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Wired Explores the Working X-Wing Team | November 27, 2007

(photo by Embry Rucker)

As previously reported, rocket enthusiast Andy Woerner and friends launched a 21-foot solid-fuel X-wing rocket on October 10 in California. The X-wing features a 19-foot wingspan and S-foils that actually lock into attack position after launch!

More than a month after the exciting event, Wired magazine takes a closer look at this fan’s mission to make the ultimate working model.

…Seconds after liftoff the fighter pitched wildly and blew up – just like Red 10. And Red Leader. And Biggs (poor Biggs). The wings, built to the proportions of the model, just couldn’t take the force. “We were afraid the wing panels would fold up,” Woerner admits. On the bright side, prior to its flight to oblivion, young Rebels got to clamber around the cockpit. “We do this for the kids,” Woerner says. Because, you know, it’s not like these guys are geeks or anything. By the way, the club’s next project: a Klingon D7 Battle cruiser. And if this one blows up, well, that’s how the Klingons like to go out, anyway. K’plah!

Read the story here:
Star Wars-Obsessed Rocket Geeks Build and Launch an X-Wing Fighter

Pixelated Artoo on BoingBoingTV Team | November 19, 2007

Our friends at asked artist extraordinare Adam “Ape Lad” Koford to pixelate R2-D2 and sneak him into the opening credits for BoingBoingTV. And for that way say BEEP (“thanks”)!

Editor Mark Frauenfelder explains the rest of the icons in the intro here: The Iconography of Boing Boing (Boston Globe)

“NY Jedi” Gets Video Coverage

| November 5, 2007


Gizmodo reports on a clip recently run at the ABC News site which reveals a Jedi Training-type class called the New York Jedi Academy (“NY Jedi”). We’d read about this in WIRED magazine a bit over a month ago and mentioned it in a report here.

Check out the video over at Gizmodo or head on over to the ABC News site here here.

Chewie Halloween Costumes Through the Ages

Bonnie Burton | October 31, 2007

Here’s a collection of Chewbacca Halloween costumes that are either recent, homemade or downright retro! HAPPY HALLOWEEN Wookiee-style!


May the Puppies Be With You…

Bonnie Burton | October 30, 2007

Tech guru and Star Wars fan Chris Pirillo sent us this adorable video of his pups (Pixie and Wicket) dressed up as Princess Leia and Darth Vader for Halloween. We can’t help but wonder what these dogs are thinking…

Watch the video here.

Yahoo! Launches The World of Star Wars Team | October 22, 2007

What is The World of Star Wars? The best way to find out is by going there and exploring for yourself. Expect more details later in the near future, but in a nutshell: Yahoo! and Lucasfilm Ltd. have partnered together to create a new, media-rich, personalized and ever-expanding Star Wars experience on the Internet. Take your first step into a larger world here.


Star Wars Galaxies Cut Footloose

Bonnie Burton | October 18, 2007

What happens when gamers need a break from fighting in Star Wars Galaxies? They dance! Dance like they’ve never danced before to the musical stylings of Kenny Loggins. That’s what!

Watch your favorite Star Wars: Galaxies characters reenact dance moves from the last scene in the ’80s classic teen flick Footloose!

Check out the fancy digital footwork here:
Footloose (Star Wars Galaxies)

Financial Planning with Yoda? Team | October 10, 2007

For most of us, figuring out how to invest our money is harder than understanding a screamfest between a Jawa and an Ewok. With that in mind, perhaps your best bet for financial advice is Jedi Master Yoda? Financial adviser and author Alan Haft gives fans the lowdown on everything from investment planning with an open mind to keeping your planning strategy simple — but explained through Star Wars lessons.

As surprising it may sound, when it comes to getting good advice on investing, for a moment, forget The Wall Street Journal and everything else out there. That two-foot, nine-hundred year old creature surprisingly offers some decent advice on investing. In fact, as crazy as it sounds, the entire Star Wars series itself offers some fantastic suggestions to get us on the right path towards success. Only problem is, few people have taken the time to do something as ridiculous as I have: ponder how the classic tale can teach us a few things about making money.

Read more here:
Six Things Star Wars Teaches About Money



Wil Wheaton Talks Star Wars Toys Team | October 10, 2007

(photo by Nicole Love)

Actor, blogger and author Wil Wheaton chats with Xeni Jardin on BoingBoingTV about his love for all things geeky. In his latest book The Happiest Days of Our Lives, Wheaton talks about his favorite Star Wars action figures in the chapter “Blue Light Special.”

“It’s a story about going to K-Mart with my mom when I was 8 or 9. I was very, very young. My mom took my sister to the cosmetics department and my brother and I got to go to the toy department. Back then I remember staring at this infinite wall of action figures and this particular story is this dilemma I think a lot of us had when we were that age — should I save my money for something really cool like the Millennium Falcon or should I buy something right now because I could have it. And the story is about how I’m not able to make a smart choice and save my money and I end up getting something that I really regret.”

Watch the video here (Wheaton shows up halfway through):
Fall TV Shows/Wil Wheaton.

Read Wheaton’s story “Blue Light Special” here.

The 40 Most Memorable Aliens Team | October 9, 2007

The London Times rates their picks for the 40 Most Memorable Aliens of all time. The scores are based on Original Features (how much they vary from the basic humanoid template), Special Powers (any superhuman abilities demonstrated), Messianic Qualities (Many alien stories involve a messianic element, so we felt it was only fair) and of course, the general catch-all Coolness factor.

Ewoks and Max Rebo made the list alongside other memorable aliens such as Cylons (“Battlestar Galactica”), the Borg (“Star Trek”), the Coneheads (“Saturday Night Live”), E.T. and ALF.