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Star Destroyer Ice Luge

Bonnie Burton | March 24, 2011

Skip the ice cubes and make a Hoth-cold drink using this elaborate Star Destroyer Ice Luge.

While this doesn’t have instructions, I used a chainsaw, electric drill with a one inch spade bit, and a 300 pound block of ice. I bought two blocks, but only needed one. The one was so heavy, that it broke a picnic table.

Read more about it here:
Star Destroyer Ice Luge (via Instructables)

Dark Lord of the Board

Bonnie Burton | March 24, 2011

Indonesian artist Abell Octovan recently showed his custom “Lord on Board” figure (8″) + a prototype of his upcoming Boycott resin figure in the Plastic Culture booth at the Jakarta Toys and Comics Fair.

Vinyl Pulse reports:

The deep blue shreddin’ figure is a follow-up of sorts to his wave cravin’ Lord on Vacation. The Lord figures are great — iconic culture mash-ups executed with minimal sculpting and paint which increases the power of the imagery.

Read more about this art piece here:
Abell’s Lord on Board + Boycott Figures (via Vinyl Pulse)

Check out more images here:
Lord on Board

Simon Pegg & Nick Frost Are The Droids You’re Looking For

Bonnie Burton | March 15, 2011

Actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost dress up in low-fi droid costumes to re-enact the famous scene between R2-D2 and C-3PO in the Tatooine desert. While dressed as R2-D2, Frost notices those little things that make a hardcore fan proud.

WATCH VIDEO: Simon Pegg & Nick Frost’s Star Wars

Be sure to check out Pegg and Frost in the new sci-fi comedy Paul.

Baby Star Wars Adidas Posters

Bonnie Burton | March 8, 2011

Hong Kong artist Dorothy Tang created these whimsical posters to celebrate the launch of the Star Wars x adidas Originals Collection.

Done in the Chinese propaganda poster art style of “Nianhua” (New Year prints) these chubby babies called “pang wa wa” sure would have made the Star Wars saga extra-cuddly.

See more of these posters below.


Sad Stormtroopers Get Their Own Love Song

Bonnie Burton | March 2, 2011

Indie band Scattered Trees make a music video for “Love and Leave,” worthy of Emo stormtroopers everywhere. Directed by J.M. Harper, the video not only features stormtroopers but Boba Fett on drums and a very somber Amidala with a few lightsaber tricks up her sleeve.

WATCH VIDEO: Scattered Trees – “Love and Leave”

Below are some of our favorite screengrabs from the music video.


How to Make a Snow AT-AT!

Bonnie Burton | February 28, 2011

Photo by Miguel Valenzuela

So you have a lot of snow and you’d like to recreate one of the coolest battles in the Star Wars films? Get your mittens on and start packing snow into an AT-AT worthy of Hoth!

Miguel Valenzuela writes:

My daughter sitting on top of an AT-AT Snow Sculpture. It’s about 4 feet tall (1.2 meters). I know the main canons are a bit big but anything smaller just wasn’t holding or showing up. I built it over a period of two days. About 3 hours the first day then one hour the second day. By leaving it overnight it helped freeze the top layer making it stronger.

Learn how to make an AT-AT Imperial Walker Snow Sculpture here.

More photos here: Snow Sculptures

Star Wars Steampunk Art of Bjorn Hurri

Bonnie Burton | February 23, 2011

These amazing steampunk Star Wars character illustrations are created by UK based conceptual artist/illustrator, Bjorn Hurri. Boba Fett, Princess Leia, Yoda, C-3PO, Chewbacca, Han Solo, and others get the brass and bowler hat treatment in a makeover that would impress even Jules Verne.

Check out all the illustrations here:
World of Steampunk and Star Wars Collide! Illustrations by Bjorn Hurri

Star Wars Cookie Roundup!

Bonnie Burton | February 22, 2011

Sweet Sugar Belle makes some amazing Star Wars cookies that could make even the pickiest Wookiee happy! Check out some of the cookies below.

SOURCE: Between the Pages Blog

Justin Bieber Shows Off Star Wars Fashion!

Bonnie Burton | February 15, 2011

Recently, pop star/teen heartthrob Justin Bieber did the rounds on talk shows to promote his new 3-D documentary about his life during his sold out tours called Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.

This week on Conan, Bieber showed a clip of his documentary and we noticed him wearing a clone trooper shirt!

WATCH VIDEO: Justin Bieber on Conan.

Darth Egg Salad Sandwich!

Bonnie Burton | February 11, 2011

Eggs, mayo, mustard, relish, hot sauce and celery make this egg salad sandwich by extra tasty. Jenn uses the Darth Vader cookie cutters on toasted King’s Hawaiian sweet bread as the finishing touch.

The Dark Side…of Egg Salad (via