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Celebration Europe: The Great Building Game Begins!

Mary Franklin | November 13, 2012


Yesterday, for a good part of the day, I took over one of our big conference room tables here at Lucasfilm and started playing a big puzzle game with the floorplan of the Messe Essen in Germany.

My task: To look over all kinds of different ways to pack as much fun and excitement into our space as possible. Star Wars Celebration Europe next summer will be the biggest Star Wars event ever in Germany, and we want to make sure all the very best in Star Wars fits in the best possible way.


Report from the Star Wars Celebration Europe II Tour

Mary Franklin | October 30, 2012


After meeting with Star Wars fans in London, Germany, and Belgium over the past two weeks, I’m once again awed and inspired by the creativity (and organization!) of the fan community.

In prepping for Celebration Europe II, I was also able to spend quality time in the Essen convention center (Messe Essen) with some colleagues from Lucasfilm and our counterparts at ReedPOP. We considered possible floor plans, went over the audio/visual and other technical details, and eyed up some spaces for possible evening events.

This solid planning, plus the fact that tickets will go on sale very soon at, makes me feel like we are well underway to an exciting event next July.


Celebration Europe: A True Force of Fans

Mary Franklin | October 16, 2012

Celebration_Europe_Final_LogoI’ve been back in the States from my Namibia trip barely one week, and tomorrow morning I’m taking off to work at Brand Licensing Europe in London. I’ll be in London for the week, then will travel on to Essen, Germany for Celebration Europe meetings, then finally take a too-quick trip to Belgium and the fabled fan-built Star Wars prop warehouse.


Messe Essen, Here We Come

Mary Franklin | October 3, 2012


When this blog is posted, I’ll (hopefully) be almost ready to head back to the States after a little R&R (riding and refocusing) in Namibia.


Star Wars Celebration Blues

Mary Franklin | September 17, 2012


The time leading up to each Star Wars Celebration is an incredible adrenaline buzz, for me and I’m sure for hundreds of other people who are involved in the show – getting ready for the stages, finishing their fan exhibit, or completing their costume for the masquerade. There is so much to do that it’s the main focus of life – of my life certainly.


SWCVI: What I Want to Do, Part Two

Mary Franklin | August 21, 2012

If I were enjoying Celebration as an attendee rather than enjoying it as a worker, here’s what I would do after I took Joel Aron’s photography class (discussed in my previous blog, Part One).

Build Some Tatooine

Tusken Hut

Tusken Hut


SWCVI: What I Want to Do, Part One

Mary Franklin | August 20, 2012
 Mary Franklin Self Portrait

Mary Franklin Self Portrait

Each Celebration, while working on the programming for the show, I come up with a mental list of what I would do if I were coming to the show as an attendee rather than as part of the production.

Don’t get me wrong – what I do is really fun. I can’t think of any job I would rather do, nor really of anything I would rather do than be behind the scenes at a Celebration. But if I could sneak away from responsibility for a bit here’s where I would go:


SDCC: Lucasfilm Pavilion Sneak Peek

Mary Franklin | July 11, 2012

Tuesday night at the Lucasfilm Pavilion, San Diego Comic-Con International. The build is just starting to come together for the preview night tomorrow night. Read on for some impressions and photos from behind-the-scenes as we finish getting ready…


SDCC: It’s Show Time!

Mary Franklin | July 10, 2012

It’s that time of year. San Diego Comic-Con International and Star Wars Celebration are as good as started, and we’re on the verge of showing and sharing a lot of really cool stuff with fans of Star Wars and of pop culture. Keep reading for some details on what to expect from us at this year’s Comic-Con…


Introducing… Mary Franklin

Mary Franklin | July 9, 2012

Editor’s Note: Fans who have attended previous Star Wars Celebrations, or visited Lucasfilm’s booths at ComicCon or other major events, might well recognize Mary Franklin. Since 2001, Mary has been coordinating events large and small for Lucasfilm, and is often one of the main points of contact with the fan community. She also edits Bantha Tracks, the fan mail column in Star Wars Insider, and starting now, will be a regular blogger here at, covering the worlds of events and fandom. Read on for her first dispatch…