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Starring R2-D2 and Shmi Skywalker!

Pablo Hidalgo | June 18, 2007‘s listing for Episodes I and III on DVD have credits in alphabetical order, producing some unlikely marquees. At last, the true stars of the saga get center stage!



The other films in the series, though, have credits listed in billing order.

Astromechs in Action

Pablo Hidalgo | June 12, 2007

A showcase of some of the amazing astromech droids crafted by the R2 Builders, including clips from the Extreme Droid Challenge and proof that R5-D4 should have been a daycare supervisor. Kids love him.

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Watching Young Lando Grow Up

Pablo Hidalgo | May 30, 2007

This is my favorite thing about covering several Celebrations: running into familiar people again and again.


Celebration II (2002)


Celebration III (2005)


Celebration IV (2007)

Webstrip Chatter at Celebration IV

Pablo Hidalgo | May 27, 2007

Earlier today at Celebration IV, Joe Corroney, Tom Hodges and myself sat and chatted with Hyperspace members in the Fan Club Lounge. Much of the chatter was about The Clone Wars trailer, which had just debuted that day, but we did turn specifically to the subject of webstrips eventually, and here’s what we had to say.


And the Final Book in the Legacy of the Force series is…

Pablo Hidalgo | May 25, 2007

Invincible, by Troy Denning.

That was the big news out of The Legacy of the Force publishing panel. More on this later (watch this space)…

Slave Leia Belly Dancing! (We Suspect You May Be Interested…)

Pablo Hidalgo | May 25, 2007

Amira Sa’id, acclaimed professional belly dancer (and Star Wars fan!) is teaching fans how to belly dance in her special seminars. Sa’id is performing in the fan-favorite costume — her Slave Leia outfit. More Slave Leia costumers are welcome to join her for her lessons, but all fans can take part, or just come to enjoy the show.

Sa’id, who has a degree in physics, is a professional belly dance instructor, choreographer, and performer from Orlando, Florida. Her award-winning belly dancing tribute to Princess Leia has been in demand at conventions nationally since its debut in 2005. The name Amira Sa’id means “happy princess” in Arabic. Amira hopes all her audiences will share her joy and join the dance.

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Cryptic Tease Spotted on

Pablo Hidalgo | May 24, 2007

Anyone else see this intriguing little image on the front page of

Pardon the coyness, but I wonder what that’s all about?

Cryptic Tease

Hitting the Ground Running: R2-C4 Print

Pablo Hidalgo | May 23, 2007

We’re now in Los Angeles, and sitting in our inbox is a missive from Don Bies, Droid Supervisor for the prequel trilogy and generally recognized as the guy who keeps R2-D2 ticking. He sends us a rather cool looking print that should look familiar to those of who have DK’s Star Wars: Complete Visual Dictionary. Here’s the description:

“Another C-IV exclusive! Don Bies and CG Artist Mike Verta have teamed together to produce this digital high quality print of an expanded view of R2-D2. Limited to only three, it is printed on canvas and measures 27″ X 42″ and is signed by the artists. It will be on display in the R2 Builders room and will be auctioned off for charity via silent auction on Sunday. For more details, stop by the R2 builders room.”