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LEGO Legion Team | May 4, 2009

sw-minifigs.jpg updates today with a fantastic gallery showcasing every LEGO Star Wars mini figure made since the line started 10 years ago. Can you believe there’s nearly 70 already?

Head on over for a hefty hunk-o-LEGO goodness!

Sansweet Shares Favorites with Forbes

Pete Vilmur | May 3, 2009


Uber collector Steve Sansweet recently picked a dozen of his favorite Star Wars collectibles to share with — quite a task given that Sansweet estimates his collection, which is stored within his 5,000 square foot “Rancho Obi-Wan”, holds more than 100,000 pieces!

Be sure to check out the 12 pieces he’s picked (including the Bantha piñata above) by clicking through to page 2 of the story. Do you have a favorite not mentioned? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Someone to Walk in Artoo’s Shoes

Pete Vilmur | April 30, 2009


There’s something irresistibly quirky about the old Star Wars sneakers from the late ‘70s, manufactured by Clarks of England. Based on various characters from A New Hope, this “R2-D2” pair that recently sold on eBay for under $10 was a steal, given that silver Star Wars sneakers are a pretty cool obscurity from the space-crazed ‘70s. Complete with illustrated Star Wars box, bag, and a couple inches added to your height with those beefy rubber heals, it’s a wonder every kid from the decade of disco wasn’t strutting these bad boys.

Check out the original auction here.

Found on eBay: $150 Star Wars Reggae Record

Pete Vilmur | April 23, 2009


“Star Wars Dub” has always been a somewhat legendary if not curious entry in the world of early Star Wars-inspired bootleg recordings, but rarely has it fetched prices north of $100.

The rare 1978 Star Wars reggae record by musician Phill Pratt is probably known by Star Wars collectors more for its catchy cover art than for the music itself (how many of us still own turntables?), but that blue vinyl just makes the kitsch that much cooler. Check out the original auction here.

Found on eBay: Yoda Flirt Poster

Pete Vilmur | April 20, 2009


Here’s one you didn’t see stateside — this cool transit poster from Japan recently went to a lucky bidder who obviously appreciates the whimsical side of Star Wars advertising. This rare (and large!) poster, which was printed up by a Japanese cellular company in 2005 and oddly features the Episode I version of Yoda, is actually one of a pair — the other featured Darth Vader on a park bench with a couple of Japanese school girls. It’s no wonder that Japanese Star Wars posters remain among the most sought after by collectors.

Check out the original Yoda poster auction here.

SW Auction to Aid Aussie Bush Fire Victims

Pete Vilmur | April 14, 2009


Star Wars fans in Australia have banded together to help victims of recent bush fires that ravaged the state of Victoria, posting several eBay auctions of items donated by actors from the saga, Lucasfilm, and others.

From the Victorian Bushfire Appeal 2009 website:

On February 7th 2009, the state of Victoria in Australia was ravaged by Bushfires.

These wildfires destroyed thousands upon thousands of hectares of native forests and laid waste to many townships.

Over 2000 homes were destroyed and over 7000 people were left homeless by these fires which burned out of control for many weeks. Over 200 people were reported to have lost their lives in what was to become known as Australia’s worst natural disaster.

The people of Australia however were not beaten by these events and they rallied together as one to help those in need. Countless donations of clothes and food flooded into relief centers and thousands of volunteers lined up to help. People donated their time, their homes and opened their hearts to help those effected by the fires.

Head over to the charity’s official website for more details, and also don’t miss the over two-dozen signed items currently up for bids from Dave Prowse, Kenny Baker, Jeremy Bulloch, Bonnie Piesse, and others!

Lost on eBay: Leia’s Do

| April 9, 2009


The poor Princess. We scoured eBay looking for her lost hairdo but can’t seem to find it. It would seem that most of the original Kenner 12-inch Princess Leia dolls (which ironically came packaged with a comb) have endured a perpetual streak of bad hair days since December 26, 1978, when little girls (or little boys, and you know who you are) were motivated to loosen the buns and let her hair down. Unfortunately, few Leias have ever regained the difficult-to-restore hairmuffs, giving many-a-princess a forever frazzled look.


Found on eBay: First Bronze Yoda

Pete Vilmur | April 8, 2009


No doubt about it — the little Jedi Master has still got it! A recent auction for the ultra-rare 1990 Empire 10th anniversary bronze Yoda fetched just north of $5,000 — not bad for an original investment of $500 in 1990. Just one of 50 produced, it’s not hard to see why this little 9-inch sculpture is so coveted by collectors.

More than a mere hunk of heavy metal, this was the inaugural sculpture of famed Star Wars artist Lawrence Noble, who has gone on to create several more Star Wars bronzes in the years since, including one life-size Yoda that welcomes guests to LFL’s Presidio campus.

Check out details of the auction here.

Found on eBay: Groovy Star Wars Motion Lamp

Pete Vilmur | April 3, 2009


Perusing eBay this week, we came across one of the ultra-rare vintage Star Wars motion lamps recently highlighted in our “Fad Wars” feature a few days ago. Good timing or savvy salesmanship? Either way, it’s a groovy piece that doesn’t come up too often, so better boogie on over if you want to bliss out with a cool piece of vintage Star Wars psychedelica.

Found on eBay: Star Wars Disco Duds

Pete Vilmur | March 25, 2009


Ah, the ‘70s. For Star Wars fans, the decade of disco brought us Meco’s Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk, “The Star Wars Holiday Special” kitsch-fest, and the occasional fashion gem, such as customized bell-bottom Star Wars pants.

For vintage fashion aficionados with a far-out bent, a seller in Australia is serving up one groovy pair of custom flared Star Wars pants with rainbow striping, just the thing that would have caught the eye of that calculator-toting closet Star Wars fan in 1978. Collecting guru Steve Sansweet tells us the fabric comes from ‘70s licensee Liberty Trousers, but that the design is 100% dyn-o-mite.

Better boogie if you want to strut these duds — the seller ships worldwide.