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Lois Lane the Stormtrooper? Team | February 12, 2010

Look out, Superman! It looks like Lois Lane might be headed to the Empire! In tonight’s episode of Smallville, Lois seems to be dressed in Imperial armor? What would Smallville’s Erica Durance look like if she had stormtrooper DNA coursing through her veins?

Check out this spoilery clip here:
Smallville Spoofs Star Wars

501st Member Plays McVader

Pete Vilmur | February 4, 2010

The 501st French Garrison website recently posted a bunch of images documenting the photo shoot for McDonald’s 2009 French ad campaign which featured Darth Vader sitting in a McDonald’s restaurant “beckoning” his meal (the poster from this campaign just missed being included in the Complete Vader book — read about it here).

If we read our French correctly (ok, we translated through Google), the site states that 501st member Julien Vergnes (aka SL 8106) played the role of Vader for the ad — a pretty big honor, to be sure, although we’re not sure if he, or the guy behind him, was having a better time!

Check out our recent announcement for the new US McDonald’s Star Wars campaign.

Craig Ferguson Tries Jedi Mind Trick! Team | January 20, 2010

On The Late Late Show, host Craig Ferguson did his best to lure the audience into a Jedi Mind Trick as he answered viewers’ email questions on his show Jan. 19. Most impressive, Craig.

Craig says: “Nothing to see here. These are not the droids you’re looking for. You will take me to Jabba.”

Hiro Channels His Inner Jedi on Heroes Team | January 5, 2010

Hiro, the only geek on Heroes who can time travel while quoting Star Wars and Star Trek at the same time, is back with a new sense of purpose. You don’t have to understand the plot to appreciate Masi Oka in his best fanboy moments.

WATCH FULL EPISODE: Heroes: “Upon This Rock”
(via — US Only)

Star Wars Art Spotted in Big Bang Theory Team | December 17, 2009 just posted a heads-up for sharp-eyed fans of Star Wars and CBS’s Big Bang Theory — yup, that’s artist Mike Kungl’s “Defend and Protect” propaganda-style fine art print, currently available from Acme Archives.

Check out Ihnatko’s post for more info…

MacFarlane’s Family Guy: Star Wars Party Team | December 14, 2009

If you were on Twitter this weekend, you might have noticed a few of your favorite celebrities tweeting about Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane’s holiday party complete with a Darth Stewie ice sculpture, Chewbacca Claus, a full orchestra playing show tunes — ya know, the typical holiday party at a friend’s house.

Actors Seth Green, Katee Sackhoff, Alyssa Milano, Wil Wheaton, among others were in attendance at MacFarlane’s holiday party which also doubled as the DVD release party for the latest Star Wars homage — Family Guy: Something Something Something Dark Side.

To celebrate the DVD’s December 22 release, MacFarlane hosted a star (wars) studded Christmas party at his estate in the upper reaches of Beverly Hills.

Reporters were rounded up, blind-folded and transported via unmarked black helicopters to MacFarlane’s home to talk to the DVD’s cast and to rub elbow’s with Mos Eisley Cantina’s worth of celebrities.

MacFarlane was the first to greet press row as he exited his home dressed like a 1960s James Bond in a white tuxedo coat. He said his entire cast and crew love taking on Star Wars.

“As long as there are Star Wars movies left, we’ll keep doing these episodes,” MacFarlane said. “In fact, we have a Return of the Jedi episode scheduled to come out next year.”

The barrel-chested, Barry White-voiced Kevin Michael Richardson (a Family Guy voice cast regular and star of countless animated shows including The Cleveland Show and The Clone Wars) said he’d love to take part in Family Guy‘s takedown of the George Lucas empire.

“I’d love to be Jabba The Hutt in the Return of the Jedi episode,” Richardson added. “I play him on The Clone Wars, so I’d like to see him on Family Guy — only with an Afro.”

Seth Green (Robot Chicken co-creator, Family Guy regular and Dark Side’s heroic lead) said it was a special treat to utter the lines of Luke Skywalker — even while making fun of them.

“For a geek like me, it’s really cool to be Luke, to say those lines and to see them on screen,” Green said. “It’s a no-pressure gig because I’m not involved in conceiving the show. I’m a contract player. I just show up and have fun.”

Read more about the party here:
MacFarlane’s home goes festive for Dark Side release

Check out more photos here:
Seth Green, Katee Sackhoff Toast Family Guy: Star Wars Spoof

Darth Stewie Invades FOX Lot Team | December 14, 2009

Creator of TV series Bones, Hart Hanson tweets today that his co-worker Dean Lopata just spotted none other than a gigantic Darth Stewie on the FOX Lot.

Seasons Greetings from Golden Gate Garrison Team | December 9, 2009

Golden Gate Garrison wishes you all Happy Holidays — and so does the Darth Stewie float!

Photo by Karen Louie, Card by John Schlosser.

Fett Hates Fruitcake: 12 Days of SPACE-Mas! Team | December 8, 2009

Boba Fett unwrapping fruit cake? Darth Vader getting fuzzy slippers from the Emperor? Ugly tie for a Tusken Raider? Must be the holidays!

From Dec. 23-Jan. 3, SPACE Channel (Canada) will host 12 Days of SPACE-Mas programming with the entire Star Wars saga and The Clone Wars movie, along with zombie movies, superhero movies, end of the world movie marathon, Torchwood: Children of Earth, Doctor Who, StarGate, Star Trek movies and more!

To get their viewers excited for their full-of-awesome programing, SPACE made this entertaining promo video featuring some of your favorite Star Wars characters getting less-than-spectacular presents. Bonus points for giving Darth Maul a bottle of Ewok After Shave!


Here’s some of our favorite moments from the hilarious promo:


Darth Stewie Float & 501st at San Jose Parade Team | December 7, 2009

Our friends in the 501st Legion Golden Gate Garrison marched in the 2009 San Jose Holiday Parade. Not only did fans get to see stormtroopers and Darth Vader, but they were followed by gigantic Darth Stewie float!

WATCH VIDEO: 501st in 2009 San Jose Holiday Parade

Thanks Elton!