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Rare Posters and Premiums Shared at CJ Collecting Panels

Pete Vilmur | July 19, 2008


One of the rare opportunities offered by the Japanese venue for this year’s Celebration is a chance to hear first hand from expert Japanese collectors about rare items and the often obscure histories associated with them. Most of these collectibles and the stories behind them rarely make their way across the Pacific.

On Saturday, poster collector Hideyuki Takizawa and candy premium collector You Katagiri discussed some little-known facts about some of the extremely rare collectibles produced during the late ’70s and early ’80s in Japan, complete with a Powerpoint presentation showcasing many never-before-seen images.

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Fan-Made Revenge Comic from 1980

Pete Vilmur | June 17, 2008


Back in 1980, if you were a kid leaving the theater after just witnessing The Empire Strikes Back’s multitude of unanswered questions – is Vader really Luke’s father? Will Han escape from the carbonite? Did the ice-cream-maker guy escape Cloud City? — then you may have been inspired like artist/illustrator Dave Lowe, who at 14 years old drafted up his own comic version of the saga’s final chapter three years before its release.

It’s not the Revenge, er, Return of the Jedi we know, but it is surprisingly competent – both artistically and narratively – for a 9th grade Star Wars fan in 1980.

Head on over to Dave’s blog for a list of the chapters — don’t scroll down below the list, though, or you’ll spoil the ending!

Star Wars Knock-Offs of the ’70s

Pete Vilmur | June 16, 2008


Brian Heiler over at recently posted a cool article about blatant ‘70s Star Wars rip-off toys – you know, those quasi-Star Wars wannabes that got you teased on the playground when trying to pass off that “S.T.A.R. Team” villain for Darth Vader or the “Star Hawk” for a Y-wing.

Check out the article here.

Growing Up Star Wars

Pete Vilmur | June 6, 2008


Got some old snapshots of yourself in the late ‘70s/early ‘80s wearing old Star Wars pjs? How about that Wookiee costume you donned at Halloween ’78? Did your mom snap you tearing open that Boba Fett action figure from Christmas ’83?

Well get that old Kodak moment scanned and uploaded to Glen Mullaly’s new Flickr group called “Growing Up Star Wars: 1977-1985” where nearly a couple hundred 30-something fans are already sharing their old faded snapshots from the days of yore.

Now, if only transferring those old super-8 home movies to digital were as painless…

Boba Fett Charity Pin Sale

Pete Vilmur | May 27, 2008


The Washington DC Metro Area Star Wars Collecting Club (DCSWCC) is proud to announce their third bi-annual charity lapel pin sale.

The 2008 pin features animated Boba Fett with DCSWCC’s signature Washington Monument as his rocket, in honor of the 30th anniversary of his appearance in The Star Wars Holiday Special. Third in DCSWCC’s series of high-quality cloisonné lapel pins, officially sanctioned by Lucasfilm Ltd., each pin is individually stamped and numbered on the back. Only 1000 will ever be made.


Cool R2-D2 Collection Video

Pete Vilmur | April 29, 2008


Dustin Roberts, former Star Wars Fan Club president and owner of – a site devoted to all things Artoo — recently posted a cool video short showcasing his vast collection of Star Wars merch. Naturally, it’s astromech-heavy, but also a wonderful example of how to successfully showcase a collection (space-challenged collectors will be jealous!).

We asked Dustin a few questions about his collection – check out his responses and a link to the video short after the jump –


Star Wars Collecting in Poland

Pete Vilmur | April 24, 2008


While it seems Star Wars merchandise has been produced in nearly every corner of the globe, it’s not often collectors have an opportunity to explore the hobby in any depth within those areas obscured by a formidable language barrier. That’s why the recent article on Polish Star Wars collectibles posted at (via is such a boon for Western collectors – for the first time, we get some informative insights on the posters, books, pencil toppers and more to come from Poland, a country where information on Star Wars collectibles has always seemed murky at best.

Written by Kuba Turkiewicz with translation by Lukasz “Miagi” Mlotkowski, this fantastic article is coupled with a second piece focusing on the world of Polish bootleg Star Wars action figures – a sideline category that’s picked up a lot of momentum in recent years among diehard Kenner collectors.

You can check out the comprehensive article of Star Wars Polish collectibles here, and the follow-up on Polish action figures here.

Antiques Roadshow Star Wars Appraisal

Pete Vilmur | April 15, 2008


If you happen to catch Antiques Roadshow last night, you may have seen collector Matt Gibson get an early Star Wars printing block appraised at $300-400!

An extremely rare piece, this particular block was used to print ads for Dolby’s new six-track stereo system, a breakthrough in theatrical sound presentation that Star Wars helped to make popular. Ads printed from this block appeared as early as December, 1976, in industry trade magazines such as Boxoffice.

Click here to check out a video edit of the appraisal.

Axis vs. Allies Star Wars-Style

Pete Vilmur | April 14, 2008


Created by figure customizers Sillof & Glorbes, this set of World War II-era Star Wars characters looks like something out of a vintage B-movie serial – which isn’t altogether inappropriate come to think of it.

Captain Han Solo with leather flight jacket – yeah, that feels about right. And we love the dual curved cartridges on Chewbacca’s rifle doubling for his signature splayed-front bowcaster. The stormtroopers look like, well, their classic namesake, and Fett still fits the feel of his cinematic counterpart, minus the missile-firing backpack.

The biggest props have to go to the Luke Skywalker figure, though – amazingly, these customizers were able to repurpose the “beefed-up” Luke action figure from the mid-90s, which for all intents and purposes was a pretty big miss in most fans’ books.

Hopefully we can look forward to some Rebel Spitfires and Imperial Stukas rolling off the assembly line soon. Check out the full set of figures here.

1977 Star Wars Van Up for Bids

Pete Vilmur | March 17, 2008


For anyone who experienced Star Wars in the ‘70s, you’ll remember the custom van was as much a part of the mainstream as disco and shag carpet. And since pop-culture is notorious for cross-pollination (Star Wars disco, anyone?), we got ourselves a lot-full of customized Star Wars vans back in the day. While these were popular for a few years, most were either junked or painted over by the time the Reagan Era rolled in.

But once in a blue moon-roof, one of these anachronistic behemoths of the ‘70s rears its chrome-tipped tailpipes to count itself among the survivors of a lost moment in pop culture history. And as all things eventually reach eBay, one of these rare gems is currently riding a modest bid of just one grand – roof rust and all.

We’re hopeful the winner will decide keep the original Star Wars deco – and that, um, ‘classic’ ‘70s interior. An 8-track quadraphonic looping Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk might be a nice touch, too. Check out the eBay listing here.