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Han Solo in ChocoBaconite!

Bonnie Burton | February 7, 2011

What do you call an awesome treat made from chocolate, peanut butter & bacon that happens to be molded in the shape of Han Solo trapped in Carbonite? Ham Solo in CandyBaronite!

Read more about this geektastic concoction here:
Ham Solo in CandyBaronite by booturtle

Greedo Amigurumi!

Bonnie Burton | February 4, 2011

I’m in love with this Amigurumi Greedo from Flickr user BackyardBirderWa!

Check out other fun fan-made Star Wars Amigurumi creations here:

R2-D2 Swamp Cake!

Bonnie Burton | January 31, 2011

(cake made by Mannuli)Star Wars fans are not only talented filmmakers, costume makers, robot builders, and craftsters — they’re amazing bakers. Here’s one of our favorite cakes this week – R2-D2 Dagobah Cake!

Custom Ahsoka Doll = Full of Cute

Bonnie Burton | January 24, 2011

Check out this adorable hand-sculpted and handmade Ahsoka Tano doll called Addahsoka by Wendygital.

Check out more of her doll designs here:

Sith Witch Cosplay

Bonnie Burton | January 19, 2011

In honor of the Nightsisters on The Clone Wars check out model and costumer Mary Ellen Berglund dressed as a Sith Witch in this photo by Bryan Humphrey.

More info here.

Death Star Birthday Cake

Bonnie Burton | January 3, 2011

I don’t know how we missed blogging this awesome cake from last November, but here it is in all its Death Star glory. The attention to detail is most impressive!

The cake was made by Cakeadelic — a home-based cake making business in Berkshire, UK that specializes in wedding cakes & cupcakes. Cake Designer Fiona, created the first Death Star for her 4 year old son, and since displaying it on her website says that its more often 40-year-olds who ask for it!

Read more about the cake here:
World’s Greatest Death Star Cake – via Between the Pages blog

Yoda Christmas Cake

Bonnie Burton | December 20, 2010

Check out this awesome Force-tastic Star Wars Christmas cake made by Tara from Cloud Nine Confections in North Vancouver, BC.

My favorite thing about this cake is Yoda. In Star Wars, Yoda is always shown as being very old. I love the image of Yoda as a kid, standing by his Christmas Tree, waiting impatiently for Santa Claus. I almost feel sorry for Santa! He better give Yoda everything he asked for or Yoda has a present (aka his lightsaber) ready for Santa.

Read more about this awesome cake here:
Between the Edges

SOURCE: TheForce.Net

Star Wars Paper Snowflakes

Bonnie Burton | December 3, 2010

Just in time for the holiday, now you can make your own Star Wars paper snowflakes thanks to this fan’s awesome wife who made them.

My wife is a genius. She made these little beauties while making paper snowflakes with the kids. She saw our son Ethan making one that somewhat looked like a stormtrooper. She then ran with the idea and made these masterpieces. The top one is Boba Fett and a Clone Trooper. The bottom is obviously Darth Vader. Notice the nice touch with the Galactic Empire logo in the middle.

Get instructions on how to make your own here.

Sithbot Vinyl Toy Art by Nathan Hamill

Bonnie Burton | December 2, 2010

Artist and urban vinyl designer Nathan Hamill recently made this one-of-a-kind tribute to Darth Vader with custom art piece called “Sithbot.”

Nathan writes:

This is Sithbot, my piece for the Sketchbot Custom Show at Munky King. The show runs until Christmas Eve so if you’re in LA, go check it out! It’s an incredible show!

Check out the rest of the customs from the show here.

We chatted with Nathan about his one-of-a-kind Sithbot!

How did you come up with the idea for SithBot? Why did you want to pay tribute to Darth Vader?

Still on a Star War kick from The Empire Strikes Back 30th I guess. And the ‘bot’ part lent nicely to Vader. The subjects just seemed to fit nicely together.

What is the SketchBot show all about?

It’s the second custom Sketchbot show, curated by the creator, Steve Talkowski. I went a few weeks back and it was incredible.
It’s easily one of the best shows I’ve been to. It runs until the end of December so if you’re in LA, go take a look.

Your urban vinyl art is incredibly cool, what made you decide to delve into that art genre?

Toys and art were both huge parts of my childhood and continued to be into my teens (and beyond). I became a huge fan of Frank Kozik’s silkscreen poster art in the early ’90s. He had a huge influence on my work at the time. But then it was seeing artists like Kozik, Pete Fowler, and Gary Baseman’s work being represented in toy form that really made me appreciate and love the world of designer toys. Last year, someone at U1 Toy Arts, who I’d worked with at a toy store years before, approached me about releasing a vinyl figure. Boris was born out of that. I’ve been keeping busy since…

When it comes to Star Wars art, which do you prefer doing tradition art prints or urban vinyl customs?

I’ve only done a couple Star Wars customs but I’ve been drawing 2-D Star Wars art for quite some time so I’ll have to go with the prints. However, I’d like to tackle a large custom. 20″ Dunny Tauntuan!

Where can fans see your work next? What are you working on now?

Just this week I added a couple new resin figures to my online store and am currently working with 3DRetro on a vinyl based on a new character to be released next year. Stay tuned!

Also check out another custom Star Wars-themed art piece called “Super Sabacc Challenge” by Nathan Hamill

See more of Nathan’s work on his blog here.

Clone Wars Cupcakes!

Bonnie Burton | November 29, 2010

Check out these awesome Clone Wars cupcakes made by A Baked Creation blogger and baker Sylvia.

So, I learned something new this week. We were asked to make some Clone Wars cupcakes and really, this is what I knew about Star Wars beforehand:
There is a dark side and a not so dark side.
Having the force be with you is a good thing.
I knew that Luke’s father is Darth Vader, psht! Come on!
Yoda kicks ass and is a wise green little fellow.
I like saying the word Padawan. Padawan! Padawan!
Stormtroopers are bad!
Lightsabers look cool.
All of this happens in a galaxy far, far away.

You can tell I pay a lot of attention when Howard talks about Star Wars. Which he tried to explain to me all over again when I was doing the dishes (I’m trapped!). Well, luckily he does know a thing or two about Star Wars and was a tremendous help on making these Clone Wars cupcakes with me.

Read more about the cupcakes here:
Clone Wars Cupcakes

Follow Sylvia to see her other cool cupcake creations on Twitter.