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TIE Fighter Battle in the Office

Bonnie Burton | August 12, 2008

We’ve featured Sweded tributes to Star Wars before on this blog, but this might be the first fan film that looks like it was done completely during a lunch break at the office. My personal favorite touches are the low-rent C-3PO and R2-D2 droids, as well as Chewie’s plastic mask with fur! Bravo!

VIDEO: Star Wars TIE Fighter Battle in the Office

DIY Lightsaber Hilt and Effects

Bonnie Burton | August 11, 2008

The creative folks over at IndyMogul have done it again! This time they show you how to make your own lightsaber hilt prop from simple materials available at any hardware store, and then how to make cool special glowy lightsaber effects for your own fan films!

VIDEO: Build a Real Lightsaber and become a Jedi: BFX

Fanboys Producers on “Shootout” Team | August 7, 2008

Recently on the movie interview show “Shootout” on AMC, producers Kevin Spacey and Dana Brunetti chat about how Fanboys got approval from George Lucas himself to shoot at Skywalker Ranch, as well as about the Cancer plot returning to the movie thanks to passionate fans who cared enough to speak out about the changes.

VIDEO: Kevin Spacey and Dana Brunetti on Fanboys (AMC TV)

Boba Fett Flashdance Team | July 3, 2008

Sure that dance sequence with actress Jennifer Beals at the end of Flashdance is awesome, but somehow it seems even more inspiring when a Bob Fett toy shows off the same dance moves. Too bad his jetpack gets in the way of his dance scholarship! Check out this fantastic stop-motion video from Patrick Boivin.

VIDEO: Mandalorian Dance


Obi-Wan Sculpture to Appear in Manhattan Exhibit Team | July 2, 2008


Artist Lawrence Noble, who sculpted the stunning Obi-Wan bust before convention-goers at Celebration IV last summer, has been selected for membership in the prestigious National Sculpture Society and will have a selection of his works showcased in the Society’s headquarters in Manhattan starting July 14.

Here’s their official site’s description of the exhibit:

The Elected Members Invitational showcases the sculpture of some of National Sculpture Society’s finest artists. The open-theme exhibition alternates annually with NSS’s Fellows Invitational and the works on display reflect a level of excellence in figurative sculpture which has become the benchmark of the 115-year old institution. Elected Members from as far away as Ecuador, England, Mexico and Africa submitted work as diverse in subject, style and discipline as their home countries. Highlights include bronze portraits of familiar and fictitious individuals; whimsical characters made of marble, terra cotta and wood; and creatures, both real and imagined, in unexpected settings.

For more information about the exhibit, check out the official National Sculpture Society website here, and also Noble’s official website here.

Cloning Stormtroopers at LEGO Factory Team | June 19, 2008

There’s more than one way to build a clone army! The lucky kids at Gizmodo blog take a tour of the LEGO factory in Denmark.

Check out this video about how the iconic mini-figure gets its characteristic evil look after getting out of the mold machine. The printing of these mini-figs is one of the most expensive and delicate processes at the Lego factory. The rubber stamping has to be done in a very precise way – printing feature by feature in layers – until it’s done.

VIDEO: Galactic Empire Cloning Stormtroopers in Lego Factory
(via Gizmodo blog)

Duel of the Snowboards Team | June 18, 2008

This fan-made film makes me wish the Jedi had snowboards at Hoth.
Don’t miss Boba Fett’s cameo during the battle as well!

VIDEO: Star Wars Snowboarding (via /Film)

SOURCE: Club Jade

R2 Builders Profiled in Servo Team | May 28, 2008

Go inside the creative world of the R2 Builders Club thanks to an extensive profile in the May 2008 issue of Servo magazine for the robot innovator.

Craig Smith advises prospective members about the amount of time it takes to create a droid: “R2 built from scratch or built from club parts is not a quick project. It will take months to complete a static, non-moving display — even years for a motorized version. When I look at the parts on my droid, I recall the week it took to make the shoulders, the days it took to make the ankle covers, the days it took to re-make the ankles themselves because I did not offset them correctly. And there are dozens more parts on the droid with similar memories. A project such as this is a huge commitment!”

Read the full article here:
The R2 Builders Club and the Jedi Code

“Open Road” Tours Lucasfilm Presidio Campus Team | May 7, 2008

The Bay Area travel show “Open Road” explores San Francisco’s Presidio national park, and goes behind the scenes at George Lucas’ Lucasfilm and Industrial Light & Magic campus. Take a tour of the facility including the hallways and server rooms of Lucasfilm, as well as ILM’s motion capture stage!

VIDEO: “Open Road” Visits Lucasfilm at the Presidio


The Best of the Worst Star Wars Wannabes Team | April 30, 2008

(scene from The Humanoid)

Recently sci-fi pop culture blog gave their 2 cents about a lesser-known spaghetti space opera The Humanoid:

It stars Richard Kiel (“Jaws” from the James Bond movies) as a super-soldier — who decapitates like eight guys by throwing one pylon in this clip. It also has some of the best Darth Vader dialog ever, a robot dog named Robodog, a psychic Jedi-child, and an evil queen who has to absorb the juices of one topless young fashion model every day to stay young. The directors of Star Crash and The Humanoid had an undying rivalry, that endured 23 years later, when one of them was working in a gift shop.

Of course, The Humanoid is only one of many cheap ripoffs and campy homages to Star Wars that have a special charm all their own. Whether it’s the Hoff showing off in Starcrash or Roger Corman’s B-grade epic Battle Beyond the Stars, there’s plenty of Star Wars schlock to choose from. Though these not-so-celebrated films may have tanked at the box office on release or were mercilessly heckled by fickle fans, they still have a place in our hearts — misplaced ninjas, gassy aliens, cruddy sword-fights and all.

Here’s our list of The Best of the Worst Star Wars Wannabes: