! Team | October 19, 2009

The comic Get Fuzzy (by Darby Conley) contemplates how tourism would improve if Canada went through a Star Wars makeover. They might be on to something! Anyone want to road trip to Torontooine or Newfoundlando?

READ COMIC: Get Fuzzy: Star Wars Canada Map

(Thanks for the tip, Michelle Snow!)

Max Records Used the Force in His Audition Team | October 19, 2009

Max Records, star of the movie Where the Wild Things Are, drops some Star Wars references about his audition with director Spike Jonze into his interview with Conan O’Brien on The Tonight Show.

Max: “The final audition was probably the strangest that was with Spike here in LA. During which he shot foam bullets at me which I tried to block with an umbrella like a lightsaber.”

Conan: “But that’s not in the movie!”

Max: “You don’t understand, Max has to have awesome Force powers.”

WATCH VIDEO: Max Records on The Tonight Show

Phill Jupitus and Noel Fielding: U2 vs. R2-D2

Bonnie Burton | October 16, 2009

As an added part of the BBC celeb music game show Nevermind the Buzzcocks, team leaders and comedians Phill Jupitus and Noel Fielding debate a music topic after every episode. This time it’s a debate pitting super-band U2′s The Edge versus super-astromech R2-D2!

“Into the Sarlaac pit with the pair of them!”

WATCH VIDEO: Noel Fielding & Phill Jupitus: U2 vs R2-D2 (via BBC)

Peter Serafinowicz Mauls Buzzcocks

Bonnie Burton | October 16, 2009

While fans know actor Ray Park as Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace they may not realize that British actor/comedian Peter Serafinowicz was the voice.

On a recent episode of the British celeb music game show Nevermind the Buzzcocks, Serafinowicz gave the audience a taste of what the iconic Star Wars baddie sounds like when he talks about revenge and cheese.

WATCH VIDEO: Peter Serafinowicz’s Darth Maul
(WARNING: Some adult humor on video)

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Darth Vader on the National Cathedral Team | October 7, 2009

If you picked up Dan Brown’s new best-selling thriller The Lost Symbol, you might have noticed a very interesting tangent in the mystery about the hidden carving of Darth Vader on the Washington National Cathedral.

In the 1980s, while the west towers were under construction, Washington National Cathedral held a decorative sculpture competition for children. Word of the competition was spread nationwide through National Geographic World Magazine. The third-place winner was Christopher Rader, with his drawing of that fearful villain, Darth Vader. The fierce head was sculpted by Jay Hall Carpenter, carved by Patrick J. Plunkett, and placed high upon the northwest tower of the Cathedral.

First, bring binoculars! Darth Vader is very difficult to see by the naked eye. Leave the building through the ramp entrance at the northwest corner of the nave, through the double wooden doors of Lincoln Bay. Go down the ramp, and step into the parking lot. Then, turn around and look back up at the tower closest to you. Near the top of the tower is a gablet, or small peaked roof, located between the two huge louvered arches. At the bottom of each slope of this gablet is a carved grotesque. Darth Vader is on the north, or right-hand, side. There is a carved skull situated on a gablet much closer to the ground that many people often mistake for Darth Vader. From this skull, Darth Vader is up and to the left.

Download a PDF of the self-guided tour here.

Read more about it here:
Darth Vader: Star Wars Villain on the Northwest Tower

Kaiser Chiefs Use the Force on Set Team | October 5, 2009

Behind the scenes hi-jinks on a music video set are always fun when you add a few Star Wars fanboy moments. Here the lads from the Kaiser Chiefs have a laugh while making their music video “Good Days Bad Days.” Watch them throw virtual logs and large prop rocks at each other while doing their best Ben Kenobi impressions. Bravo boys, bravo!

WATCH VIDEO: Kaiser Chiefs: On the set of Good Days Bad Days, Part 2

Jaime King Rocks an Empire Muggs Back Shirt Team | September 30, 2009

Actress Jaime King proudly displays her Star Wars fan cred by wearing an “Empire Muggs Back” t-shirt in a freshly posted Funny or Die video. You’ll recall she was one of dozens of contributing artists to the Empire Muggs Back charity auction project launched by earlier this summer. The video, “The Booby Scare,” is a PSA for Breast Cancer Awareness, but with a twist.


Before anyone starts shrieking that we “think about the children!” please note that the usual warnings apply when navigating to Funny or Die. Though, that said, this video is extremely mild in comparison to some of their other fare.  Anyway, here’s a direct link to the video.

Force is Strong with Robbie Williams Team | September 16, 2009

It’s not every day you see a rock star walk around in his PJs carrying a lightsaber. Granted, that’s how we like to envision all our favorite celebs battling with lightsabers in their spare time.

So when the paparazzi caught British singer Robbie Williams walking around with a lightsaber we were pretty thrilled.

Now we just need to find him a Sith Lord to fight off.

The Daily Mail reports:

Robbie Williams appears to be relying on help from a higher Jedi power, as he makes his pop comeback. The singer channeled the force by carrying a Stars Wars style lightsaber, as he left the Meurice Hotel in Paris – commonly known as the City Of Lights – dressed in silk pyjamas and dressing gown. Wearing RayBan sunglasses and carrying a laptop it was a bizarre exit for the singer, who seems to have an unhealthy interest in all things science fiction or in his case science fact.

See more photos of Jedi Robbie Williams here:
The Force is with Robbie Williams as singer exits hotel in pyjamas carrying a lightsaber (via The Daily Mail)

President Obama-Wan Kenobi! Team | September 16, 2009

(Image via Getty)

We’ve blogged before about how many Star Wars fans think President Obama is secretly a Jedi Knight. But this is the first time we’ve been handed photographic proof of Obama showing off his Force powers.

Sith Lords and bounty hunters beware!

According to Newsweek:

Here’s President Obama dueling with, yes, a Star Wars lightsaber at an event held this afternoon at the White House to promote Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Olympics.

(Photo by Jim Watson/AFP)

(Image via Getty)

SOURCES: Newsweek, Gawker