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Found on eBay: Strong Hans

Pete Vilmur | March 16, 2009


Ah, the stuff you find on eBay. Anyone who follows these occasional “Found on Ebay” posts know that I’ve got soft spot for fan-made items, especially those made at the height of the original trilogy’s popularity in the 1970s and ’80s. But then, there are exceptions.

Like many fanzines, 1990′s “From a Certain Point of View #5″ serves up an amateur artwork cover — not unusual, since many of these zines were being churned out by young fans with undeveloped artistic skills. But few could make a Wookiee blush like this one — click through to see the entire, uh, artwork.

AT-AT Boombox Team | February 22, 2009

Perhaps if the Empire had attacked Hoth with some breakbeats they would have blown the Rebels right out of the snow. Just sayin.

Check out the photos here:
AT-AT Boombox

SOURCE: Boing Boing Gadgets

Toy Fair 2009: Hasbro Showroom Composite Image Team | February 17, 2009


We composited several photos to try and give fans an idea of the scope of Hasbro’s Toy Fair showroom presence this year. Since the showroom was accessible by invitation only, few at Toy Fair may be aware of the great new Star Wars offerings coming out in 2009. Go here to download a high-resolution version of the composite image above (click “original” at top).

To check out individual items, make sure to see the other Hasbro sets in our photo series here!

Toy Fair 2009: Sakar

Pete Vilmur | February 17, 2009


A relatively new licensee, Sakar had a lot to show us at Toy Fair this year, including a cool new Darth Vader digital alarm clock, lightsaber flashlights, Clone Wars keyboards, computer speakers, and more. Items not shown in our photo series include text messengers, CD and mp3 players, and digital cameras.

Check out a few pics we snapped at Sakar’s booth, and don’t miss our full coverage of Toy Fair 2009!

Toy Fair 2009: Funko

Pete Vilmur | February 17, 2009


Lots of Star Wars bobble goodness from Funko at Toy Fair this year. Check out our photo series for a look at some of their current Star Wars and Clone Wars entries…

Toy Fair 2009: Comic Images

Pete Vilmur | February 17, 2009


Comic Images’ booth at Toy Fair had a couple surprises for 2009, including the plush Jawa with glow-in-the-dark eyes (that vaguely resembles the classic and super-rare 1978 Regal version), plush Maul, and Vader plush backpack. We find the fuzzy Chewbacca slippers strangely irresistible…

Check out a few pics we’ve posted in our Flickr series, and don’t forget to check out the rest of our Toy Fair coverage this year!

Toy Fair 2009: Kotobukiya

Pete Vilmur | February 16, 2009


Kotobukiya will be expanding their ARTFX Clone Wars series this year with at least one new addition: Commander Fox. This series of ultra-detailed Clone Wars figures look incredible and feature magnetic feet and other accessories for easy display. We’re still looking forward to those lightsaber chopsticks to get released as well.

Check out some pics from Koto’s Toy Fair showroom here, and make sure to check out our continuing photo coverage of Toy Fair here.

Toy Fair 2009: Diamond Select Toys

Pete Vilmur | February 16, 2009


We have to admit that Diamond Select’s quarter-scale series just keeps getting better and better. The sculpting is extremely accurate and the clothing really steps up the quality factor on these sizable additions to the Star Wars collecting hobby.

We were able to sneak a peek at some upcoming entries from this quickly-growing series, two of which really impressed me — Mace Windu not only looks spot on to the character’s appearance in the films, his robes look in-scale as well, not an easy accomplishment when it comes to mimicking the natural folds and wrinkles of fabric. Diamond’s red-robed Palpatine also knocks one out of the park, with a very rich feel appropriate for his royal Imperial status. Again, the larger scale and talented designers have made the fabrics appear true to scale, which really enhances the appeal of this line.

Check out a few photos from Diamond Select’s showroom at Toy Fair here

Toy Fair 2009: LEGO Star Wars and Clone Wars

Pete Vilmur | February 16, 2009


There was a lot to soak in at LEGO’s booth this year with both the Star Wars and Indiana Jones LEGO properties going strong, and we snapped a few pics of some of the great pieces you’ll be seeing later this year.

Easy stand-outs were the Venator-class Republic Cruiser, which had so many moving-opening-separating parts that it made our heads spin — and of course Anakin’s Y-wing Starfighter, the coolest ship (in my opinion) to emerge from The Clone Wars series. A close second is the new Republic Attack Shuttle, which should be reaching store shelves now. You can check out these and more in our Flickr series here.

Stay tuned for an update on LEGO Indy merch, and be sure to check out our continuing photo coverage of this year’s Toy Fair!

Toy Fair 2009: Uncle Milton Loves Star Wars

Pete Vilmur | February 16, 2009


One of the booths we were anxious to check out at Toy Fair this year was Uncle Milton’s, due in no small part to the Force Trainer toy we reported on a few weeks ago with a follow up interview last week.

I actually got to test The Force Trainer for myself, and have to admit it does take some mental concentration — or perhaps lack thereof — to make the ball float. The key is to clear your mind to let the (Alpha? Beta? Gamma?) waves build up and register on the headset. So, actually thinking of nothing is the way to go. Not as easy as it sounds, it is. But great fun — and a great way to compare your Force ability to that of your busy-minded friends (who would perform poorly without turning down the mental processing a notch).

In addition to the Force Trainer, we found a bunch of other cool Star Wars toys heading our way from Uncle Milton, and were lucky to get our hands on their press release for some descriptions. Check out the images and descriptions after the jump!