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Chewie Power Chord Team | April 1, 2009

Using a stratocaster guitar one musical fan just discovered how to sound like a Wookiee!

WATCH VIDEO: Chewbacca recreated on guitar

Star Wars as Dallas

Bonnie Burton | March 30, 2009

After watching this fan-made Dallas-style intro of Star Wars, I’m beginning to wonder if J.R. and Darth Vader were one in the same.

WATCH VIDEO: Star Wars/Dallas Opening

SOURCE: Grant Gould LJ Blog

How does Star Wars end?

Bonnie Burton | March 28, 2009

How well do you think you know the ending of Star Wars compared to what actually happened? Cognitive Daily wondered the same thing and decided to find out what fans would say to that question. Of course, some fans answered about A New Hope, while others thought the question included the whole Star Wars saga.

We asked if respondents knew how it ended, and while 78 percent of respondents said they knew the ending, there was a tremendous range of descriptions of the story’s end.

There were quite a few amusing responses to the “How does Star Wars end” question.

Here’s a selection:

  • Cheering all around the galaxy that they stuck Jar Jar in for no reason.
  • Luke sees Vader in all his Jedi-hologram glory and realizes his father is no longer a part of the dark side.
  • Luke and Leia are brother and sister. Gross!
  • Primitive Ewoks bring down Fascist Galactic Empire. Cuddly improbability.
  • Jedi save the galaxy! Everybody dances around on Endor.
  • Amateur fighter pilot ignores orders, listens to the voices in his head and slaughters thousands.
  • Chewbacca doesn’t get a medal.
  • It doesn’t end!

How does Star Wars end? Depends on how old you are.
(via Cognitive Daily)


Meet Jed I. Knight

Bonnie Burton | March 20, 2009

Even though Fail Blog had this listed as a FAIL, we have to say any kid with the name Jed I. Knight is full of WIN.

Twitter Trench Run Team | March 18, 2009

If you happened to be hanging out on Twitter over the weekend, and follow prominent bloggers like Sean Bonner, Rudy Jahchan, Tara Brown and Veronica Belmont, you may have witnessed a virtual trench run on the Death Star.

The Twitter trench run is the idea of interactive storytelling consultant Jay Bushman who decided to do a social experiment online to see who indeed is strong with the Force. chats with Bushman about #Sxstarwars.

For non-Twitterers, what the heck is SXStarWars all about?

It was like a guerilla improv theater performance, but instead of being done by actors speaking lines in a theater, it was done by people writing lines over a live updating chat room. It was performed during the SXSW Interactive festival; playing on that, all the Twitter posts have the tag #SXStarWars, so you could filter those entries out of the main stream of everything posted

Why did you decided to do SXStarWars on Twitter?

One of my ongoing projects is producing adaptations of classic literature, reconfigured and re-imagined for different forms of web media. I’ve done a sci-fi version of a Melville short story using Twitter,, a contemporary Spoon River Anthology as a group blog and I’m working on a modernized Pride & Prejudice using Facebook. So I’m always thinking of ways to retell familiar stories in new ways, using wide-reaching interactive media tools. I was also involved with a Halloween retelling of War of the Worlds which used Twitter, Google Maps and other web services to allow hundreds of people to recount a Martian invasion, and that got me thinking of how Twitter could be used for live story events.

The specific idea for doing a Star Wars story came from a tweet by Wil Wheaton. One day he wrote, “This is Red 5 standing by,” and was deluged with replies of Star Wars quotes from his followers. In a follow-up, he said that we could mount a serious attack on the Death Star just from people on Twitter, and I instantly thought “Why don’t we go ahead and do just that?”

I offered Wil the role of Han Solo, but unfortunately he had a previous commitment. Actually, I believe what I wrote to him was: “I have a question for you that every man of our generation wishes he’d get asked: How’d you like to be Han Solo?”


Baby’s First Wookiee Word Team | March 18, 2009

Award-winning author Cory Doctorow can now say he’s a proud father to a budding Star Wars fan. The author of the critically-acclaimed young adult novel Little Brother was surprised by his daughter’s first word, inspired by everyone’s favorite Wookiee.

Doctorow tweets:

The baby just said her first word: Chewbacca. SRSLY! She was having her bath with her Star Wars bath toy and staring intently at Chewy. I said, ‘That’s Chewbacca’ and she said ‘Joo-bak-ba!’ Lots!

Check out Cory Doctorow’s Twitter here.

Cantina Theme on Harp Team | March 17, 2009

We’ve heard talented Star Wars fans play their favorite songs from the films on banjos, thermins and even Tesla Coils, but this is the first harp rendition of the Cantina Band theme we’ve witnessed and it’s most impressive. Great job, Benjamin!

WATCH VIDEO: Cantina Band from Star Wars on Harp (via Youtube)

SOURCES:, PopWatch

Tesla Coil Plays Imperial March – By Hand Team | March 16, 2009

We’ve already blogged about ArcAttack playing the Star Wars Imperial theme with a band, but here they are with just one guy playing the theme by hand in a special suit. Now that’s Force lightening!

Parsec Iron Clad, AKA Patrick, AKA Parsnips MonkeyClown builds and tests a new Faraday suit to the tune of the Imperial March.

WATCH VIDEO: Arcattack: Faraday Fun – Imperial March

Star Wars Art Car

Bonnie Burton | February 24, 2009

The Force is strong with this Chevy Cobalt LS nicknamed the “Star Car” painted by Greatlakes Airbrush.

The hood features X-Wing Fighter, Millenium Falcon, Imperial and Corellian Fighters and Death Star plus much more. This is a one of a kind Custom Painted car. Painted Aug. of 2008, John Deltgen and myself worked over 200 hours from preping, creating, producing and finishing this stunning professional paint job in just 4 weeks.

Star Wars Car for Sale (via Art Car Central)


AT-AT iPod Dock

Bonnie Burton | February 24, 2009

You’ve seen the AT-AT Boombox, but for fans who want to charge up their iPods thanks to the Empire there’s the AT-AT iPod Dock.

The AT-AT Walker iPod Dock is Golden (via Gizmodo)