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The Best of #StarWarsBandNames Team | December 1, 2009

Last week on Twitter, Star Wars fans participated in a fun meme — #StarWarsBandNames — that mashed up their favorite band names with Star Wars characters and themes!

Here’s some of our favorites and Twitter fans who submitted them:

Elvis PresLeia — via @trentvanegas
Chewie Lewis and the News — via @wk_marshall
Mös Eisley Crüe — via @ellingson
Tom Petty and The Hothbreakers — via @OneDeadPixel
The Doormés — via @lostmindgrapes
Foo TIE Fighters — via @Kalethan
AT/ST — via @AxeFaktor
Leia in Chains — via @AxeFaktor
30 seconds to Yavin 4 — via @AxeFaktor
Nat King Clone — via @darthvader
Modest Mouse Droid — via @TotalHell
Ace of Rebel Base — via @saperle
The Mighty Mighty Hothtones — via @lizperle
Jedi Temple Pilots — via @IanDavidB
They Might Be Banthas — via @IanDavidB
Bespin Doctors — via @HackeMate
Boomtown Womp Rats — via @MBRigney
Bachman Turner Hyperdrive — via @lizperle
Wedge Zepplin — via @thatsmynewband
Alderaan Duran — via @lizperle
The Beta Bantha — via @HackeMate
Chaka Han — via @lostmindgrapes
All Imperial Rejects — via @awesumness16
Panic at the Death — via @awesumness16
Megadeath-star — via @tvjoel
Jar Jar Binks 182 — via @markhoppus
ELO: Ewok Lightsaber Orchestra — via @Aaronstengel
Aerobith — via @IamWritersblock
Aerosith — via @BaconFortress
Pink Droyd — via @12parsecs
Darth Punk — via @desechable
Soft Cell Block 1138 — via @desechable
Massive At-At-Tack — via @Pwosion
Mos Isley Brothers — via @benmalone1908
Gungan Roses — via @pablofigueroa
Greedo Day — via @desechable
The Rancorteurs — via @stockboybrent
ABBA the Hutt — via @JKLMM
My Chemical Rodian — via @rachel_renegade
REO Landspeederwagon — via @marklisanti
The Wampas and the Papas — via @secondperiod
Boba Fett and The Blackhearts — via @kentology
The Clone Roses — via @theRealBeal
Admiral Ozzel Osbourne — via @theRealBeal
IG-88 degrees — via @DarthMater
U2-D2 — via @GirlDetective & @12parsecs
Death Star for Cutie — via @anthonycid1
Nien Inch Nunbs — via @niennunb
Siouxsie and the Banthas — via @DarthMater
X-Pistols — via @DarthMater
They Might Be Ugnaughts — via @TB5918
Wide Spread Panaka — via @Zeblue_Prime
Goo Goo Talz — via @marc7071
Nine Inch Neimoidians — via @bonniegrrl
The Smashing Porkins — via @danielhaymes
Faith No Maul — via @patomarron
Clan of Mynox — via @desechable
Pearl Zam — via @LukesFather
Earth, Windu & Fire — via @stephencooney
Jefferson Star Destroyer — via @BaconFortress
Johnny Kashyyyk — via @lostmindgrapes
X-Winger — via @lostmindgrapes
Bacta Street Boys — via @stockboybrent
Snowtrooper Patrol — via @sean_pierceCEO
Echo Base & The Bunnymen — via @starwars
The Rolling Clones — via @SueEllenGordon
Jar Jar Binks of Clay — via @trentvanegas
The Alan Parsecs Project — via @reinsmapanna11
A Flock of Mynocks — via @adam807

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Best of #StarWarsThanksgiving Twitter Meme Team | November 27, 2009

This Thanksgiving holiday, Star Wars fans on Twitter decided to celebrate by posting their favorite movie quotes with a festive food twist in the #StarWarsThanksgiving meme.

Here’s some of our favorites:

What is thy basting, my Master? – via @dracoboy

Let the turkey win. – via @gskull

Laugh it up, Butterball. – via @goodhands

May the fork be with you. – via @adventureran

I’d just as soon kiss a turkey. – @adventureran

Stuffing leads to Mashed Potatoes. Mashed Potatoes leads to Gravy. Gravy leads to Turkey. – via @H_Factor73

It’s as if millions of green beans cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. – via @cstephens2

I can’t see him! I can’t Shake ‘n Bake him! – via @ellingson

Flying through hyperspace ain’t like stuffing turkeys, kid. – via @TJ_Will

I recognized your fowl stench when I was brought in board. – via @chadhunter

Uncle Bob doesn’t like you. I don’t like you either. – via @CatRey

Away put your congealed cranberry sauce shaped like a can, I mean you no harm. – via @apelad

Many turkeys died to bring us this meal. – via @rachel_renegade

These aren’t the mashed potaoes you’re looking for. – via @jennsaysmeow

Great pie, kid! That was one in a million! – via @weaselbacon

Judge this turkey by its size, would you? – via @weaselbacon

I find your lack of faith in cranberry sauce disturbing. – via @ohbjuan

If you only knew the power of the Dark Meat! – via ObiWanKenoclue

These are not the yams you are looking for. – @rockandrollgary

I find your lack of pie disturbing. – via @welshmnky

Han Solo: “Great, always thinking with your stomach!” – via @StJoeFreePress

Nice turkey. Either I’m beginning to like it, or I’m going to kill it! – via @TheHalcyon

Hmpf. Turkey. Heh. Stuffing. A Jedi craves not these things. – via @Liinuh

Myself, the boy, 2 droids and do you want us to bring anything? Some wine, maybe? – via @odin42

I am altering the meal. Pray I don’t alter it further. – via darthvader

Tokyo’s Robots Come With Lightsabers

Bonnie Burton | November 25, 2009

Looks like the Jedi and Sith are about to be outsourced. Just when you think IG-110 lightsaber droids were fiction, this happens…

Three Motoman robots from Yaskawa perform coordinated moves with lightsabers at Tokyo’s International Robot Exhibition on Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2009.

WATCH VIDEO: IREX 2009 – Robot lightsaber dance

SOURCE: Gizmodo, Club Jade

Never Cross Jedi Cat! Team | November 25, 2009

Beware mouse droids and feline-hating Sith — there’s a new Jedi master in town and he’s not interested in joining the dark side.

Here’s a Force-tastic fan-made video of a cat who has some rather impressive lightsaber skills. We’re especially delighted with the adorkable roll over lightsaber throw at the end.


Finding Vader in the Strangest Places

Pete Vilmur | November 16, 2009

vader projector

While on eBay recently, I came across a 1950’s stereo 3D projector that features an uncanny resemblance to a certain Sith Lord who wouldn’t appear in our galaxy for another 20-some years (so tempted to pick this up, but it weighs almost 40 pounds!). This find led me to search for other Vader look-alikes that were just happy coincidences (hint — search “darth vader” – [minus] “star wars”). This led me to a ‘40s Zenith console radio with a very Vader-like speaker grill (I think radio collectors even refer to this model as the “Darth Vader”) and a UK motorcycle helmet.


Star Wars Meets Shakespeare Team | November 9, 2009

This week on Twitter, Star Wars fans are trying their hand at re-imagining a galaxy far, far again from the Bard’s perspective. By using the hashtag #ShakespeareStarWars fans have been quoting famous Shakespeare plays with Star Wars characters.

Here’s a listing of some of our favorites:

RT @TroyBeast: A plague on both your droids!

RT @RHicks: Tis a trap!

RT @gaikokujin: TK-421, TK-421, wherefore art thou TK-421?

RT @TopherPolack: Doeth or don’t doeth, thou thall not try.

RT @inter_zone: What lightsaber through yonder window breaks?

RT @inter_zone: A bantha, a bantha, my empire for a bantha!

RT @Grippin_It: Double, double toil and trouble; Mustafar burn, and Gungan bubble.

RT @ficklampa: The Force looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.

RT @darthpiper: The first thing we do, let’s kill all the Jedi.

RT @Tlieso: Taming of the Sarlacc

RT @pixelmatt: Hath not a Jedi eyes? Hath not a Jedi midi-chlorians?

RT @IndieEwok: AT-ST You Like It

RT @IndieEwok: Something Wookiee This Way Comes


About That Princess Leia Sunbathing Photo Team | November 8, 2009

Oh, I’m sure you saw that photo. It was tearing up the internets this past week: the snapshot of Carrie Fisher, in Princess Leia metal bikini-wear, sunbathing with her identically clad stunt double while on set in Arizona for Return of the Jedi.

It really started spreading once Gizmodo posted it, and could be found on JWZ,,,and It was when the Daily Mail got a hold of the story, though, that it took a peculiar turn.


Catch that wrinkle? The “pictures have just been leaked onto the internet, more than 20 years since they were taken.” That definitely makes the story even sexier, which, come on, this is a story that hardly needs it. As exciting as the idea of leaked photos is, it’s not entirely accurate. In fact, we can offer you a “top secret” way to uncover this and even more “leaked photos.”


Verizon Droid Phone vs. C-3PO Team | November 6, 2009

You’ve probably already seen the commercial for Verizon’s new phone Droid — as well as the fan spoof iDon’t Care. But how would the Droid phone measure up against a Star Wars droid?

Josh Wigler at MTV Movies Blog takes a closer look at why owning an actual droid from Star Wars would be so much cooler than Verizon’s Droid phone.

The Verizon Droid can connect to the Internet, which gives you access to a whole host of useful information from around the globe. But with your very own 3PO model, you could not only access all of that same information, you’d also have better storage space thanks to the droid’s AA-1 VerboBrain. In some cases, you’d even be able to take advantage of the droid’s TranLang III Communicator module, which allows for fluency in six million different forms of communication. If that feature doesn’t speak your language, I don’t know what will.

Even if the Verizon Droid doesn’t have the same storage space as a 3PO model, it certainly has more room than most affordable cellular devices on the market. What it most assuredly does not have, however, is a hidden lightsaber compartment with ejector like the R2-series astromech droid. That feature really comes in handy, particularly when you’re staring down into the sandy maw of a Sarlacc Pit.

For the sake of argument, let’s suppose that the Verizon Droid does have space for a hidden lightsaber compartment. It still wouldn’t beat out robot assassin IG-88, one of the galaxy’s single-greatest cybernetic bounty hunters. Most of us aren’t looking to contract out a mercenary — let alone a robotic one — but if ever the situation arises where somebody really grinds your gears, wouldn’t you at least want the option of a self-aware, rail-thin android killer at your disposal? It’s a fair question worth mulling over.

Read the full article here:
Is The Verizon Droid The Droid You’re Looking For… Or One Of These Star Wars Droids Instead?
(via MTV Movies Blog)

Star Wars Teaches Us About Career Management Team | November 4, 2009

The next time you want to chat with your boss about getting raise, or you need to ask a co-worker to stop screaming at you about lost memos, perhaps you should channel your inner Jedi Master or Sith Lord.

“It’s very dangerous putting them together. I don’t think the boy can handle it.” -Mace Windu
File Under: Human Capital Management; Succession Planning
Star Wars Moment: The Jedi Counsel assigns an impressionable and unstable Anakin Skywalker, who is supposed to bring balance to the Force, peace to the galaxy, etc., to serve as the “personal representative” for Supreme Chancellor Palpatine to the Jedi Council. Never mind that Palpatine makes most Jedi Knights uneasy and fear for the future of the Galactic Republic.
Real-World Lesson: Not the wisest idea to allow the “chosen one” and the best hope for the future of your company to be mentored or influenced by an individual you don’t fully trust.

“Commander, tear this ship apart until you’ve found those plans!” -Darth Vader
File Under: Project Management; Risk Management
Star Wars Moment: Rebels are able to acquire a secret set of plans to the Empire’s Death Star, and eventually exploit a weakness and destroy the moon-size battle station.
Real-World Lesson: If you’ve got to nail “The Big Project,” think carefully about the worst, most gaping vulnerability in the project. And don’t, under any circumstances, allow that vulnerability to leak out onto, say, the Internet.

Read the rest here:
What Star Wars Teaches Us About Career Management

Why X-wings don’t have cup holders

Bonnie Burton | November 4, 2009

There’s a reason why you shouldn’t eat while flying an X-wing into battle, and this is it. Check out this fan-made tribute video honoring everyone’s favorite ill-fated Rebel pilot, Jek Porkins.

This is an instructional video on what not to while driving a starfighter capable of Mach 65. Ergo — don’t eat cheeseburgers at the wheel, people.

Maybe those folks who built that real X-wing in Plaster or wherever it was, could learn a lesson from the master of nose-dives!

WATCH VIDEO: Porkins Video Tribute