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I’m the Action Figure in Star Wars Video Games!

Brett Rector | March 22, 2013


Ever since I saw Star Wars in theaters for the first time in 1977, I’ve wanted to “play” in that universe. My first obsessions were Stormtroopers and those cool suits of armor. As a seven-year-old I schemed daily on how to get my mitts on one. I imagined being part of the Empire, roaming the “galaxy” and enforcing Darth Vader’s will onto those who would oppose us, all the while looking cool in my shiny white duds. Needless to say I was not able to procure Stormtrooper armor, not even the Ben Cooper version. In lieu of not possessing the coveted costume, I decided my only hope to play an active part in George Lucas’ universe was to dream up scenarios and situations and act them out using my stable of Kenner action figures and vehicles. Ah, the hours and hours of fun I had! But as good a time as I was having manipulating my plastic alter-egos during countless adventures, I still didn’t feel as immersed as I wanted to be. That all changed in 1982 when a friend of mine bought The Empire Strikes Back by Parker Bros. for the Atari 2600. I finally got to be the action figure as I flew a snowspeeder against literally endless waves of AT-ATs.