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Boba’s Back, and Hasbro’s Got Him

Pete Vilmur | February 14, 2010

Hasbro’s got at least three new entries for 2010 of the galaxy’s best bounty hunter, including the infamous rocket-firing Boba Fett figure that finally gets the spring-loaded missile that was promised in 1979 but not released!

Because of safety concerns in 1979, the spring-loaded missile that was to come with the mail-away Fett was permanently attached to the bounty-hunter’s backpack shortly before release, with the rocket-firing feature surviving on only a select few prototype examples that are now worth thousands of dollars.

This rocket-firing Fett, which appears almost identical to the 1979 vintage original, will be available as a mail-away with the purchase of five specially-marked Hasbro figures starting this fall. Also on deck is the Boba Fett role-play blaster and helmet (read more about the helmet here). Check out our Flickr series for more photos of the vintage-style Fett figure as well as larger pics of the blaster and helmet. Stay updated with the latest from Toy Fair with our full Flickr series here!

Hasbro Reveals Vehicles for 2010

Pete Vilmur | February 14, 2010

At this weekend’s Toy Fair in New York, Hasbro unveiled their 2010 line of Star Wars vehicles and figure/vehicle combos. Some great entries from the Clone Wars series here, such as Cad Bane with Pirate Bike and Mando with Speeder Bike, as well as some great classic vehicles like the Bespin Cloud Car. But that’s just for starters — follow this link to the full set of new Star Wars vehicles slated for 2010, including some bigger pics of the Super Deluxe AT-AT.

Hasbro’s Mega AT-AT Unveiled!

Pete Vilmur | February 13, 2010

Today at the 2010 New York Toy Fair, Hasbro unveiled the heavily-rumored (and consequently highly-anticipated) all new AT-AT vehicle for their 3.75-inch action figure line, which will retail for about $100 on August 1. Check out the images and description below, and get the full roster of Hasbro toys announced at Toy Fair after the jump (stay tuned for more Toy Fair coverage as we report from the event starting this weekend in New York)!

Star Wars AT-AT
(Approximate Retail Value: $99.99; Ages: 5 & up)
In space, size does matter, and Hasbro certainly kept that in mind when creating its all-new, highly detailed Star Wars AT-AT. The AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport) played a significant role in the Empire’s military assault in The Empire Strikes Back, and it will play an equally important role in every fan’s toy collection this year! Measuring more than 24 inches tall, nearly 28 inches long, and 12 inches wide, this colossal vehicle holds up to 20 Star Wars figures — 6 of which can fit in its head alone! — and includes so many play and electronic features true to its on-screen counterpart that it’s hard to believe! From the zip-line in its body and articulated legs for superb poseability, to its LED lights and authentic movie sounds and phrases, this is the must-have addition for Star Wars fans of all ages. Includes a 3.75 inch AT-AT driver action figure and a pop-out speeder bike.


Look Out, It’s Ewokong!

Bonnie Burton | February 11, 2010

Ever wonder what would happen if an Ewok the size of King Kong was rampaging through Coruscant? Artist Nathan Hamill shows us just that in his new base card for the Star Wars Galaxy 5 trading card series.

The 120 card collection will be released February 24, 2010. The set features new base card artwork, sketch cards, foil cards, the art of Star Wars Celebration and more.

Nathan writes:

I found that as I get older, my affinity for Ewoks grows. Maybe it’s part of myself wanting to return to my youth and the days when Jedi was released or maybe it’s a realization that they’re actually pretty vicious lil guys. And, yes, they’re cute but there’s also something quite unsettling about them. The human-like teeth? The black, beady eyes? Their hunger for flesh?

Read more about it here:
Ewokong: Star Wars Galaxy 5 Base Card

TEDxSoMa Talk: Interacting with Star Wars Team | February 3, 2010

Howard Roffman of Lucasfilm Licensing was recently a guest speaker for the TEDxSoMa program.

Roffman spoke about how licensing kept the sparks of Star Wars fandom before the prequels, and how comics, books, video games, toys, collectibles and other licensed products permeates pop culture.

WATCH VIDEO: TEDxSoMa: Howard Roffman:
“Interacting with Star Wars

Beckham Blogs About Star Wars Team | January 26, 2010

English footballer David Beckham may play for a team in a galaxy close by — Los Angeles Galaxy to be exact — when he’s not on loan to Milan. But for adidas he showed his allegiance to another galaxy, far, far away.

Recently, Beckham joined Snoop Dogg and Daft Punk to promote the adidas Originals Star Wars collection:

WATCH VIDEO: adidas Originals Star Wars Commercial

Beckham writes of his experience being in the adidas Originals Star Wars collection commercial:

Read more about it here: David Beckham Official Site

Found on eBay: “Stupid Ewok”

Pete Vilmur | November 25, 2009

stupid ewok

Just in time for The Ewok Adventure‘s 25th anniversary, we found this amusing item description attached to a 1980s PVC figurine of an Ewok. Here’s part of the description:

I am ashamed to even list this thing. i should have thrown it into a pond, but we’re trying to ebay some stuff to get a coffee grinder. that’s what my life is now. I would rather trade my scifi dreams in for a decent cup of coffee than ever look at this little jerk’s mug again. Ewoks? Seriously? YOU BETCHA!

Hey, we know Ewoks aren’t for everyone, but maybe if the seller can earn a few bucks for his “officially…dead to me” little PVC, he’ll find the little fuzzballs aren’t so bad. Check out the auction here. Thanks to Andrew Boscardin for the heads-up!

First Ever SARLACC Charity Pin Now Available!

Pete Vilmur | November 24, 2009


SARLACC, the Seattle ARea Lucasfilm Artifact Collectors Club, recently announced its first collectible lapel pin, available exclusively from their site. Here’s their description:

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, the SARLACC charity pin features the Millennium Falcon flying in to land at the world famous Seattle Space Needle. This high-quality cloisonné pin has a limited run of 1000 and has been officially approved by Lucasfilm Ltd. and Seattle Space Needle. Each pin will come on an individually-numbered card with an image of the Cloud City’s landing platform.

All proceeds from the sale of this pin will benefit the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, whose ultimate mission is the elimination of cancer and related diseases. The Center conducts research of the highest standards to improve prevention and treatment.

To order this limited edition pin, visit the SARLACC site. For more about Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, please visit

Vote for the Next Star Wars Mimobot! Team | November 18, 2009

Help MIMOBOT complete their Star Wars series by choosing your favorite character! Will it be the Tusken Raider, TIE Fighter Pilot, Obi-Wan Kenobi or Greedo?

By casting your vote, you’ll receive a 20% discount on the winning design and get first dibs on the full Star Wars MIMOBOT Series 5 releasing March 2010.

The design that receives the most votes by December 31, 2009 will be produced as the Star Wars MIMOBOT Series 5 Audience Choice Character. Choose wisely!

Learn more about it here:
Vote for Star Wars MIMOBOT Series 5!

’70s Space Toys Spawned by Star Wars

Pete Vilmur | November 16, 2009


Thumbing through the pages of the November, 1978 issue of Ebony magazine recently posted by Google Books, we found a great period article on some of the space toys spawned by Star Wars mania in the late ’70s. Gotta love that Vader wannabe mask!