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Make These Clone Trooper Desserts!

Bonnie Burton | June 22, 2011

Nothing tastes better than clone trooper helmet… if you know how to make it with the right ingredients! Dot shows off how she made these yummy clone trooper candy pops and cupcakes on!

These Clone Trooper Candy Pops are made using Rolo candies and marshmallow fondant!

Dot says about her Clone Trooper Cupcakes:

For The Clone Wars birthday party, we came up with the idea for upside down clone trooper helmet cupcakes. These cupcakes were the hit of the party with the five-year-old boy set!

They are not only impressive looking, they are also tasty. The marshmallow fondant on the outside actually tastes like marshmallows, not not regular, mediocre tasting fondant.

These cupcakes could easily also be adapted to be stormtroopers rather than clone troopers, if your Star Wars fan is more old school. Simple change the pattern on the cupcake!

May the dessert be with you!

Star Wars Invades Milan Fashion Week

Bonnie Burton | June 20, 2011

Fashion designer Thom Browne’s spring and summer 2012 collaboration with Moncler Gamme Bleu took inspiration from Star Wars as it hit the runway at Milan Fashion Week.

WATCH VIDEO: Moncler Gamme Bleu S/S 2012
(via Wallpaper)

Adam Tschorn, reporting from Milan:

When the lights came down and the strains of John Williams’Star Wars soundtrack started to fill the room, I knew my fear had been misplaced; Browne had wrapped in elements of the George Lucas mythology -– the faceless drones behind the fencing masks became the stormtroopers, there were fair-haired Lukes (although no Leias) and even a few dark-garbed Darth Vader types — one with a camera taped to his chest to simulate the Darth Vader gadgetry, and a second one, with a long, flowing, black cape in athletic mesh that kept getting stuck in the metal floor used for fencing matches.

That the juxtaposition of fencing and Star Wars provided so much entertainment was a good thing because this collection seemed to serve up less in the way of wearable wardrobe pieces than any Moncler Gamme Bleu to date. (Then again, maybe I was just preoccupied with trying to figure out which guy was supposed to be Grand Moff Tarkin.)

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Milan Fashion Week: Fencing crosses swords with Star Wars at Moncler Gamme Bleu (via LA Times)

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Moncler Gamme Bleu Spring 2012 – Milan Fashion Week
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New Miss USA is a Star Wars Geek Girl!

Bonnie Burton | June 20, 2011

Photo Credit: Fadil Berisha

It’s no surprise that guys AND girls love Star Wars, but this might be the first time a Miss America waves her geek flag in the press.

The new reigning Miss USA Alyssa Campanella, who would make one heck of a Mara Jade, said she grew up watching Star Wars, loves to watch Game of Thrones, enjoys learning about space exploration and thinks of herself as a history geek.

Read more here:

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May the Crayon Be With You!

Bonnie Burton | June 10, 2011

Artist and dad Steve Thompson spent hours carving the heads of his favorite Star Wars characters into his childrens’ crayons resulting in art that would impressive even the pickiest Jedi master!

Steve Thompson tells The Daily Mail:

“Growing up, Star Wars was one of my absolute favorite films so it made sense for me to try and create some of the more unique characters from that. With two kids of my own there is always a load of crayons lying around the house.”

“It was unbelievably difficult as it only takes slightly too much pressure to snap the end of the crayon and then it’s ruined. I’m a designer so while working on files on my computer that took a long time to save I would kill time by whittling away at the wax.”

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The empire strikes wax: Amateur sculptor carves tiny Star Wars characters into crayon tips (via The Daily Mail)

Glee Chris Colfer Hangs with Chewbacca

Bonnie Burton | June 7, 2011

Even Gleeks like to geek out and show off their Star Wars gear once in awhile. Recently Glee star Chris Colfer tweeted about his new BFF — his Chewbacca backpack!

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May the Star Wars Wedding Be With You

Bonnie Burton | June 7, 2011

Photography by Wedding Dream Services

Star Wars brings all kinds of fans together to celebrate a galaxy far, far away. Sometimes fans even fall in love, while wearing Jedi robes. Star Wars weddings are getting more and more elaborate, and craftier.

Star Wars fans Nadia and Dale from Queensland, Australia tied the knot in with Jedi, stormtroopers, droids and Jawas in attendance. There’s even a Jabba the Hutt cake!

We had a full Star Wars-themed wedding. The 501st legion acted as a guard of honor and raised $1000 for the Starlight Children’s Foundation. I bought an R2-D2 projector that acted as ring bearer, we had a Jabba the Hutt wedding cake, I painted planets from the Star Wars Galaxy for all the tables, and all the guests dressed up in Star Wars attire.

Every entrance was matched to John Williams’ score. The stormtroopers entered to Darth Vader’s theme, along with Dale’s dad as celebrant, then Dale entered to the Throne Room score at the end of Episode IV. The Princess Leia flower girls and my handmaiden of honor entered to the pretty “Across the Stars” love theme while I entered the chapel with my dad in a Jedi costume (and the beard he grew for the wedding) at the musical climax of the love theme. It was all timed really well and just tons of fun.

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Nadia & Dale’s Wookiee boogie Star Wars wedding

X-Wing Soapbox Derby Car

Bonnie Burton | May 24, 2011

For fans who want to ride in an X-wing Fighter without a pilot’s license, this might be the extreme craft for you! A talented fan made this awesomely-detailed soapbox derby car that looks like an X-wing complete with a beeping R2-D2 as the co-pilot!

There were a lot of details in the X-wing car and almost all were done on the cheap. The entire car cost under about $75. There were 7 pieces to the car that were assembled at the race site: 4 turrets, 2 wings, and one car body.

R2-D69: The spinning droid was constructed of Styrofoam and painted to look like R2-D2. I used one of my daughter’s old toys to create the motion. The toy had a gear on it that spun when a button was pushed. I cut the toy in half (it was too big) and mounted the toy to the underside of the body and glued the droid head onto the gear.

To control the spinning I used an old NES controller. I re-routed the toy’s switch through the NES controller so when the A or B buttons were pushed the droid would spin for about 15 seconds.

For audio, I downloaded some R2-D2 sound effects from a website and used Pinnacle movie studio software to string them all together into a 50 second babbling droid Mp3. I loaded this onto an iPod and connected it to a small portable speaker system that I hid inside the body of the car. This way, each time I started down the hill, I could push the NES controller button and the iPod play button to commence the droid freak-out.

The wings were another tricky part. I made two sets of brackets that would hold the wings in the correct X shape and could be mounted to the sides of the car. Some drainage piping was used for the “engine” things.

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X-Wing Fighter Soapbox Derby Car (via Instructables)

Star Wars Craft Workshop at Maker Faire

Bonnie Burton | May 23, 2011

Every year I do a Star Wars Craft Workshop for kids at one of the coolest and geekiest science and craft conventions in the San Francisco Bay Area — Maker Faire.

Craftsters, robot wranglers, science geeks, rocket builders, artists, steampunks and more gather together once a year to make cool stuff, share their crafting secrets with the public, give tutorials and have a lot of fun.

Past Star Wars craft workshops included how to make marble magnets, Yoda dolls, Cantina puppets, Admiral Ackbar bag puppets, Ewok sock puppets, and Yoda Finger Puppets. This year, the craft was the Bith Band Spoon Puppets and Yoda Finger Puppets.

At the Star Wars Puppet Craft Workshop, kids and their parents made Yoda stick puppets, Bith spoon puppets, Princess Leia puppets and there was even a Clone Wars Chicken Puppet!

The San Francisco Cantina Band stopped by to entertain the crafty crowd too!

WATCH VIDEO: SF Cantina Band at Maker Faire

Here’s some of our favorite photos from the Star Wars Craft Workshop at Maker Faire:

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Maker Faire 2011 (all photos)

A Mew Hope: Princess Leia Kitty!

Bonnie Burton | May 11, 2011

This may be one of the coolest cats in the galaxy.

Crafty Star Wars fan Jennifer Kumpf tweeted to us: “Hey @starwars, Check out my Leia hat I knitted for my friend’s cat!”

We can’t wait to see more! Who knows… ever since artist Katie Cook tweeted: “I’m going to start a Kickstarter project to help me fund re-filming Star Wars scene by scene… With an all kitten cast,” we can’t help but wonder if this isn’t the perfect match for Princess Leia.

Meow the Furs Be With You!

Solar-Powered R2-D2!

Bonnie Burton | May 2, 2011

With the never-ending energy crisis always on our minds, it’s always a good idea to think of alternative energy solutions, especially when building and operating astromechs like R2-D2. Check out this cool Artoo unit with solar panels! Now all we need are two suns…

Developed by Yosuke Kimura and Daisuke Goto, two electrical systems majors at Hiroshima International University, the radio controlled homage to the Star Wars robot includes two shoulder-mounted solar panels that would conceivably power the droid when its normal energy supply runs down. The robot was recently on display in downtown Hiroshima, Japan as an example of the university’s engineering program.

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Solar-powered Star Wars droid found in Hiroshima, Japan