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Star Wars: Galactic Files – Bringing the Trading Back to Trading Cards, Part 1

David Waldeck | October 16, 2012


Concept and Tradability

Sketch cards, Autographs, Relic Cards, and Parallels are all very fun, collectible and exciting, but what about the base cards? You know, the cards that comprise the vast majority of any given series? They are the meat of the pack in all card products. They are the cards that occupy most of the time, energy, and creativity that it takes to build these products. In the past, base cards were nearly always enough. Unfortunately though, modern competition has diminished their greatness and their novelty. Cable TV, DVD, Blu-ray, downloads, and the mighty Internet have challenged trading cards as king of movie freeze-frame, take-it-with-you splendor. So we needed to take this beyond what you’re getting from those digital wonders. This base set needs to be something special and should feel important. Not only should it be informative, but it should possess some interactivity between cards and it needs tradability.