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Caravan of the Force: “Here They Come!”


Day 6: Wednesday, 24th July

After a restful night’s sleep in Utrecht, Holland, we awoke a little later than normal before we started our final day of travel to Star Wars Celebration Europe onboard the Caravan of the Force, in association with Toys”R”Us. We all enjoyed a good breakfast and the hotel management ensured we had provisions for our journey in the form of mini muffins.

We loaded Boba Fett, a.k.a. Jeremy Bulloch, into the cargo hold and once the rest of us were ready and the satellite navigation systems were programmed with the address of Messe Essen, we started the drive. Along the route we found a great Italian restaurant where we all enjoyed rather large pizzas and big bowls of pasta.


SWCE 2013: Opening Day Highlights

Tim Veekhoven | July 27, 2013

What a great — but already very busy — day at Star Wars Celebration Europe in Essen. Let’s bring you up to date with a quick review of some of the great panels and events that took place!


SWCE 2013: Star Wars Rebels Panel with Dave Filoni – Liveblog Team | July 27, 2013


Dave Filoni, supervising director of The Clone Wars is about to join Warwick Davis for a talk about Lucasfilm’s next animated series: Star Wars Rebels, which he is executive producing. And we’re here to liveblog it for you!


SWCE 2013: Kathleen Kennedy Panel – Liveblog Team | July 27, 2013


Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy makes her Star Wars Celebration debut with a special panel on the Main Stage of Star Wars Celebration Europe with Warwick Davis — and we’re here to liveblog it for you, starting in just a few minutes!


SWCE 2013: “Evening with the Emperor” Panel with Ian McDiarmid – Highlights Team | July 26, 2013


Ian McDiarmid was Warwick Davis’ final Celebration Stage guest on day one of Star Wars Celebration Europe, discussing everything from how he got the part of the Emperor in Return of the Jedi to his thoughts on Star Wars continuing with new films. Check out some highlights from their talk after the jump!


Video: Star Wars Celebration Europe: Ground Report Day 1 Team | July 26, 2013


David Collins and made a trench run (of sorts) at Star Wars Celebration Europe today — hitting the show floor on the first day of the highly anticipated fan fest. Collins spoke with aficionados from across the globe, checked out some amazing props on display, and lots more. Check out his report after the jump!


SWCE 2013: International Fan Clubs with Special Guest Gerald Home

Mark Newbold | July 26, 2013

Star Wars Celebration Europe kicked off its three day series of panels by focusing on the very reason why we are here in the first place: our shared international love of all things Star Wars, specifically through the forum of international Star Wars clubs. Gerald Home, Tessek, and a Mon Calamari officer from Return of the Jedi were joined on stage by Tim Veekhoven of Belgian fan club Teekay-421, Ates Cetin of Turkish site Yildiz Savaslari, and a handful of other international webmasters and sites from across Europe.


SWCE 2013: “The Golden Hour” Panel with Anthony Daniels – Liveblog Team | July 26, 2013

Next up on the Main Stage here at Star Wars Celebration Europe is none other than C-3PO himself, Anthony Daniels.


SWCE 2013: “Designing a Galaxy” Panel with Doug Chiang and Iain McCaig – Liveblog Team | July 26, 2013

Doug Chiang and Iain McCaig are here at Star Wars Celebration Europe to discuss (with the great Warwick Davis) how they designed the memorable characters (including Darth Maul), vehicles, and locales of a galaxy far, far away. Couldn’t make the trip to Germany? Don’t worry — we’re here to liveblog it for you!


Caravan of the Force Day 5: “We’re Going In!”


Day 5: Tuesday, 23rd July

Day five of Caravan of the Force, in association with Toys”R”Us, began with a delicious breakfast in our Antwerp hotel, a wobble down two flights of stairs with our luggage to the car park (which the night before was the scene of a 30-minute hunt for a space) and off towards the Dutch border and our first appointment at 11.38 a.m. with the Dutch Garrison. We were timing our visit to also meet Martino and Daan who were cycling to Celebration to raise money for Opkikker, a charity that helps seriously ill children. As every garrison has been on the tour, the Dutch were excellent hosts, posing for photographs, donating to our Make-A-Wish collection and making a huge fuss of Jeremy as he was interviewed by the local media and greeted by fans.