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I’d Just as Soon Kiss a Wookiee: Star Wars Romances

Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala in Revenge of the Sith - a classic Star Wars couple

Where would the universe be without love? The fate of the Star Wars universe has been decided several times by the consequences of love for the better and for the worse. The forbidden love between Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala sealed the doom of the decaying Galactic Republic. Anakin’s fear of losing Padmé led him on a quick and dark path that enabled Darth Sidious to complete his triumph over the Jedi Knights. But then again, it was his compassion for Luke that made Darth Vader break free from Darth Sidious’ oppression and allowed him to spend the last moments of his tragic life in the companionship of his son. Luckily, not all romantic relationships in the Star Wars galaxy had repercussions that made the entire universe tremble with fear. In this blog we’ll have a look at some of the more unusual couples from the Star Wars universe.


The Best Holidays and Celebrations in the Galaxy…and Empire Day, Too

Tim Veekhoven & Kevin Beentjes | December 20, 2013

Coruscant celebration from Return of the Jedi

It’s not because the word “wars” can be found in the saga’s title that the people of the galaxy never made time for a proper holiday or celebration. Holidays were a part of everyday life to the average Barada or Wedge, if they were lucky enough to live in freedom or on a planet where government didn’t suppress celebrations. But then again, even the Hutts gave their slaves a holiday that “rewarded” their servants with festivities.

The heroes of the saga took part in several celebrations that happened after important victories over the forces of evil. When the Trade Federation was defeated, Queen Amidala handed Boss Rugor Nass the Globe of Peace in the city of Theed, and united the Gungans and the Naboo after many years of uneasy relationships. After the destruction of the Death Star Princess Leia Organa bestowed Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, the new poster boys of the Rebel Alliance, with Medals of Bravery (which was later also given to Chewbacca). The biggest celebration probably took place after the second Death Star had been destroyed and Emperor Palpatine had been killed. Not just on Endor, but throughout the galaxy, supporters of the Rebel Alliance and the ideals of the Republic and democracy, cheered, danced, and toppled statues.


Galaxy Building, from Alderaan to Utapau

Tim Veekhoven & Kevin Beentjes | December 13, 2013


Tatooine, Alderaan, Hoth, Bespin, and Yavin are names of Star Wars planets that all fans are quite familiar with nowadays. With Star Wars Rebels and several new movies on their way, we’ll soon get acquainted with new planets we might have never heard of before. Or perhaps the names of these planets will sound familiar after all.

The Dark Horse Comics adaptation of The Star Wars brings to life the rough draft from 1974 by George Lucas, and the series enables us to get a better look at planets that appeared in the early imaginings of The Star Wars, such as Aquilae and Ophuchi. With the recent release of The Making of Return of the Jedi the circle of the classic “making of” books by Jonathan Rinzler is complete. This trilogy offers a great amount of information about the different drafts that were written for the films.

Let’s have a look at the names of the planets and moons that were used in the drafts of the movies. Maybe we will see some of them resurface sooner or later…


The Star Wars Holiday Special Cantina: Who’s Who

Bea Arthur in the Star Wars Holiday Special

The Star Wars Holiday Special celebrates its 35th anniversary this year. The show aired in the US on November 17, 1978, on CBS for the first and only time. The 97-minute special would also air in other countries. It’s safe to assume that it probably wasn’t what most fans had expected it to be. It featured Leia singing lyrics to the Star Wars Main Theme, it featured Luke who apparently hadn’t visited a Sullustan Barber (and with a lot of make-up), and it showed a bunch of strange (musical) intermezzo’s that were more than awkward. Since its initial release, there hasn’t been much love and appraisal for the Holiday Special. Therefore it has never been officially released on any medium by Lucasfilm.


Drawing from the Imagination: Mythological Creatures in Star Wars, Part 2

Mythological creatures come in any shape and size, their appearance only limited by the boundaries of the human imagination. Earth’s history is full of mythological creatures and fabled monsters, some of which have found their way to the Star Wars universe, either in form or in name. In the first installment we talked about story inspirations and about names of mythological creatures that are used in the Star Wars universe. This time we’ll elaborate on the mythological creatures from Earth that have appeared in the Star Wars universe in some form or another.

Creature Feature

Angels and demons are found in a range of religions and mythologies. Angels are best known for their role in Abrahamic religions, where they are celestial beings that act as a connection between heaven and earth, often as guiding spirits. Their depiction in art usually has them resemble glowing humans with bird-like wings, dressed in flowing robes. The opposite of the benevolent guardians, demons are malevolent spirits and sometimes even fallen angels (like the biblical devil, Satan). The Diathim and Maelibi are mysterious species often referred to as Angels and Demons, respectively. The Diathim are glowing, winged sentients inhabiting the moons (the ‘heavens’) of Iego, while the Maelibi live under the surface of the planet (the “underworld”). The Diathim were considered to be the most beautiful creatures in the universe and part of numerous wild tales told by spacers at every local cantina. The skin of a Mealibus looked like it was formed from molten gold. Their large horns and sharp claws endorsed their demonic appearance. Maelibi used their songs to disrupt brainwaves and cause a hypnotic compulsion that would eventually lead to their prey being ensnared and eaten alive.

Mythology - Iego


Drawing from the Imagination: Mythological Creatures in Star Wars, Part 1

Mythological creatures come in any shape and size, their appearance only limited by the boundaries of the human imagination. Earth’s history is full of mythological creatures and fabled monsters, some of which have found their way to the Star Wars universe, either in form or in name. While the best known creatures are probably from Greek mythology, the most prominently referenced specimens have their origin in the Old Testament. The behemoth and the leviathan are mentioned in the Book of Job and have become the metaphors for any large monster or sea creature, respectively. Star Wars knows several of these creatures. The Behemoth from the World Below and the Sith Behemoths were creations of Sith alchemy, as were several incarnations of the leviathan. Other leviathans lived on Dorumaa and Arrakan.

Mythology - Leviathan

Since the Bible didn’t include too many clues towards the appearance of these monsters, the behemoths and leviathans featured in Star Wars and many other stories come in many different forms. Therefore, the link between Earth mythology and the creatures and sentients of the saga may not be as obvious as with some of the other fabled beasts that made their way into a galaxy far, far away…


Star Wars Celebration Europe Trivia Challenge with TeeKay-421


The TeeKay-421 Quizmeeting is an annual event, feared by all contestants. We thought Star Wars Celebration Europe would be an excellent opportunity to offer fans around the world a taste of what our trivia contests are made of.

After our idea was approved by Mary Franklin, our core team created a series of questions. Before we decided to go with the final selection of questions, we had several debates about which should be included and which shouldn’t. Since every member of the core team had his preferences, we found a great balance between movies, television, source, Expanded Universe, merchandising and behind the scenes. Some of our most difficult questions were abandoned, because we feared nobody would know the answer (the name of the last Snivvian dictator was among the deleted questions). We also immediately decided that the challenge should not be an easy one. There’s just no fun in answering easy questions, is there?


Drawing from the Past: How Prehistoric Creatures Influence Star Wars Designs


A lost world in a galaxy far, far away…

Dinosaurs and other prehistoric life forms have more in common with Star Wars than one would expect. Their awe-inspiring and mysterious fossils may be all that’s left from their existence, and mankind has always been fascinated by the life that once roamed the earth. Many children will surely remember having a “dinosaur-period” during their childhood and the release of Jurassic Park (1993) resulted in a revival of interest in all things prehistoric.

Appearing in early Expanded Universe sources, several prehistoric life forms from Earth actually exist in the Star Wars universe. Giant reptiles, called Dinosaurs, lived on Trammis III, a planet situated in The Centrality. The Pterosaur of Ammuud is another example of a prehistoric creature that found its way to the Star Wars universe. A cast from the skull of an Apatosaurus was even used in A New Hope, to create the Krayt Dragon skeleton.

In this entry we will take a closer look at 10 species or creatures from that galaxy, far, far away that are reminiscent of prehistoric life forms. Not just dinosaurs, but also prehistoric mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and even insects will cross our path.