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Rogue Leaders is ‘Heaven’ for the Hardcore

Brooks Brown | December 3, 2008

As we here at LucasArts ramp up to the release of our history to the public in book form, our favorite fan sites are beginning to take notice. The much-beloved International House of Mojo has gone over the book itself with a fine-toothed comb and obviously fallen in love with it quite readily. To quote:

What will interest many people is the wonderful amount of previously unseen concept art, storyboards, puzzle flow-charts and other cool behind-the-scenes stuff for many of LEC’s games. There’s Steve Purcell’s alternate Monkey Island 2 covers, some of Peter Chan’s storyboards from Grim Fandango, the original Full Throttle logo and the notes for adjustment, designs for most of the creatures in The Dig, and even a letter from George Lucas praising the team after the success of Rebel Assault. For a lifelong Mojo reader, this is heaven. 

I’m glad they enjoyed it as much as myself. Coffee table books are sadly rare for us gamers, and one as well-crafted as this deserves a place in any gamers home.  To read the rest of their review, head over to and give it a read.

Rob Smith, the author of the book, should be proud. Even the most hardcore fans loved it. That’s saying something!

Create Your Own Geeky Avatar

Brooks Brown | November 26, 2008

With the latest update to our 360′s worldwide, one of the odder features is the inclusion of ‘Mii-Like’ avatars. Sure, some of us bounced through the process very fast since we’ve been through it a dozen times with family on the household Wii. But some creative people decided to take it a step further.

One of my favorite gaming sites of late, Games Radar, decided to collect their favorites and show them to us. The Pris (remember her from Blade Runner?) and the Neo from The Matrix are good. But I’m not here for them. As they note – the hairstyles included are minimal, yet somehow – some way – they found room for historic buns.

LeiavatarIt is worth heading over to their site to see the rest of them. Spock, Mr. T, and even a really, really creepy Michael Jackson. That one might be going too far.

Ye Olde-Timey Arcade Machine

Brooks Brown | November 25, 2008

In my home town the ‘The Gold Mine’, an arcade that closed in the early 90′s, was a haven for the socially awkward. On a bad day you’d fly through your change in no time flat, on a good day, you’d feel like a hero and only have dropped a single token. Alas, the days of quarters, tournaments and dark rooms filled with bleeps and neon lights are long gone.

But when it comes to reminiscing on these great days, my mind always drifts to the great vector-based games that still – to this day – mesmerize me. I know I’m not the only person who gets weepy staring at a good rendering of Tempest, right?

The crown of vector gaming, however, goes to Star Wars. I cannot help but smile when I think about its incredible controller, bright graphics and pseudo 3-D rendering of the battle on the Death Star.

The Greatest Vector Thing Ever
Apparently, neither can the guys at Screw Attack, who feel the same way I do. Luckily, they decided to put their love for the game on their latest episode, which I proudly present to you. Be careful not to overdose on nostalgia, okay?

Popular Science Gives The Force its Due

Brooks Brown | November 10, 2008

One of my favorite newsstand mags to browse is Popular Science, leading the way for some of the better and more fascinating subjects you can read and digest in a short period of time. Every year they name their favorite new things we can spend our paychecks on – and the list is, quite often, a geeks dream.

This year is no different, with things from OLED Televisions to sub-woofers for your seat gracing the pages. A personal pick is the new Onkyo Receiver. The ability to adjust color and brightness before the video signal hits your television is any videophiles fantasy.

Not to be left out, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, thanks to the brilliant physics and AI engine within (DMM and Euphoria respectively), made this year’s list. As the award exclaims, videogame players finally get a tactile sensation they are effecting physical objects, and actually hurting Stormtroopers. We’re flattered for the award, and our thanks goes out to PopSci.

Hey guys, look! It’s videogame news on the blog!

Brooks Brown | October 30, 2008

And it’s about time, isn’t it? To introduce myself, I go by Jedi Mudkip on here and around the forums. I’ll be keeping the blog up to date with the latest news around the web when it comes to Star Wars videogaming and any news related to that at all. Basically, you’ll be seeing a mish-mash of two types of info from me, and the two types I give you today!

First off, our beloved friends at decided to sing high praises of our soon to be released Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels for the Nintendo Wii. Apparently, they believe it’ll be a must have, since they title the article
“New Clone Wars Game Shows You What Your Wii Was Made For”. That is what I would call a bit of high praise. They even post the latest trailer up, so be sure to check it out!

Secondly, I’ve got more of a call-to-arms then any news. With the recent releases of LittleBigPlanet, Spore, and other titles that thrive on user-generated content, it’s fairly certain that Star Wars will get caught up in the mix. As the first levels appear around the web from LittleBigPlanet, I’d love to get ahold of more. If you see one, be sure to toss it onto the LucasArts Forums, and we will get them posted up here. After all, they deserve the recognition!