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Field Report from Toy Fair: LEGO Clone Wars

Pete Vilmur | February 20, 2008

A pair of Bodyguard Magna-Droids from The Clone Wars collection.

In addition to posting images of some of the new products coming from LEGO’s Toy Fair reveal last Friday, we’ve got StarWarsShop’s Matt Martin on the floor to send back images from the LEGO booth itself.

The new line based on The Clone Wars is looking better than ever, and these pictures bring a nice sense of scale and detail to the kits that’s not always apparent in the press kit imagery. Make sure to check out all the images after the jump!


Missing in Action: Rusty Miller

Pete Vilmur | February 19, 2008


A fan named Payton emailed us this weekend with a link to a blog entry he’d just made asking after the whereabouts of one Mr. Rusty Miller, the 12-year-old author of 1982’s Jedi Master’s Quizbook (making him about 37 years old this year).

Truth be told, we here at have had an open MIA file on Mr. Miller for some time, hoping to track down the fan prodigy for a chance to catch up on his adult life, career, and whether or not Star Wars still fits into it.


Sideshow Unveils General Kenobi from Clone Wars

Pete Vilmur | February 18, 2008


At Toy Fair this weekend, Sideshow Collectibles unveiled their General Kenobi 12-inch figure, which is based on the costuming seen in the first Clone Wars animated series. The Sideshow exclusive edition will include a transparent clone hologram. Pre-orders will begin at Sideshow on February 22nd, so make sure to be there bright and early that day!


Hasbro’s The Force Unleashed Collections

Pete Vilmur | February 17, 2008

tfu_junglerancor.jpg Jungle Rancor (with Felucian shaman) will be a Target exclusive available in April

Hasbro revealed a bit of what we can expect from their The Force Unleashed lines, including a very cool Jungle Rancor set. More pics below.


Hasbro’s Star Wars Evolutions, Well, Evolves

Pete Vilmur | February 17, 2008

fettlegacy.jpg The Fett Legacy

According to Hasbro’s Toy Fair presentation, there will be four new Evolutions packs this fall, three of which we’ve showcased here. Check more images below.


Next Waves of Mighty Muggs On Their Way

Pete Vilmur | February 17, 2008

mmwave3 Look for Wave 3 in May

Hasbro promises over 25 new additions to their popular Mighty Muggs collection in 2008, the next eight of which are presented here. That Lando Mugg brings new meaning to the moniker “Old Smoothie”…

mmwave4 Wave 4 is coming in June

Hasbro’s New Monster AT-TE

Pete Vilmur | February 17, 2008


Called “the big one” in Hasbro’s Toy Fair presentation, the new AT-TE looks to rival the classic AT-AT in terms of sheer size (ok, it’s not as tall, but certainly as cool!). Check out more AT-TE images after the jump!


Hasbro’s Clone Wars Vehicles Revealed at Toy Fair

Pete Vilmur | February 17, 2008

shuttle (V-19 Torrent fighter) A.K.A Clone Shuttle

Boy, the Clone Wars goodness keeps pouring in from New York this weekend with a batch of Hasbro images showcasing three vehicles from their new line. More after the jump!


LEGO Clone Wars & Indy IV at Toy Fair

Pete Vilmur | February 16, 2008

2 7673 LEGO V-19 Torrent

Today, LEGO officially unveiled eight new sets from their upcoming Clone Wars and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull lines at New York’s Toy Fair!

Be sure to click below to check out all the images!


Star Wars Merch That Never Was

Pete Vilmur | February 12, 2008


Oh man, we sure wish some of these rejected product ideas pitched by Pepsi back in 1999 had seen the light of day — an AT-AT chair caddy? A Han in Carbonite mini-fridge? Princess Leia headphones? And the best of all, a Jabba the Hutt beanbag chair? The company did end up releasing some pretty cool life-size statues of Jar-Jar, Darth Maul, Yoda, and Watto, but come on, they couldn’t throw in a Jedi Mood Ring?

Let’s hope it’s not too late for some of these inspired ideas to eventually come down the pike. Until then, head on over to to check them out.