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He’s No Guac to Me Dead

Pete Vilmur | February 4, 2009

guacsolo.jpg reports the winners of Guac Bowl 2009 today, an annual event that attracts entries from guacamole aficionadoes. While “He’s No Guac to Me Dead” didn’t take this year’s Best Presentation Trophy (that went to an entry titled “Ms. Guac Man”), we think Rob Saccenti’s Han-in-carbonite creation is definitely double-dip-worthy.

From the story:

Saccenti once again wowed spectators with “He’s No Guac to Me Dead,” a life-size replica of Han Solo encased in carbonite and guacamole, but the only trophy his Guac Solo came close to winning was the Icarus Award.

Check out the full story and other winning entries here.

Rare Hungarian Star Wars on Ebay

Pete Vilmur | January 27, 2009


When it comes to Star Wars posters, sometimes bizarre is better. This recent eBay auction for a rare Hungarian Star Wars poster, which depicts a strange grill-mouth Vader with sword-wielding dragon, recently sold for nearly $700. Not bad for a film whose title most of us probably can’t pronounce (“Csillagok Haboruja”).

Obama Action Figure Duels Vader

Pete Vilmur | January 21, 2009


We’re not exactly sure if this is an officially-licensed Presidential action figure or not, but the fact that it’s posed with none other than Darth Vader makes it too irresistible — not to mention timely — not to mention here. Lucas must have been on to something when he singled out Obama as a modern-day hero-in-the-making last June.

Check out more pics of this striking figure apparently from Japan.


Empire Billboard Fetches $14K on eBay

Pete Vilmur | January 15, 2009


There used to be a day when you could hardly give billboard posters away — they were too large to easily display, and mounting them archivally on a roll of linen was cost-prohibitive. But, like many things, Star Wars seems to have changed the rules on that. Perfect example was a recent eBay auction for a rare Empire billboard poster which yielded 10 bids reaching $14,000, quite a respectable sum for any Star Wars poster.

Boba Underoos Fettch $100 on Ebay

Pete Vilmur | December 19, 2008


You know when fans bid up a set of 1980 Boba Fett Underoos to $104 that the galaxy’s baddest bounty hunter has still got it. For that price, the underwear better be really fun to wear!


Found on eBay: African Ewoks Poster Art

Pete Vilmur | December 12, 2008


We caught this item on eBay a few weeks ago and thought it was pretty cool. According to the seller’s description, movie posters in some West African regions hand-painted oversize movie posters back in the day in order to travel with the film as it toured several theater venues. From the description:

The artist had the freedom to add or change scenes seen or not seen in the film in order to make the poster more attractive!…These posters were rolled or folded and easy to move around with the mobile Cinema…The profits of the mobile Cinema operators were also reduced and they were not able to afford the “expensive” talented artist to paint their signboards anymore!

This artwork is actually based on a similar poster used internationally for the video release of Battle for Endor in 1986, although in this instance the artist’s sense of proportion appears a bit skewed (we’ve heard of strong-headed heroes, but big-headed?). Gladly, the piece was successfully sold to one lucky bidder who might want to proudly display it over the living room sofa.

Or not.

Found on Ebay: Ultimate Ultimate Hasbro Falcon

Pete Vilmur | December 2, 2008


Think Hasbro’s new Millennium Falcon toy was a huge cut above the original 1970′s version? Well, it looks like one enthusiast has upped the stakes and served up a professionally detailed, screen-accurate version of the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy by enhancing the toy with some model-weathering know-how.

From the auction description:

This craft has been totally repainted by a professional and is now screen accurate! Lots of time and detail went it to authenticating the Falcon right down to is grill vents. References come from many sources to include Magic of Myth and productions stills. The cockpit is repainted to match up with the screen version and looks awesome! Pictures just don’t do this auction justice! The entrance ramp was repainted to look more like the movie version! Med bay was painted to look more realistic and most of the Falcon was weathered to give it that rustic feel that the ship truly had!

The auction closed without any bidders, but we’ll admit, we were pretty tempted to pick this up for the Online office! Check out the original auction here.


Did the shoes give me away?

Pete Vilmur | November 5, 2008


We thought we’d start highlighting some of the cooler Star Wars finds making their way to eBay these days, beginning with this obscure unlicensed toy from Amico in 1978.

This silver stormtrooper toy knock-off apparently came in black, too, sans the shiny red shoes. Maybe the designers were going for a Tin Man/Dorothy/Stormtrooper hybrid? In any case, we’re keeping an eye out for one of these babies…

ILM Halloween Invites Retrospective

Pete Vilmur | October 29, 2008

ilm_hall.jpg recently posted a short retrospective of some of the cooler ILM Halloween Party invitations released over the last 10 years, several of which give more than a slight nod to Star Wars. These are often prized by Star Wars collectors for their fun spin on the property and their insider appeal. This year’s “Leia Vamp” may top them all.

And just for kicks, here’s a mock-up design I threw out there a couple years ago that didn’t take — Grievous as Jack Skellington was just too good to pass up. Enjoy…


Lost McQuarrie Art Revealed at CJ Panel

Pete Vilmur | July 19, 2008


When John Scoleri, co-author of the recent Art of Ralph McQuarrie book, discovered that a stash of early Star Wars illustrations had been uncovered behind a broken furnace in the artist’s home, he was elated — and frustrated. He and co-author Stan Stice had just sent their Art of Ralph McQuarrie to print — too late to include the new material. Fortunately for us, along came Celebration Japan.

Scoleri and Stice felt the event would be a great opportunity to showcase some of this lost art, and have put together a fantastic convention exclusive that’s sure to have many Star Wars and Mcquarrie fans calling in favors to their Japanese friends.

See more lost McQuarrie artwork after the jump –