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May the Crayon Be With You!

Bonnie Burton | June 10, 2011

Artist and dad Steve Thompson spent hours carving the heads of his favorite Star Wars characters into his childrens’ crayons resulting in art that would impressive even the pickiest Jedi master!

Steve Thompson tells The Daily Mail:

“Growing up, Star Wars was one of my absolute favorite films so it made sense for me to try and create some of the more unique characters from that. With two kids of my own there is always a load of crayons lying around the house.”

“It was unbelievably difficult as it only takes slightly too much pressure to snap the end of the crayon and then it’s ruined. I’m a designer so while working on files on my computer that took a long time to save I would kill time by whittling away at the wax.”

Read more here:
The empire strikes wax: Amateur sculptor carves tiny Star Wars characters into crayon tips (via The Daily Mail)

X-Wing Soapbox Derby Car

Bonnie Burton | May 24, 2011

For fans who want to ride in an X-wing Fighter without a pilot’s license, this might be the extreme craft for you! A talented fan made this awesomely-detailed soapbox derby car that looks like an X-wing complete with a beeping R2-D2 as the co-pilot!

There were a lot of details in the X-wing car and almost all were done on the cheap. The entire car cost under about $75. There were 7 pieces to the car that were assembled at the race site: 4 turrets, 2 wings, and one car body.

R2-D69: The spinning droid was constructed of Styrofoam and painted to look like R2-D2. I used one of my daughter’s old toys to create the motion. The toy had a gear on it that spun when a button was pushed. I cut the toy in half (it was too big) and mounted the toy to the underside of the body and glued the droid head onto the gear.

To control the spinning I used an old NES controller. I re-routed the toy’s switch through the NES controller so when the A or B buttons were pushed the droid would spin for about 15 seconds.

For audio, I downloaded some R2-D2 sound effects from a website and used Pinnacle movie studio software to string them all together into a 50 second babbling droid Mp3. I loaded this onto an iPod and connected it to a small portable speaker system that I hid inside the body of the car. This way, each time I started down the hill, I could push the NES controller button and the iPod play button to commence the droid freak-out.

The wings were another tricky part. I made two sets of brackets that would hold the wings in the correct X shape and could be mounted to the sides of the car. Some drainage piping was used for the “engine” things.

Read more about this craft here:
X-Wing Fighter Soapbox Derby Car (via Instructables)

Star Wars Craft Workshop at Maker Faire

Bonnie Burton | May 23, 2011

Every year I do a Star Wars Craft Workshop for kids at one of the coolest and geekiest science and craft conventions in the San Francisco Bay Area — Maker Faire.

Craftsters, robot wranglers, science geeks, rocket builders, artists, steampunks and more gather together once a year to make cool stuff, share their crafting secrets with the public, give tutorials and have a lot of fun.

Past Star Wars craft workshops included how to make marble magnets, Yoda dolls, Cantina puppets, Admiral Ackbar bag puppets, Ewok sock puppets, and Yoda Finger Puppets. This year, the craft was the Bith Band Spoon Puppets and Yoda Finger Puppets.

At the Star Wars Puppet Craft Workshop, kids and their parents made Yoda stick puppets, Bith spoon puppets, Princess Leia puppets and there was even a Clone Wars Chicken Puppet!

The San Francisco Cantina Band stopped by to entertain the crafty crowd too!

WATCH VIDEO: SF Cantina Band at Maker Faire

Here’s some of our favorite photos from the Star Wars Craft Workshop at Maker Faire:

Check out all the photos here:
Maker Faire 2011 (all photos)

Ugly Drum Smoker R2-BQ Team | May 13, 2011

Can Artoo cook, or can he? and webmaster Philip Wise is drumming up excitement for summer barbeques this year with his newest Star Wars-inspired creation, R2-BQ.

Called an “ugly drum smoker”, this barrel-style barbeque is all the rage in the bbq smoking world. Need proof? Check out the 500-plus-page forum currently thriving on the subject over at

Check out more pix of R2-BQ here.

A Mew Hope: Princess Leia Kitty!

Bonnie Burton | May 11, 2011

This may be one of the coolest cats in the galaxy.

Crafty Star Wars fan Jennifer Kumpf tweeted to us: “Hey @starwars, Check out my Leia hat I knitted for my friend’s cat!”

We can’t wait to see more! Who knows… ever since artist Katie Cook tweeted: “I’m going to start a Kickstarter project to help me fund re-filming Star Wars scene by scene… With an all kitten cast,” we can’t help but wonder if this isn’t the perfect match for Princess Leia.

Meow the Furs Be With You!

Boba Loves Bunnies? Team | May 2, 2011

Artist Kelly Kerrigan shows off a soft spot of Boba Fett that we don’t normally see. Makes you wonder if the Slave I has a rabbit hutch. chats with Kelly about her Star Wars bounty hunter bunny art.

Why did you decide to pair up bunnies with Star Wars characters?

This new series of artwork is how my creativity has responded to the death of my husband, Paul. He died on December 18, 2010 after finding out in August the he had a rare cancer. We both loved Star Wars and he had a particular connection to rabbits as they are portrayed in movies, books and gaming.

He would often dress as a Pooka for LARP events. I started painting about 2 weeks after he died and the ideas for new work keep coming. I have always been a painter, but I think this is the best work I have ever done. I am certain that He is the inspiration for all of this and the reason I feel so good about what I am painting.

What is it about bunnies that make even the most ruthless bounty hunter look like a softy?

I think therein lies the answer. The softening of the ruthless: The unlikely care and cuddling that a hardened clone warrior would have to undertake to handle a delicate bunny seems as it would be an act of extreme patience on his psyche. Perhaps his trainers are putting him through an exercise to engage those parts of his brain that define the opposite of his purpose.


WonderCon Recap: Star Wars Puppet Craft Tutorial

Bonnie Burton | April 14, 2011

photos: Amanda Jean Camarillo

There’s something magical about kids crafting puppets out of paper bags, construction paper, googly eyes and glitter…especially if they happen to be Star Wars puppets!

For the first time ever at WonderCon, I hosted a Star Wars Craft Tutorial on how to make Star Wars bag puppets. I did a similar Star Wars puppet tutorial at last year’s Bay Area Maker Faire, but this was a packed room of kids and their parents!

Armed with construction paper, scissors, glue, colored markers, glitter and of course, googly eyes — kids and adults alike made some very creative bag puppets of their favorite Star Wars characters including Yoda, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, Darth Vader, R2-D2, Admiral Ackbar, Rancor, Tauntaun, Clone trooper, the Emperor, and more!

You can learn how to make your own Admiral Sackbar bag puppet here.

Below are some of our favorite puppets! May the Craft Be With You!

Princess Leia!


The Emperor!


Clone trooper!


Check out the full set of photos on our Flickr:
WonderCon 2011: Star Wars Craft Tutorial

Star Destroyer Ice Luge

Bonnie Burton | March 24, 2011

Skip the ice cubes and make a Hoth-cold drink using this elaborate Star Destroyer Ice Luge.

While this doesn’t have instructions, I used a chainsaw, electric drill with a one inch spade bit, and a 300 pound block of ice. I bought two blocks, but only needed one. The one was so heavy, that it broke a picnic table.

Read more about it here:
Star Destroyer Ice Luge (via Instructables)

Dark Lord of the Board

Bonnie Burton | March 24, 2011

Indonesian artist Abell Octovan recently showed his custom “Lord on Board” figure (8″) + a prototype of his upcoming Boycott resin figure in the Plastic Culture booth at the Jakarta Toys and Comics Fair.

Vinyl Pulse reports:

The deep blue shreddin’ figure is a follow-up of sorts to his wave cravin’ Lord on Vacation. The Lord figures are great — iconic culture mash-ups executed with minimal sculpting and paint which increases the power of the imagery.

Read more about this art piece here:
Abell’s Lord on Board + Boycott Figures (via Vinyl Pulse)

Check out more images here:
Lord on Board

Stormtrooper Model in Art Class Team | March 23, 2011

Most life drawing classes have nude models for their artists to sketch. But we have to admit, stormtroopers are way cooler.

WATCH VIDEO: Stormtrooper Model In an Life Drawing Class