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Hasbro’s 2008 Comic-Con Presentation Team | July 25, 2008


For those unable to make it to Comic-Con this year — or for those who couldn’t squeeze into the ever-popular Hasbro presentaton — we’ve got the entire slide series available here for your review!

With The Clone Wars, the Legacy Collection, and Indiana Jones either already in stores or just on deck, it looks like the rest of 2008 and 2009 are going to be some exciting years for fans and collectors!

Check out Hasbro’s full slide presentation here.

Clone Wars Exclusives and Swag at StarWarsShop Booth! Team | July 24, 2008

Senate Security Clone Trooper exclusive figure

If you’re in San Diego this weekend for Comic-Con, make sure to stop by the StarWarsShop booth where exclusives and swag galore await! There’s the exclusive Senate Security Clone Trooper action figure along with several others being revealed at Comic-Con this weekend.

Swag found at the StarWarsShop/Zazzle booths

And, of course, there’s the swag. Visitors to the StarWarsShop and Zazzle booths have already taken home five wonderful new Clone Wars exclusive prints, a plastic clone mask, and six different exclusive campaign buttons featuring various Clone Wars and Star Wars characters. These are the must-have freebies for Comic-Con — make sure to stop by and pick some up!

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Koto Unveils Clone Wars ArtFX Series Team | July 24, 2008


Kotobukiya officially unveiled their new Clone Wars ArtFx series at Celebration Japan last week, but now they’ve got them here stateside in San Diego at their Comic-Con booth. Here are a handful of catalog images they were kind enough to share with us during the event — check out more after the jump!


Star Wars Everywhere on Comic-Con Preview Night Team | July 23, 2008


Preview night at the Star Wars Pavilion at San Diego’s Comic-Con opened this evening, and we’ve got over a hundred pics showcasing many of the items being unveiled!

Highlights include StarWarsShop’s exclusive Clone Trooper Senate Security action figure (plus some impressive Clone Wars swag pieces they’re giving away), the Clone Wars full-size Indy car, Hasbro’s Clone Wars and Indiana Jones collections, some INCREDIBLE Sideshow entries including a Wampa attacking a tauntaun (!!!), the new Frames book set with image selection by George Lucas, eFX’s McQuarrie Darth Vader helmet, Ahsoka Tano’s lightsaber, Obi-Wan’s “Extreme Edition” lightsaber with revealed interior, Windlass’s replica Star Wars costume collection and much, much more!

Make sure to head on over to our image series for a sneak peek at what Comic-Con Premiere Night attendees are viewing right now!

Lost McQuarrie Art Revealed at CJ Panel

Pete Vilmur | July 19, 2008


When John Scoleri, co-author of the recent Art of Ralph McQuarrie book, discovered that a stash of early Star Wars illustrations had been uncovered behind a broken furnace in the artist’s home, he was elated — and frustrated. He and co-author Stan Stice had just sent their Art of Ralph McQuarrie to print — too late to include the new material. Fortunately for us, along came Celebration Japan.

Scoleri and Stice felt the event would be a great opportunity to showcase some of this lost art, and have put together a fantastic convention exclusive that’s sure to have many Star Wars and Mcquarrie fans calling in favors to their Japanese friends.

See more lost McQuarrie artwork after the jump –


Rare Posters and Premiums Shared at CJ Collecting Panels

Pete Vilmur | July 19, 2008


One of the rare opportunities offered by the Japanese venue for this year’s Celebration is a chance to hear first hand from expert Japanese collectors about rare items and the often obscure histories associated with them. Most of these collectibles and the stories behind them rarely make their way across the Pacific.

On Saturday, poster collector Hideyuki Takizawa and candy premium collector You Katagiri discussed some little-known facts about some of the extremely rare collectibles produced during the late ’70s and early ’80s in Japan, complete with a Powerpoint presentation showcasing many never-before-seen images.

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Celebration Japan: Arcade Fun Team | July 17, 2008

(Star Wars swag at the local Chiba video arcade)

Spending 9 hours inside a airplane watching Batman Begins over and over again made me one jetlagged blogger, but I couldn’t resist checking out the nearby arcades next to the convention center that will be host to Celebration Japan here in Chiba.

So without any rest, I went straight from the Lotteria food court right to the arcade and found some rather cool games including this one with some awesome Star Wars swag that includes cool bathroom rugs, Vader helmets and Laser Savers?

You can see all of the photos from the arcade here:
Celebration Japan photo set.

Stay tuned here on the Official Blog for more Celebration Japan coverage!

Behold the Star Wars BE@RBRICKS

Bonnie Burton | July 1, 2008

BE@RBRICKS pay tribute to Star Wars by doing their own take on some of your favorite characters, many which will be given away free with bottles of Pepsi Nex in Japan.

If you’re headed to Celebration Japan, you’ll get a chance to bag the exclusives — Wicket and Paploo!

Take a look at the whole set here. (via Toys R Evil)


Star Wars Knock-Offs of the ’70s

Pete Vilmur | June 16, 2008


Brian Heiler over at recently posted a cool article about blatant ‘70s Star Wars rip-off toys – you know, those quasi-Star Wars wannabes that got you teased on the playground when trying to pass off that “S.T.A.R. Team” villain for Darth Vader or the “Star Hawk” for a Y-wing.

Check out the article here.

New Star Wars Disney Figures Coming this Fall Team | June 4, 2008


Coming soon to Walt Disney World in Florida is an all new series of large Star Wars-Disney crossover figures that should be available sometime this Fall. Included are Donald Duck as Darth Maul, Goofy as Jar Jar, Mickey as Anakin, and Minnie as Queen Amidala.

The retail for each will be $200 with an edition size of 600. 500 of each will be available for guests of Walt Disney World while the remainder (100 of each) are heading west to Disneyland.

See more pics after the jump!